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  1. Am I correct to assume that in cases that already have a PSU, that you can remove it if you need to? I would think it wouldn't be too sane to fuse the PSU to the case, even if they are a package. Then again, they could be attached for the same reasons.

    The reason is because at the store where I am buying this computer, the only cases I want come with a 300W power supply. I will most likely need a 400W+ PSU, so I would need to replace the PSU.

    1. Use


      Most PSU's included in the case can come right out. Take a look at the case you intend to buy and make sure.

    2. Bloodshedder


      There are four screws that hold an ATX PSU in the case, screwed through the back. They are easy to remove.

    3. Joe


      In every case i've had, you could take out the PSU, and most other things (Switches, LEDs, USB/Sound card thingy). I found this out when i attempted to put a PC into my desk drawer. Had it working too, but it was dangerously hot, even with vent holes and a fan. Decided it was time to get a case for it when Doom 3 came along, and after i blew a PSU. It's like the time i electrocuted myelf, only less painful. Damn switches, bloody piece of metal on the back. Blew the board too![/ramble]