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  1. When talking to someone about doom that doesn't play games, let alone know doom, I tend to use different names for the monsters.

    Cacodemons: Flying face...
    Revenants: skeletons (damn skeletons)
    Archviles: nude people (damn nude people running around raising the dead)
    Pain elementals: flying faces that shoot flying skeleton faces.
    HK/BoH: Tall dudes
    Mancubi: Fat guys
    Cyberdemon: cyber dude
    arachnatrons/spiderdemon: walking brains

    sorry, I need sleep and I haven't had medication for a couple days.. heh, the only effects I get from the meds are the effects from going off them. fucking things..

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    2. Chopkinsca


      Hyena said:

      Here's a dollar fifty. Buy a thesaurus.

      I already have a thesaurus. I just didn't care about being proper when I said it. It's more stupid that way.

    3. Hyena


      Okay, but just so you know "Skull" is an easy one syllable replacement for "skeleton face"

      Heh. I remember when I first played Heretic and I didn't know the names of any of the monsters so I just made up stupid sounding ones. They were something like "Buhmeemee" and "Poodaka". I wish I could remember what they were.

    4. Coopersville


      Heh. I was trying to multitask ZDooM and chatting with some chick the other day. It didn't quite work out. Eventually it just turned into the occational "Those asshole Arch-Viles/Revenants killed me again" message.

      She got the idea.