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  1. I'm bored.

    Silent wind upon a meadow askew, burning all but the few.
    falling inside the outter torment
    darkness is greater than pleasent
    find it more later on that never at all
    it shouldn't be done this way, it just comes out this way
    exists, but not even there, staring... Maybe not even caring.
    about... Nothing, shapes, the whisps of snow grow inside, I know.
    forcing unwanted, chanting for not being counted
    Taking the building and making it obsolete, it is useless now
    more far away than anything longer than the tide.
    going inside, not any more can it hide.
    It was tried, upkeep failed, they cried.
    it was useless to have it there, can't be denied
    excuses for fear, loathing scares, bliss is so far

    Eon of the time for the end to begin to start.
    Dangerous eyes cry in the wind, the sins begin to mesmorize the cries of the lost.
    Lost again, trying. trying, not finding, just trying. ever lose what you never had? Try having what you can't lose.
    Days go by, nothing. Years go by, grr.. nothing. everything except anything... nothing.