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Everything posted by Chopkinsca

  1. Chopkinsca

    Randy Pitchford accused of taking $12 million in a lawsuit

    Hate is such a wasteful emotion. You could be spending that energy loving someone that matters instead of hating someone that doesn't.
  2. Chopkinsca

    How the hell is The Simpsons STILL making new episodes?

    Man, watch your language, there are children here.
  3. Chopkinsca

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I think I played Geneforge 3 for 15 minutes two weeks ago. So I guess I'm playing that? I'm thinking of just abandoning that and going onto Avernum 6, which is my preferred series.
  4. I didn't die, so that's always a sweet deal.
  5. Chopkinsca

    Doom mods that have content plagiarized from others

    Turning myself in but Phocas Island 2 uses a crapton of Hexen resources. The project kind of started as a Hexen map. At some point, I was thinking about requiring both Hexen and Doom, but not sure how that would have worked. I think the saddest part at the time was that I didn't legally own Doom OR Hexen.
  6. Chopkinsca

    How to Deal with Mapping Sadness

    I have stupidly low self-esteem, so I always thought that what I was creating was crap. It mostly came from looking at the works of other people. Thoughts like "I could never do that" really ran around my head. In the end, you have to map for yourself and try not to compare yourself to other people.
  7. Chopkinsca

    Pimp your best map/megawad

  8. Chopkinsca

    How should I contribute to the Doom community?

    If my drunken Moonbase made it in, I'm sure you'll have no problems.
  9. Chopkinsca

    Which game's soundtrack is your favorite?

    Oh hell yes, Rush 2. Probably my most played N64 game, which says something. Rush 2049 also had a good soundtrack to it and probably influenced my music tastes.
  10. Chopkinsca

    The Top 100 Memorable Doom Maps of All Time

    Ah yep, that's the way it was designed. The only reason it wasn't one huge map was the map limits at the time.
  11. Chopkinsca

    The Top 100 Memorable Doom Maps of All Time

    Probably one of my favourite maps ever. Kim Andre Malde was an inspiration to me. I'm honored to be on the same page as that map. A great list. Makes me wish I played games still, I'd enjoy going through a lot of these.
  12. Chopkinsca

    What is your favorite soda?

    This was done recently. Pop/soda is shit.
  13. You say you are a big Greenday fan, but you didn't register on these forums as "Greenday". For shame.
  14. Chopkinsca

    [GZDoom]All keybindings cleared

    I know GZDoom things should be posted on the ZDoom forums but I can't be bothered to find my login information at the moment. I wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary, just working on a map. I launch a test and now no key bindings work. I check the settings, all key bindings have been cleared. My GZDoom version was a bit old (3.1.0 I think?). I'm just wondering if this happened to anyone else, if it's just GZDoom, or something up with my computer.
  15. Chopkinsca

    What are you listening to?

    Just 'music'
  16. Phocas Island 3: All Out of Ideas
  17. Chopkinsca

    Stan Lee has passed away at 95

    I wasn't into comics, or anything Marvel but I knew this guy as a legend. Rest in piece.
  18. The question is, do they actually suck, or do you just think they suck?
  19. Hmm, a couple of things: -large open areas. I tend to make all my hallways and rooms rather cramped. That doesn't make for very good run-n'-gun gameplay. -Properly aligned textures. My mapping speed drops 400% when I have to be thoughtful of texture use/alignment. Something I'm working on though. -Flowing details. Most of my details are separated and multiple pieces of detail usually don't have anything that ties them together. Not sure if I can explain it properly. It's especially difficult for me to do a detail that spans multiple rooms.
  20. Chopkinsca

    If you could add a weapon, what would it be?

    Duke Nukem's leg. By that, I mean just swinging around Duke Nukem's dismembered leg. Doomguy ain't no doomed space marine.
  21. Chopkinsca

    What's your favourite band?

    Yes! I'm not into finding new music much these days. I have to say Tactical Sekt is one 'band' that I can listen to most songs a hundred times and still not be tired of them.
  22. Chopkinsca

    420 blaze it [weed][marihuana][thc][legalized it]

    It's tempting for me, but I feel it could become a new thing to start spending money on when I need to be saving. It's less than a 30 minute walk to get to the closest store selling pot. Over here, they are selling it in the liquor stores.
  23. Chopkinsca

    Post Your (Other) Video Game Screenshots Here

    Avernum 5. I beat a tough boss and the only person in my party left alive was Mage Man.
  24. Chopkinsca

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I'm kind of hooked on Avernum 5. Hopefully this means it won't take as long to get through as Avernum 4 did.
  25. Chopkinsca

    What plans are there for Doom's 25th Anniversary?

    We should pool our money together so we can send a Doom shareware floppy into space and towards Mars.