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Claw Van Helsing

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  1. Claw Van Helsing

    The quake players thread.

    Anybody noticed that Shub-niggurath looks like a giant white sea aenome but there's her, the dragon and Aragon so who's really in charge?
  2. Claw Van Helsing

    A few disturbing future predictions

    The way things're going here in the UK... Riots like the ones in 2011 WILL happen again. A protest march that turns into a riot will be the start of a storming of rhe houses of Parliament and the way the shitbags there keep making cuts the politicians won't have much military or police protection and the polticians will be lynched.
  3. Claw Van Helsing

    horror theme

    I used software called Magix Music Maker 2013 (forty five quid from Clas Ohlson if you're British). Sohould I remove the drums or leave them in?
  4. Claw Van Helsing

    Inspired fiction

    But the one I've just described's has a bit more complicated in story but in a nutshell, it's a sins of the father passed onto the daughter (the queen in a DOOM meets the elder scrolls) thing but in this case and it's more cyberpunk [a complete cyborg hydra] and mythology [the phoenix goddess]and also involves a demonic dragon. That's before the demonic dragon's minions have a go at the queen's palace). It's alright, the queen's father cops it off one of the four demonic enforcers...alright, sub bosses, two of which're the responsibility of the queen's father's moronic behaviour in his younger days and they want the queen's soul instead of her father's..
  5. Claw Van Helsing

    The UAC's explanation for what happened on Mars

    Don't forget, the UAC'd want to keep the incident classified so any vital evidnce'd be doctored or 'go missing' (as in destroyed) and no doubt the Personal Data Assistants and all data contents'd become 'UAC property' Fuck 911, who shot JFK, Area 57, THIS IS ONE SERIOUS COVER UP!! There'd be a cut scene inspired by the end of Raiders Of The Lost Ark with Doomguy being told that a team of 'experts' are working on the soul cube and the final sequence'd be set in a UAC warehouse and cuts out with the warehouse man pushing the top secret container into place and is sure he hears the disembodied laugh of Doctor Betrueger.
  6. Claw Van Helsing

    Inspired fiction

    I only got into DOOM because I sometimes write dungeon crawl style fantasy fiction involving a team of experienced state of the art warriors before I even heard of the game. At the moment I'm working on one involving a queen (think Sigourney Weaver in ALIENS and Red Sonja and you're coming close) who HAS to go on a job with the sad team in a bit of fiction centres around the idea the sins of the father being passed onto the daughter) and the queen is also being hunted by demonic entities which came about because of what her father did in his younger days (Jeremy Kyle'd tear him apart) and to say she's well and truly pissed off about it's an understatement. Oh, yeah, there's also a French phoenix GODDESS (you read that right)in it as well. Anybody else write DOOM style (but not set in the DOOM universe) fiction?
  7. Claw Van Helsing

    The UAC's explanation for what happened on Mars

    If DOOM3 and what happened to the UAC base on Mars happened in reality, the UAC'd be facing a massive lawsuit and they'd have a serious amount explaining to do. But the UAC'd no doubt offer hush money to relatives and people being entitled to answers but make up some story (how would they explain the skeletions and corpses? No doubt the sole surviving marine's report'd be accused of insane babbling. Sigourney Weaver had the right idea in Aliens, NUKE the entire facility.
  8. Claw Van Helsing

    Homebrew Doom Boardgame

    Nothing wrong with having a hobby, OP. So're you seeing how it goes or have you started on expansion packs?
  9. Claw Van Helsing

    horror theme

    The backbeat's supposed to give that feeling of menace and you're right. I haven't done the full one yet and I'm not even a professional musician either.
  10. Claw Van Helsing

    horror theme

    Did this myself:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3oc_nCbZ4oo
  11. Claw Van Helsing

    DoomPDA Codes

    I meant use them to keep records of the door codes.
  12. Claw Van Helsing

    DoomPDA Codes

    Seeing as Pocket PCs/smartphones/tablet PCs/iPads have become the norms, does anybody here use their PDA to use the door codes?
  13. Claw Van Helsing

    "Tell us about your experience!"

    A shop worker can provide the best service in their branch but the fuckwits up at head office still want them to do better.
  14. Claw Van Helsing

    Do we need a sequel to Blade Runner?

    I don't know why successful film franchises have to keep going after the third film. Look at Nightmare On Elm Street, Predator, Alien etc. But what happens when they go beyond stale? They get remade.