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  1. today, I did nothing special except one thing.

    I tried to join newdoom...
    first I brang up old google, he would help me find the newdoom forums in the sea of websites. so I search for 'newdoom'.
    ignoring the "did you mean 'new doom'" text, I see several links to portions of the newdoom site. I think to myself, do I really want to risk going through the main pages to get to the forums? I didn't take any chances, and added the word 'forums' to my search inquiry. again, skipping the spelling suggestion, I see the first site is indeed, the newdoom forums themselves. with a bit of fear, I click the link and slowly, but surely, the newdoom forums appear.
    well, at least the login screen. but I have no login name as I have never been there, so I decide to register, which takes only a minute or two. I have registered to so many vBulletin sites, the form is a breeze. I finish up, choosing the sole icon to represent my avatar, not that I care. I get to the screen telling me to wait for the old email so you can activate your account, so I go to my yahoo webmail. I wait, and no new email. I just assume that it has been delayed, so I wait a bit longer, and then finally give up on waiting..

    Not like it was important or anything.

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    2. Melfice


      You could say that, but you could also say that the company you keep and stay around reflects on you yourself.

    3. toxicfluff


      Kuberr said:

      You could say that, but you could also say that the company you keep and stay around reflects on you yourself.

      I do say that, and I also say that I don't have any contact with Phoebus. He just happens to be appended to the place where some people who I like are found. Plus the fact that the Legacy forum is there, which I'm finding useful for coding help etc,

    4. Xaser


      When I say "The idiots" I just mean the idiots, not the few decent people there. It was probably wmull who found the doomworld password and instantly rejected KoRn. I would say here that wmull is completely EVIL, but that would be stating the obvious.