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  1. imgonnagetcha

    Apparently nipples go to Post Hell when they die

    Three nipples? Reminds me of Total Recall...
  2. imgonnagetcha

    Plasma Rifle Concept...

    Pretty cool. If the plasma rifle worked like that, I'd use it more often! Good job.
  3. imgonnagetcha

    death itself cannot die part 9

    iunno... they're somewhere around here...
  4. imgonnagetcha

    death itself cannot die part 9

    Hey! It's me again. I have to finish my doom fanfic soon, so ill post chapter 9 as soon as I can!
  5. imgonnagetcha

    doom 3d md2 files

    Do I need to download the md2 support files? or are they already there?
  6. imgonnagetcha

    doom 3d md2 files

    I just downloaded doom3d, and i wanna find the md2 files that make the game run in full 3d, but i cant find them! everywhere i can find them, its at 3d downloads, and I try to get files at 3d downloads but it doesnt work! where can i get them?
  7. imgonnagetcha

    WADAUTHOR trouble

    okay, i downloaded the caverns of darkness WAD from this website and i did everything i was told to do, but when i do, the caverns of darkness title comes up, when i start a new game, it has all the music from COD, but the maps are from doom 2!!! It's driving me nuts!
  8. imgonnagetcha

    WADAUTHOR trouble

    ummmm.... i dont mean to sound annoying but....... i dont get it.
  9. imgonnagetcha

    WADAUTHOR trouble

    What if im using Windows XP?
  10. imgonnagetcha

    WADAUTHOR trouble

    I have ZDoom, but I don't know how to use the wads.
  11. imgonnagetcha

    WADAUTHOR trouble

    I just recently downloaded a WAD editor called WadAuthor. I understand all the ways to create DooM maps, but when I try to play them on Doom95, an error message that says something along the lines of "bad music number 168" or something like that. If anyone else has this wad editor and knows how to fix my problems, or knows of a better Wad editor, please HELP ME!!!
  12. imgonnagetcha

    DooM Music?

    If anyone could make or has any DooM music files, could you please tell me? I'm making a DooM flash cartoon, and the music would be a great effect. Id appreciate it.
  13. imgonnagetcha

    I NEED ZDOOM! if anyone could tell me where to find it...

    i downloaded zdoom version 1.22 and it doesnt work!
  14. imgonnagetcha

    Death itself cannot die PART 8

    thats the only thing i did wrong? im gettin better!
  15. I need a zdoom wad. Doom 2 is just not the same without it, ever since my sister deleted it... if anyone could tell me where i could get it, it would be greatly appreciated.