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  1. I have a long history of using forums, which may or may not be evident. There is a group of people that have been along a string of forum changes (different owners, forums coming back etc). The forums which I am currently at now is owned by a fucking jackass who is admin-power happy. I would leave, but I stay there just for the sake of some of the users there.
    One, if a topic goes anyway off topic (even slightly) it is locked and any attempt to bring it back results in some sort of punishment.
    We have a rating system, you rate someones post and there rep number goes up or down according to how you rated them. along with the rating is a box to make a comment. In this comment you can't say anything about the post or the user. Therefore there is no need for a comment box, but the admin is a fucking ass whore and has it anyway.
    He is such a prick about avatars. I had one that was similar to scuba steve's red x avatar, and it was taking away. I had done it once before this, a year ago and it was removed then also. Personal avatar my ass.
    He hacked the other admins forums (which he programmed from scratch) and despite there being two admins, the other admin is better off not being there. He insists he controls everything.
    I hate his fucking parent dyking pussy ass. I wish I could meet him just so I could kick him in the fucking head in the hopes of causing severe mental retardation.
    If you want, you can go there for youself http://www.cgshockforums.com but don't stay there, it will kill more brain cells then smoking 10 grams of pot in ten minutes and listening to britteny spears at max volume for six hours, all while sniffing a line of cocaine every five minutes.

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    2. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      BBG said:

      Why are morons allowed to drive?
      Why are morons allowed to breed?
      Why are morons allowed to do anything?

      'Cause we are, damnit.

    3. AndrewB


      I'm a frequent member (and moderator) of a forum that houses tens of thousands of members, but has little to no actual moderator power. Users who spam, insult other users, curse out, and generally act like disruptive babies are given the retard treatment. We're instructed to warn them as much as possible, edit them as much as we can, and only ask for suspensions if it's absolutely necessary. To ask for a suspension, we're expected to document their behavior, post evidence of the poster's misbehavior, and formulate a convincing argument as to why they're a problem. I once spent an hour posting links to a troublemaker's thread, quoting their responses to me (such as "shut it"), and expressing my (and other members') displeasure, and the CM said that I didn't document enough.

      Strangely enough, normal troublemakers are rare enough. However, the message boards on the site in general have become so saturated with an aura of stupidity that nobody can go there seeking an intelligent conversation and leave with any hint of satisfaction. In fact, a member once posted a religiously-backed argument as to why two even numbers added together do not necessarily result in an even number. When people called him out for being a moron and a troll, the moderator of that forum edited out those responses and threatened suspensions for those that attacked the topic starter. He cited "freedom of opinion and religion" as his justification.

      I remember when that place was the pinnacle of intelligent discussion and DW forums was the bottom-of-the-barrel fascist gestapo retard-nursery. It's one of the most dramatic role-reversals I've ever witnessed in my life.

    4. Danarchy


      Because everyone has a right to life.