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  1. I once was a member of a forum. at one time it was fun, then after many forums it got bad, then just plain awful. I stayed anyway for some fucked reason. During the time of my stay at these forums, I wrote a story using the forum members as characters in the damn thing. It is in script format, it doesn't make sense, and almost all of it is too fucking stupid/dumb too be proud of in any capacity. 9.3 was done today. 9.1 and 9.2 was done last year. and the rest was done at variuos intervels before summer of two years ago.

    First eight 'episodes'
    'episode' nine

    I don't care if you read it or not. I would thank you for reading them if you do though. I would appreciate that you took some time and wasted it just to see something I have done. Just be warned, you can't get back any time you throw away by reading any of this.

    And with that being said, I am just a fucked up little boy.

    1. Arckra


      The first eight don't work. *sigh*

    2. Chopkinsca


      oh yeah, I forgot I changed the name of my 'website' to something more sane. The one that works

    3. Arckra


      *ponders hitting the print button but realizes that the CS lab printer is sitting right next to her teacher*

      :p I'll have to read it when I get home. Class lets out in ten minutes. I've gotten to the captain waking up so far.