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  1. I've had this map sitting on my hard drive for 3 years, I started it in January of 2016 and it hasn't been edited since September 18th that same year. Chances are I'm probably pretty biased obviously but I honestly think it's a pretty fun map to play through as it is right now, and I think it had some really great potential, I had some really awesome ideas I was looking forward to in this map but I simply don't have enough time these days to map for Doom. Sadly I doubt I'll ever be able to go back and finish it because, like I said, I've moved onto other non-Doom related projects and I'll be busy for a long while with those + day to day life in general. So I thought I'd stick this up on here for anybody who might be interested to maybe mess with or finish and make it into their own baby. Taggart Strikes Back is an open-ended, play-how-you-want map which tasks you with getting access to the red key to end the level. Pretty standard stuff right? The main attraction I think is in the design philosophy of the map. You're given a big, wide-open area to explore and you can choose which paths you want to take first. Besides the (intended) three main objective pathways, there are also a couple of non-essential areas filled with goodies to find. I was inspired by the design of the Foundry level from Doom 4 in particular. The map makes use of GZDOOM features such as 3D floors, some basic coloured lighting as well as scripting. This opens the door for some fun puzzles and little extras to complete. Some simple "dynamic" music also features heavily. There's a few custom enemies and sprites thrown in there as well. Ammo for the more powerful weapons is scarce and players must exercise strong caution and skill to go toe-to-toe with the bombardments of powerful enemies that will challenge you in the various combat scenarios It's not the most traditional Doom experience but I think that's where the fun factor in this map comes from. Like I said it's not finished, if I had to guess I'd say maybe 1/3 of the map is done. Some of the texturing is a bit shoddy too. This aside, my average playthroughs clock in at about 11-12 minutes before there's nothing else for me to do. Please don't misinterpret this as an "I'm Lazy! Finish My Map For Me!" post. I really believe I made a pretty decent start with this and that it has some good potential for an interesting and fun experience for people to make out of it. If you're at all interested, please give it a quick look and playthrough. Let me know if you have any other questions and I can hopefully answer them if I still remember all the specific details lol. IWAD: Doom 2 ENGINE: GZDoom (Jumping or crouching is NOT expected, free-look helps but is not mandatory) BUILDER: GZDoom Builder ALSO USED: SLADE WAD Editor FILE SIZE: 11.8 MB ZIPPED FILE SIZE: 8.39 MB Note: The WAD is called "Taggart Strikes Back Full 8 MAPS" but there's only 1 map in this unfinished version lol. I was planning 8 but obviously that didn't happen. MOCK-UP TRAILER I made in 2016 using voice clips from Mad Max Fury Road (lol): SCREENSHOTS: STORY: Taggart Strikes Back.zip
  2. Hi I don't use these forums that often but I just wanted to say I enjoy your profile picture 


    May Lord Stratton bless you with good times


    Praise be to Marty and the holy spirit of Hugo



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      Marty Stratton bless you.

  3. AwesomeO-789

    2016 Goals

    I didn't end up finishing the goal I set of 3 out of 8 maps in my WAD either. Hell, I'm still not even done with the first map. I should really start working on it again, I've been on like a 2 month hiatus.
  4. AwesomeO-789

    Do you have Doom tattoos or know anyone who does?

    Hehe, getting John Romero's Icon of Sin head tattooed somewhere might be funny, it'd be a bit weird if you met the man and showed it to him though :P
  5. AwesomeO-789

    Name one thing Doom 16 is missing

    I think they've said in interviews that they did try to make the cyberdemon show up alongside other demons and act like a demon of his own instead of being scripted, but that didn't work out so they had to settle for the single boss fight
  6. AwesomeO-789

    Can someone explain where Doom4 fits in the lore?

    I don't really see how it can fit in with the other games, unless we're dealing with an alternate universe and the Doom Slayer comes from the Doom 64 universe? But yeah, the UAC is still relatively new to demon research, Doomguy isn't even human nor does/did he work for the UAC, and everything seemed to be in tact before the demonic invasion we see in-game, which shouldn't be the case if there were previous invasions. This is a complete reboot with its own lore. Trying to make it fit in, however cool that would be, seems completely ridiculous to me now.
  7. AwesomeO-789

    please delete, only useless crap inside

    I think the issue is more that speed isn't consistent than the game is too slow. Moving forward in multiplayer is (seemingly) faster than how you move in single player, but strafing is like crouching speed in the campaign, it's pretty awful. Same for diagonal and backwards movements. Go and play the single player and have a go at moving around in 360 degrees, then do it in multiplayer. Speed is consistent in single player but any movement that isn't forwards in multiplayer is slow as shit. If I remember right this is an issue present in Snapmap too.
  8. AwesomeO-789

    Your best/worst cinema experience?

    The Force Awakens. Since I was a wee bebbie boi at the time the prequels were coming out, this was my first experience seeing a Star Wars movie in the cinema. The moment the intro scroll started was surreal. Just the thought that this was *actually* a new Star Wars movie, and that I was here to experience it in the cinema was mindblowing, scary and amazing. I loved every second of the movie in the cinema. It was an experience to me, not just a movie. Worst experience was seeing a movie which I will not name as it'd ruin my reputation both inside and outside of this website (I went to see it as I had friends who wanted to), but for the whole movie some bitch behind me thought it'd be a good idea to put her feet next to my chair, SHE ALSO WASN'T WEARING SHOES AND WAS WEARING BARE SOCKS. I was a pussy at the time so I didn't stand up for myself. Probably should have in retrospect. Oh, and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was a good one too. Had a good audience at the cinema that reacted, that's always fun to me. We laughed at the funny bits and there were audible sighs of shock at some moments. I like audiences that react.
  9. AwesomeO-789

    Name one thing Doom 16 is missing

    It should've mixed some of those platforming segments with combat. Would've made for some really intense fights. You'd have to make sure not to lose your footing while also making sure you're not gonna be killed by a demon.
  10. AwesomeO-789

    Looking for a reveiwer - or 2 or 3

    I love writing! I've never written a review on any professional level before, but I reckon I could do a decent job. And yeah, what exactly would we be reviewing? I'd love to write about some (shorter) zdoom wads or anything Doom 4 related. I'll have a lot of free time in the next 3 weeks so I'm up for it.
  11. AwesomeO-789

    Games you'd love to see ripped off of or cloned.

    a Doom 4 clone please. I get the feeling they're gonna fuck up Doom 5 by changing the formula of Doom 4 too much. Plus a modern Wolfenstein or Blood or Duke or whatever with Doom 4 gameplay would be AMAZING.
  12. AwesomeO-789

    What if there was a flamethrower?

    Having it on the chaingun would be pretty convenient, yeah. But I reckon the machine gun needs a good mod alongside the micro missiles. Sod the scope, I used that like twice in the whole game.
  13. AwesomeO-789

    What if there was a flamethrower?

  14. AwesomeO-789

    What if there was a flamethrower?

    I didn't mean it as in they already have a plot ready for Doom 5, I meant it as in