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  1. Ya, I'm certainly no pro but I do seem to remember that. I'll have to look into it
  2. Could I? If I wanted to change the way the game was played originally, I could have just played it with Zdoom or something. The whole point is to play it as it was when it came out. I suppose, if I come across one from that era that was created with Boom in mind, I might use that. But I wanted to keep it the way it was meant to be played - personal choice.
  3. :-)
  4. Any thoughts on the review? Right on? Too easy on the author? Not hard enough? Gameplay and design?
  5. Unquestionably these two - and
  6. It's been awhile, but continuing my desire to highlight maps from the past that may not have gotten the kudos they deserved, I chose a good one today. This particular map (Powerbase by Michael "Prower/Kcobain" Reid) is a keeper. This map, while 20 years old, will throw a good challenge at you while showing off what could be done with those antique editors. I seriously doubt that anyone who plays this after checking out my review will be disappointed. If anybody knows if this guy is still in the community - give him a high five!
  7. Not sure if it was Doom or Doom 2 but I'm guessing Doom 2 because it would have required some advanced editing features. Would have been quite a while back too. Also, not a deathmatch map.
  8. I was wondering if anyone here would be interested in putting together pictures of all the badasses in Doom 4 along with a decent description of their abilities, etc? It's for Doom Wad Station and full credit goes to the author (of course). If interested, pm me. Thanks
  9. Absolutely. If it's Doom - we'll review it.
  10. Job well done, I must say. Looks to be an excellent experience and the review is honestly, top notch. P.S. - I'm still looking for another person or two who would be interested in doing some reviews - whether it's Doom 4 or any of the other Doom games/ports/etc/... Just send me a pm.
  11. If you feel confident, and you can write a few paragraphs that show you know that you know the subject and can produce something that doesn't look like a 5th grader wrote it, then I'm more than happy to accept your willingness to do reviews. Personally, I think doing reviews is knowing more about how to write and putting your thoughts on paper so that other people understand your point. We all know games and we all know what makes a good map vs what makes a bad map and what points do that. We all should know that a map doesn't have to be the design of the year as long as the gameplay is good but on the flip side of that, the gameplay can be just "ok" in an amazing looking map and depending on what you like to see, or how you enjoy your gameplay will color your opinion. So, ya, after rambling on like that - please, send me a pm. That would be awesome.
  12. Ya, that's pretty much it. I'll sometimes delve into a single map because it takes a fair amount of time to play a map and review so I generally stay away from the longer ones. But ya, anything for any of the Doom games - whether it be vanilla doom/doom2 or Doom 3, Doom 4 or any port, etc... Doesn't really matter. Sometimes I get maps sent to me but mostly I just go looking for something that looks like it might be interesting. Also, when other people do reviews for the site, they just generally send me a text file zipped up with some pictures and then I put it all together on a web page with link to the file. So all the formatting for the web page is me. It's just writing and taking pics basically Sounds good. Just send me a pm and we can discuss your interest. Thanks.
  13. Hey fellow Doomers. I'm looking for a person or persons who would be interested in doing reviews for Doom Wad Station. I've been sort of slacking on those a little but since I work alot and I have other things to do as well.... you get the idea. Anyway, if anyone would be interested, I'm just looking for someone who would be interested, has some decent writing skills and enough knowledge to write a decent review - any of the Doom games, or all of them - Doom - through Doom 4(2016?). Anyway, if you're interested, let me know. Thanks
  14. Doom Reborn released an "Early" pre-release beta version 1.6. i' so glad this is still in production. Good luck to them - this is a massive project. Doom Wad Station has now become the sole archive of their work :-) apparently, so you can download the new release here: If you haven't played it, you should - and there are plenty of earlier beta and alpha releases available as well if you want to see the progression of the project.