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  1. I have a project idea that I would really like to see done, but sometimes I just don't know if I can bother enough to do anything with it. Early last year, it was looking good and I made a bit of progress (mostly experimental, as usual) but I gradually stopped doing anything in regards to doom editing. I really wish I could see a finished product, or something close to it in someone elses work, but no one ever does anything even close to what I envision. Right now, ForeverHood is my most anticipated mod because from what I have seen, it seems in some ways similar to my project idea (just not in a good style as ForeverHood is). Maybe it is lack of organization in the design aspect, or trying to do too much by myself, or the fact I am morbidly depressed, but I can't seem to stay with working on it at all.

    Two or three of you may have seen parts of what I had done because when I'm drunk I like to give other people a copy of what I have so far so they can tell me things about it. I wonder if those people ever think "I wonder when that map will be finished" or something like that. My idea involved gameplay that is mostly different from what you are used to in doom (there are hundreds of other maps if you want classic doom style play) but still be fun and an overall (maybe) memorable experience. I planned on having it largely open-ended, but not convoluted as to where you should be going.

    I wanted it to involve an item system, where items are used to solve puzzles (not like in hexen though). More of like in adventure games where you experiment and use logic to use the items in proper ways. Also like in zelda games. One of the more simple examples may be finding something that could be used as a torch and then finding a fire to lit it, then in turn using the torch to burn down some trees that block a path. The 'puzzles' that move the story forward will be more easy to figure out, and the ones that reveal secrets will be more towards the difficult side. I also want to have a lot of secrets to find, maybe making half or more of the level set being secrets. Secrets not just being new areas to explore, but secret actions you can perform whether it be using items in odd ways, or otherways.

    There would be a story, but it would be subtle and may not be recognized the first time through. Using hints in the environment will reveal the story. I haven't fully decided on the story though.

    I had planned on making a lot of new variations on monsters. Not 'fire 300 fireballs at once' type monsters though, ones that will make sense and 'blend in with' the atmosphere of the map. Some parts will have a lot of monsters and play a bit like classic doom2 maps, and others will have very few monsters, but they will appear at times that fit.

    Maybe if people comment on this, it will motivate me to get working on it again and perhaps finish it. I do have a small part of it that was from when I was going to do it in hexen, and could serve as a 'demo' map if anyone special would want to look at it. Having other people help me work on it could help it's release, but I would have to find 1) someone I trust,and 2) have that person be able to map in a certain way that fits what I want which would be rather difficult, so I am not asking for help.

    Sorry for the paragraphs, I forgot the rules on proper english sentance/paragraph structure. Except you can't forget something you never knew. That is all.

    1. sgtcrispy


      "Keep on Map'n!!!" :)

    2. Use


      i would like to see this project continue, even though it sounds like you're putting too much stock into what other people might or might not think of it. you should build it because it's original and it can be a distraction (if only temporary) from your own problems. any kind of work weather it be creative or laborious is good for the depressive state.

      I dont know how much you've done in the design process but dont let it get too big too fast, start with a small steps at a time then it won't appear so overwhelming. get ideas or puzzles or pieces of maps down on paper, worry about artwork later.