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  1. Map name: Slaughterhouse


  2. Map name: Slaughterhouse

  3. Map name: Slaughterhouse

  4. Map name: Sympathy

  5. Map name: Slaughterhouse

  6. Map name: Slaughterhouse

  7. Map name: Slaughterhouse






  8. Map name: Slaughterhouse


  9. Hey, are you still planning on releasing The Punisher?

    1. Memfis


      And did you ever find TimeOfDeath???

    2. Doom_Trooper


      Me and him are not on speaking terms atm. I ticked him off, lmao. I still consider him to be a great guy. I mean both his music and doom maps are just amazing.

    3. Doom_Trooper


      Punisher might get released some time yet. Any future stuff no guaranteed ETA date at this point. I been hella lazy and just started working on doom mapping again recently.

  10. Doom_Trooper

    Acid Doom (Mod)

    Ladies and gentlemen I present my latest project, Acid Doom! A psychedelic mod for everyone's favorite game! Thanks to a mass image editing program I coded myself and special thanks to the creators of SLADE3 for making it easy to import/export the Doom engine's graphics. This mod can be added on top of any player-made level to add one wild trippy experience to the gameplay! This is just a preview for now, hope everyone likes it!
  11. Sorry, I'm sure this question has been asked and answered many times. What program works best for mass exporting/importing flats, patches and sprites? Example: I want to export ALL enemy sprites from a Doom IWAD (as BMP or PNG), and then modify them however I wish, and then import all of the newly modified sprites back into a new PWAD file. What program will allow me to do this the absolute quickest? Side note: I wrote a program in VB .NET to mass modify whole sets of image files so I can chose one aspect of an image to warp and then apply the method to all image files at once, thereby allowing me to change all of the sprites for one "enemy". If I can quickly export everything from the IWAD, and then quickly modify everything, and then quickly place it all back into a new PWAD, it will be purdy kewl. Hope someone can help.
  12. Doom_Trooper

    [GZDoom] Wobbly shader

    Drugs are bad mmkay