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  1. I played the first two maps so far, and I'm really liking what I see. The open nature of the maps combined with the detailing in architecture made it feel like I was exploring a physical space rather than just a video game level.

    Some small issues I found:
    http://i.imgur.com/vS6Psg3.png carpet weirdness in software mode
    http://i.imgur.com/jjasH09.png really minor: crate pictured in the bottom right has a mismatched top
    http://i.imgur.com/ApBiJoq.png this happens when trying to lower the platform after raising it. had to noclip to get back
    http://i.imgur.com/9UEolR9.png sneaky HOMs
    Also is there not supposed to be any music? I didn't see anyone comment on it, so if it's a bug I figure it got removed accidentally in the update.

  2. I'm really digging what you have here. The non-linear layouts are nice, and the combat is fairly tricky and utilizes the custom monsters quite well. The new guns are fun too—the Freeze Gun in particular is interesting since it has quite a few unique uses, like cancelling the Pain Elemental's death attack.

    Some general issues I had:
    -The auto-saves could be more sparse. Maybe one before or after each key could work?
    -The new power-ups are neat, but I think they last too long for what they do, especially Rebirth. A bit more balancing could be done on that part.
    -A way to return to the first room in map 1 would be nice. Not too important though, I was just barred from killing the two imps in there is all.
    -You can fall and get stuck in this little gap in Map 2.
    -I couldn't tell if this was intentional, but this cliff in map 3 hurts the player when standing on it. You can get up to it using the stairs beside it.
    -I couldn't figure out how to get the Yellow Key in Map 4. Maybe I missed something obvious, but I checked around for over five minutes and didn't find any leads, so perhaps it should be clearer?

    This wad really has something going for it. Keep working on it!

  3. I've always thought that an enemy with a high knockback attack (and I mean like anime style getting-thrown-into-a-wall high) would suit the agile nature of Doom. I personally envision it as a Hell Knight sized monster which charges you like a Lost Soul would. Having a monster that threatens to displace you heavily would bring a number of possibilities for encounters, I'd say.

    Another idea I would like to see more of is enemies which attack while moving. Something like an Arachnotron inching its way towards you while firing, or a Demon with a chaingun which continues to run towards you while firing. (Does the Chaingun Demon on Realm667 do that?) Essentially an enemy which threatens to close the gap between you and them while you're trying to dodge their attacks.

  4. A small but neat thing I found in the wad Revolution!: Map 5 ends with the player jumping into a well surrounded by inescapable nukage. To my surprise, the nukage uses Sector type 11 so the level ends even if the player manages to miss, just with the consequence of starting the next level with low health. It's an interesting compromise.

    I also like when Partial Invisibility is placed in areas where the effect is more useful, such as sections with lots of hitscanner enemies.

  5. You should give the second door a tag other than 0, because it kind of breaks things when playing on source ports which don't fix its behaviour.

    Gameplay-wise I found the teleport ambushes to be a bit excessive with how many monsters they pour out. There's also the weird teleport when grabbing the red key which doesn't exactly feel like it should be there? Finally the trek back to the start after getting the red key is a bit uneventful if you've killed everything.

    Otherwise the map plays fairly well, and is very impressive visually. I'm interested in seeing what you do with the rest of the maps.

  6. This is pretty neato. Had to adjust my light settings a bit so I could see the thing, but that's the joy of designing for GZDoom I suppose.

    Also there's rocket pick-ups but seemingly no Rocket Launcher. I mean, a RL wouldn't really be practical to use here but still kind of odd.

  7. It always bugged me how Doom 2 has maps with lots of vertical space when the monsters have infinite height. That seems like a limitation you would try to design around, and yet the game has plenty of jumps from high ledges for demons to disrupt from below.

    Also technically not id but the new music in Evilution is too loud compared to the recycled Doom 1/2 songs. On top of that the title screen song doesn't seem to work (fade) properly in General MIDI.