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  1. Brad_tilf

    Sunday Doom reviews by Eric Buck

    Thanks man
  2. Brad_tilf

    Sunday Doom reviews by Eric Buck

    So, Eric, who has done a fair number of reviews for Doom Wad Station is now doing a Sunday Doom review on Youtube. Worth a check out. Thought you guys might be interested. Here is episode 1 (from last Sunday). I meant to post this earlier and forgot. /shrug
  3. Brad_tilf

    No rest, no peace 2 (for Doom 2)

    So, I was looking for something to play (and review today) and didn't really see anything interesting in the recent uploads to the /idgames so went back in time and pulled this map out of the archives. It was pretty good - fairly typical, architecturally speaking, for a map from 1998. Overall it was a pretty solid effort. I hope you enjoy it. I love bringing these great grandfathers of the game back into the open for people to play. http://doomwadstation.net/2018/norest2/
  4. Splains why I don't remember it. I didn't do the review. Well, now it's reviewed twice. lol So, I'm glad I played it.
  5. This was just released on the 30th. ???
  6. I just played (and reviewed on Doom Wad Station) what I think may end up being the winner of this years award. It's called Breach. Author: Viggles. http://www.doomwadstation.net/2018/breach/ (link is in the left column, next to the review). I just have to say - Breathtaking.
  7. Brad_tilf

    Wad Showcase - What's Your Wad Resume?

    Well, I've been doing this a long time so here goes: Bloodworks: http://www.doomwadstation.net/bloodworks/bloodworks.html (fully 3d - totally kick ass map - my best map hands down) Mitnal: http://www.doomwadstation.net/mitnal/mitnal.html (Another fully 3d, totally immersive map with shit you've never seen) Dilemma http://doomwadstation.net/Dilemma/ (not 3d - but you have two choices and that determines the how the game plays out for you) The Hub: http://www.doomwadstation.net/descent/descent3.html (awesome play along with awesome design and shadowing) Those are my best. The rest can be found here. I don't upload my work to /idgames http://doomwadstation.net/
  8. Brad_tilf

    Desperately seeking new mods/tc's

    Well, it certainly would be good if they put out an alpha or beta. I added it to my bookmarks to keep an eye on it. Thanks.
  9. Brad_tilf

    Desperately seeking new mods/tc's

    It really seems like the Doom 3 mapping community has fallen off the face of the earth. The last known TC that was still in production that I knew of was Doom Reborn and currently, even that is on hiatus as the team seems to have gone on to other things. Are there any NEW mods/TC's being worked on currently that anyone is aware of?
  10. Brad_tilf

    Bad Religion

    I was looking for something fun to play because I have the week off and, well, you know - Doom. So, I found this map in the more recent maps on the archives and I got to tell you - this is a kick ass good time. I did a review for DWS because, well, that's what I do. :-) If you haven't played it (only released 5 days ago) then I highly recommend it to you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. http://www.doomwadstation.net/2017/breligion/
  11. Brad_tilf

    Blast from the past.

    Ya, I'm certainly no pro but I do seem to remember that. I'll have to look into it
  12. Brad_tilf

    Blast from the past.

    Could I? If I wanted to change the way the game was played originally, I could have just played it with Zdoom or something. The whole point is to play it as it was when it came out. I suppose, if I come across one from that era that was created with Boom in mind, I might use that. But I wanted to keep it the way it was meant to be played - personal choice.
  13. Brad_tilf

    Blast from the past.

  14. Brad_tilf

    Blast from the past.

    Any thoughts on the review? Right on? Too easy on the author? Not hard enough? Gameplay and design?
  15. Brad_tilf

    Do you have a favorite personal work?

    Unquestionably these two - http://www.doomwadstation.net/bloodworks/bloodworks.html and http://www.doomwadstation.net/mitnal/mitnal.html