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  1. He has a nuclear symbol on his gun, how lame is that?

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    2. Chopkinsca


      Job said:

      First, he's Duke Nukem. He could have a penis silhouette on his pistol if he wanted. Second, that's art for Duke Nukem: Forever. That game isn't ever coming out, so your gripe is irrelevant.

      I just thought it kind of made the image of Duke a bit lame. Like 3DRealms was trying to hard to make him more cool, which isn't necessary.

      Meh, it was only a random blog topic anyway.

    3. Ichor


      If 3DRealms really wanted to make Duke Nukem cooler, they should finish the blasted game already!

    4. darknation


      I dunno... it's duke's lameness that makes him cool. His logo on his guns (the shotgun in duke3D anyone?) is the duke equivilent of his mom sewing name tags into his school trousers.