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  1. spoons are sexy.
    I want to have sex with eahc an every sppon I see.

    damn, their curves, and thier puss is ultra wet and set to ultra violenc.

    mental note. Avoid doing things that you mental mind sets you up to do.

    to cyb, thakns for maming massmousth two, that wad is super 1337 mega awersome, the shiznit and is upever 1773. I have to thank you.
    sorry. I thougt that duke nukem was the main charetor in this story.

    (anyone want to help me make a wad about the dinner I am eating? I can clearly see the scalibility issues that would be involved. but the potatoes wouldn't be hard to replkicate in a doom map super editor.

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      Kid Airbag

      Yeah, main reason why I don't like drinking. I sort of like knowing what exactly it is that I'm doing.