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  1. @Joe: That's a lot of zimmer. Why are you replacing the map you submitted? Were you dissatisfied with the original or did you make the new map and decide it was better suited for the project?
  2. This is fascinating. Had no idea that the guns were based on toys. Guess there's still stuff to learn about ol' Doom.
  3. Sorry for the late response. I took a few days off from mapping. It's coming along, but I think I have about 45% left to do. I'm adding some areas and will be changing the item balance and enemy placement which will include different difficulty settings. There's not a deadline yet, is there?
  4. Wanted to post a few more pictures tonight. First is the section that gives the level its name (I'm pretty sure). Search the steak and you "eat" it, giving you a berserk power up. Here's the original: Here's my update: Nearby is a fountain: Then there's my version: I have it protruding from the ground to keep it similar to the original. Your idea isn't bad, though. Sometime, I'll try indenting the face to see how it looks. Some one is looking for attention. Fair enough. It would hardly ruin the map to exclude that one secret.
  5. I said I'd post more pictures from my reworking of Steak Streak, so here goes: old: new:old:new:old:new:old:new:old:new:old:new: old:new:old:new:As usual, there are plenty more where those came from so expect more in the future. The level is going well so far. Still getting used to not using ZDoom. Lame that you deleted the pony, Kevin. I'm no brony, but that seems like one of those details that screams Joe Ilya. Otherwise, the level is looking great.
  6. Thank you. There are new areas, though I'm trying to keep the "feel" of the original level including some of the awkward battles while making it a bit less confusing. By the way, how are you supposed to get the soulsphere near the beginning?
  7. I've been working on Steak Streak for awhile. There's plenty to go, but so far it's looking good. Here are screens for your pleasure. There's a platform with a portal on top that's to the left of the starting point. Here's the original: And here are some shots of my redesign: The original front to the main building: My tune-up: Original: New: Joe's: Mine: Joe: Me: If you think this is veering too far away from the Joe Ilya style, here's a detail inspired by something I saw in an Ilya level and modified to suit my own purposes: There's more that I'll post later, including more Ilya-isms. Let me know what you think of these. Criticisms are welcome.
  8. Du Mhan Yu, Turd-polisher. I like it.
  9. Really like the screenshots sincity, though scifista is correct. They would benefit from some light variation and a texture here or there that's not brown (the water in shots three, four and five fit this criteria).
  10. Someone is gonna have to fill me in. What the hell is that drawing?
  11. That's no fair. You're improving yourself, not wasting time like the rest of us.
  12. Looks interesting, but why is that island so far off? Is it a secret? I love it. Doesn't matter to me if you can walk over it. Interesting enough to walk under it.
  13. I'm not as up to date on these things as many of you here, but isn't it fairly popular to prefer the PSX soundtrack? If it's not an equal split then there's a sizable minority that does.
  14. As a newbie mapper this monster behavior has caused its share of trouble. I'd make a platform or ledge and put a monster atop it only to find that it was so small the enemy spends most of its time rotating like a madman. I had assumed that having little space to maneuver would force the monster to attack quicker.
  15. A player's goodness is inversely proportional to his suckitude.