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  1. h.brick

    PATHOGEN: One toxic deathmatch WAD!

    Hahaha, thanks! I didn't think anybody would recognize most of the music... since I adopted half of the tracks from the demoscene :)
  2. In the distant future, a plague has ravaged Planet Earth--obliterating 87% of the planet's human, animal and plant population. With almost complete deforestation, chemical pollutants have poisoned the atmosphere--discoloring the air and rendering it too toxic to breathe. Little time remains. Resources dwindle by the day. Now, the survivors are forced to skirmish for what little this Earth has left to give. PATHOGEN. --------------- MAPS There are 8 maps to deathmatch on (with screenshots): MAP01: Yellow District Sewers. This former sewage treatment plant is a popular squabble spot. Dotted with puddles of stagnant, parasitic puddles of sewage, if the bullets don't kill you, the water will. (Screen 1, Screen 2) MAP02:Former Refinery: With decaying metal platforms suspended hundreds of feet above a simmering nukage pit, this map brings the skirmish to terrifying heights.(Screen 1, Screen 2) MAP03: Mile 37. Thirty-Seven miles beneath the earth's face, these smoldering ashes of a former research lab are 100% unsafe for research, but 100% perfect for battle!(Screen 1, Screen 2) MAP04: Cyberkinetic. Sticks and stones may break your bones, but these acid pits will melt your fucking face.(Screen 1, Screen 2) MAP05: Cryolab. Coated in a solid sheet of ice, surrounding a gaping pit of glistening ice spikes, battling here is one slippery situation. (Screen 1, Screen 2) MAP06: Green District Battery: Open pits of nukage and pollution so toxic, it's turned the sky green? Oh, you'll be just fine!(Screen 1, Screen 2) MAP07: Green Cyclone: By the way, the pollution has swirled into the atmosphere, cooked up a hundred-year storm and forced the abandonment of this laboratory--where we're forcing you to battle. Stay safe!(Screen 1, Screen 2) MAP08: Hydrolab. The air is OK, the water is blue and so is the sky. Who the hell would want that? (Screen 1, Screen 2) ------------------------- WHAT DO I NEED TO PLAY IT? A current or recent version of ZDoom, GZDoom, or a source port based on either of those two (Zandronum is perfect). Note: ZDaemon is NOT supported. It is STRONGLY recommended that you view this WAD in OpenGL mode. Succinctly put, it looks like shit in software mode and some levels don't render correctly (though it shouldn't affect the gameplay at all). My apologies for this. I'm working to fix it in later versions so it at least looks decent in software mode. -------------------------------------- WHERE DO I GET IT? If you want to play the map immediately and happen to have Zandronum, search & join a server named "PATHOGEN server for Doomworld". The IP is, if you need that (Current as of JAN 30 2016 @ 4:31 AM EST) If you'd rather explore it by yourself, here's a dropbox link. ------------------------------------ HEY YOU! Thank you for reading and thank you for playing. I sincerely hope you enjoy this map pack and that your friends do as well. If you have any questions or criticisms, please let me know. I'm always happy to hear from you. -------------------------------------- Credits: Maps: Me Music: TITLE MUSIC: Mr. Death - Journey Into Space MAP01: Minomus - ADHDTV MAP02: Demoscene Time Machine - Missile (demoscenetimemachine.com) MAP03: sUgaR - eNeRGy MAP04: Linus Akesson - Parallelogram MAP05: Modraw - JS Pride MAP06: Quazar/Sanxion - Hybrid Song 2:20 MAP07: Beatslaughter vs Tenda - Psydrums MAP08: Sega - Hang-On (MIDI rmx. Unknown Author) INTERMISSION: SaxxonPike - Return Home Textures & Flats: SS’s Textures Pack by Nick Baker NMN Corporation Pt. 1 - Pawel Zarczynski ------------------
  3. I imported Skulltag Actors and Skulltag Data into my Doom project so my maps could have miniguns and railguns... but for some reason, the railgun has almost no delay time. It fires with the same frequency as a pistol... and I can't find the weapon in the DECORATE lump for Data... and Actors won't load in Slade for some reason. How would I go about fixing the delay time? I think something like 50 tics would be more suitable for the railgun and prevent players from gaining an unfair advantage. In case you need to know, it's a .WAD project targeted to run on ZDoom and ZDoom derivatives (primarily Zandronum). The map is in UDMF format.
  4. Hey. I am close to finishing a death match WAD with 8 maps. Structurally the maps are pretty much complete. Now comes the decorating. Holy cow. When I started this thing, I had no idea decorating would be this difficult or time consuming. I'm not trying to make the next Gothic99 but I also can't have 8 maps of plain brown default textures. It occurs to me that I have successfully composed a bunch of maps, but I've never successfully decorated them. So I ask: What tips would you have to make decorating suck less? I know it won't be easy, but I'm kind of running like a headless chicken when it comes to decorating. What advice would you give a newbie decorator? Anything to make decorating go snoother--or to make my maps look better? I'll take any advice you can offer. Thank you!
  5. h.brick

    The Compactor: a classic deathmatch map for 2015

    Zandronum made the screenies too dark... so I corrected them in irfanview... which decided to convert everything black to alpha. I was in a pinch. I'll post different screenies tomorrow. I'll fix that. Thanks for bringing it up. Actually, there are five more maps. I was going to compile them all into one "Toxic Deathmatch" pack of six vanilla doom maps. They're all playable... not necessarily pretty. I spent months revising the maps until they were perfect... except I got stuck in revision hell and got to a point where I wasn't making progress despite the weeks ticking by. So in its current state, the map pack has 2 complete maps and 4 other maps of varying completeness. This was my first map pack and the first doom thing I've really done and I didn't go into it with a clear timeline, goal, or standard of completion... so I just burned myself out. I posted just this one because it's the one I liked the most. If anyone wants to see the other five maps, I can post them. I know it was kind of a tangent but next time I do a map pack, I'm definitely gonna have a clear plan with clear goals and clear & realistic standards of completion.
  6. Hello everyone! I'm H.Brick and this is The COMPACTOR, a toxic-themed vanilla Doom deathmatch map that gives you three choices: 1. Death by your enemies 2. Death by melting in toxic sludge 3. Death by compaction So go ahead: pick your poison. Personally, I recommend #3. That way we don't have to carry your body out... we'll just squeegee you off the floor ;) *gasp!* A megasphere?! How do I get to that?! Well bud... guess ya gotta skirmish, deathmatch, or team deathmatch to find out ;) Click here to download The Compactor. Your computer stores terabytes of data... but these are the only six hundred and seventy-eight kilobytes that matter. Download today :)
  7. h.brick

    A clean analysis ; Gamergate.

    Elaborate. What specifically does GamerGate address in regards to consumer advocacy?
  8. h.brick

    A clean analysis ; Gamergate.

    A woman sleeping with a journalist for free publicity = massive scandal revolving around proven government surveillance of every American... and possibly everyone in the world. I'm buying it.
  9. h.brick

    A clean analysis ; Gamergate.

    Wow, somebody actually watched Anita Sarkeesian's videos! I point this out because I can guarantee you 80% of the people who hate Anita Sarkeesian haven't watched one of her videos all the way through. Anyone who's seen them realizes just how anticlimactic they are. Whether you agree or disagree with her, it's just a woman looking at a camera and talking about things that are sexist in video games. It's nowhere NEAR what the GamerGate hype makes it out to be. And if you hate everything she has to say you can just... disagree with it. You don't have to threaten to shoot up a college, because it's not that big of a fucking deal.
  10. h.brick

    A clean analysis ; Gamergate.

    Not to argue by definition but: to objectify is to "degrade to the status of a mere object" (according to Google's dictionary). How does portraying someone as strong and leaderlike degrade them... let alone to the status of an object? Years of education have told me that portraying someone that way makes them idols -- especially in hyper-individualistic societies like the USA.
  11. h.brick

    best MIDI sequencing software for Doom?

    Just to clarify: when we say Cakewalk we're talking about Cakewalk's Sonar Studio X3, right? I'm pretty sure that's what they've replaced "Cakewalk Studio" with but just wanting to be sure.
  12. I've tried to use anvil studio but I just don't like the interface. Plus it's super outdated. Is there a better software out there? I'm willing to pay money if that's what it takes. Thanks :)
  13. h.brick

    A clean analysis ; Gamergate.

    2% of climate change scientists who are trying to convince the other 98% that it isn't real!
  14. h.brick

    A clean analysis ; Gamergate.

    FULL DISCLOSURE Before you forward that video, know the following. Christina Hoff Sommers is a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, a Koch-funded, conservative "think tank". To give you an idea of this organization's ethics, know that its scholars have made statements either trivializing or denying climate change while the organization has received $1.6 million from ExxonMobil -- a massive conflict-of-interest that remains mostly unaddressed by AE... and certainly unaddressed by CHS. This debate is about journalism ethics, is it not? So basically, this proposed debate is between Anita Sarkeesian -- a lone feminist scholar -- and Christina Hoff Sommers -- a "feminist" who is literally on the Koch Brothers' payroll. The sad thing is that I didn't have to look very hard to find any of that out.
  15. h.brick

    A clean analysis ; Gamergate.

    But see, that's where trusting ED is a self-fulfilling prophecy. You and I, long-time lurkers of the Internet, might know that there's a little more to ED than just calling people "faggots" all day. But put yourself in the shoes of an underpaid, overworked reporter for CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, etc. Assume they've never heard of ED before. When they do research on this subject they're gonna see the SJW side of things and see "feminism! womens' rights! diversity!" and go "hmmm. now that's not all bad". Then they're gonna see the #GamerGaters going all "I don't know why anyone would want to sleep with that disgusting whore. I'm going to murder Anita Sarkeesian. Fuck you SJW faggots!" and go "ooooo... these guys seem like bad news". On one hand, it's up to Journalist to conduct the research to back their positions up. That's what journalists do. But on the other hand, how can you blame them for painting GamerGate the way they do? When a lot of #GamerGaters see someone threaten Anita out of her home and either 1) don't call it out for being unethical or 2) actively encourage it, they are implying association with that person's beliefs. Guilt by association isn't a crime in the judicial system, but in the court of public opinion it's a death sentence. Whether it's right or not, that's just the cold, hard reality of how public opinion works. The media both influences and is influenced by public opinion. The #GamerGaters' biggest problem is that they know fuckall about how to conduct a successful PR campaign -- a painfully apparent problem in the past month or so. That's really gonna hurt their chances of being taken seriously by an influential body -- I can guarantee that.