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  1. azrael1982


    5 stars for Ice59, that he could get through the process of making this level...
  2. azrael1982

    The Hellsley Suites

    A good level from 1995. /tested with brutal doom/
  3. azrael1982

    The Graveyard and Beyond

    Overall a very good set of 3 maps, though it get a bit mazy on the 2nd and 3rd level as per my viewpoint. Moreover there are some nice ideas, but you have to discover them by yourself ! /tested with brutal doom/
  4. azrael1982

    Hospital (Krankes Haus)

    A good map, really. Not a big level by any standards, yet you have to use your brains. As it was released in 1995, I have to truly recommend this one.
  5. azrael1982

    Maximum Breakdown

    A small, decent level...
  6. azrael1982

    CHUD: The wadfile.

    The first level is the first level of the author uploaded separately. The second one is not bad and for 1994 - very good.
  7. azrael1982

    Bilbo's Smegging WAD

    Very good map, especially considering the lapse of time ! Not only gameplay, but the design is impeccable.. Try it by yourself ! Works great with Brutal Doom (v.20b)
  8. azrael1982

    Dawn of Reality

    It doesn't matter, if you have a great computer or not - I've just tested it with my new lenovo ideapad Y700 and it works horribly with it...
  9. azrael1982

    HELL in HELL!

    If you don't like nostalgia, forget about it. Otherwise - quite funny and quite detailed for its time...
  10. azrael1982

    Warriors of Spider

    a very good set of maps, some puzzles are really interesting...
  11. azrael1982

    Dark Cathedral WAD - W.I.P

    I've merely "touched" this level, but I've already liked it. You've put a lot of effort into this project. Today, when I find some more time, I will play it once again.
  12. azrael1982

    Azrael's second level - for Brutal Doom

    Xegethra, thank you very much for your effort, your longplays are great. I've watched all 4 videos devoted to my map and it's very helpful for me. Some bugs to be addressed: 1. Door before you reach the room with mancu and 4 barrels 2. Texture alignment - I have to learn something more about aligning ceillings/floors, as it's beyond me and don't quite get it, why I cannot align them in a "simple way". Besides, after watching your videos, some textures (especially outdoors) seem to be bland to me. However, this sort of problem will be addressed on the next occasion, when I manage to release yet another map (I've got some ideas on my mind). Then I will try to make rooms more spatial, so that, hopefully, the gameplay will be even more satisfying. Do you always/often draw the outline of your level on paper ? Still no one has discovered my secret, it seems. :P Edit: I'm also a little bit confused by the lighting issue. In the openGL mode, everything looks completely different, which is, not surprisingly, understandable....
  13. azrael1982

    Azrael's second level - for Brutal Doom

    Thank you very much for ALL your comments, they are extremely valuable for me. Next time I will include tags "oldschool" and "90's" in my prospective level description (or something alike). Moreover I shall pay more attention to detail and rooms' architechture, though I don't want to change my style in a profound way. It's a matter of nostalgia - a matter of having played Doom, when I was barely a teenager. Thank you for the bugs' report, I will look into it, however, the archs seemed to work ok with me (port ?). Just one secret, it's easy to find it. :) Regarding Brutal Doom, I can clearly see, that some people either love it or hate it, perhaps due its excessive gore, even for Doom fans, and it's quite bugged (after playing several hours, you can easily state that). On the other hand, believe it or not, it's what's made me come back to Doom in general. I like the sheer gameplay of it. Nonetheless maybe I ought to reconsider making levels for one port only, as the target group might turn out to be much smaller than I could foresee in the near future.... Then I reckon, that I should rely on testers - do you always send your maps to someone else for testing before the final release ? Xegethra, I'm looking forward to seeing your video. Please let me know, when you manage to upload it. What else can I say ? Ah, I want to play your (all users) maps too, so I will check them soon (hopefully) and learn from much more experienced mappers. :)
  14. Hi, I would like to share my new level for Brutal Doom with you. Actually it's my second level on the whole, but the first one has never been released. Maybe I'll incorporate chunks of it in my next WAD. Please feel free to comment my new level, as any feedback is wholeheartedly appreciated. http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/?file=levels/doom2/Ports/a-c/azrael2.zip
  15. azrael1982

    LAST DAY ON EARTH episode I

    Not bad really. The "fun" aspect is tremendous here, though the layout is obsolete (well, for me the gameplay is the most important facet of each level)..