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  1. MarketAnarchy

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I played poker professionally for 4+ years as my sole source of income.
  2. MarketAnarchy

    Zoon-tex [v2.7] -- ~*pretty colors*~

    I decided to make a buttress and some elements to "support" it, don't know if they should be added.
  3. MarketAnarchy

    What kinds of things need improvement in Doom?

    Didn't know that about Ms. Pac-Man, that's actually pretty damn cool.
  4. MarketAnarchy

    What kinds of things need improvement in Doom?

    Isn't there a -fast modifier that is essentially nightmare w/o respawning?
  5. MarketAnarchy

    Zoon-tex [v2.7] -- ~*pretty colors*~

    You're missing an entry under ANIMATED for ZFOWATR4 to ZFOWATR1 Speed 8 tics to animate the orange water. I added it to a new version here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CMZu4a8UTIFyiTFYwRddtCE2knAEOpsw Thanks for the great resource.
  6. Collection Names You may have heard unusual names for a collection of animals. For example, a murder of ravens, a school of fish, etc. This thread is to discuss the appropriate names for Doom monsters when a collection of them is found. 01. Former Humans, aka Zombiemen: A peppering. E.g. I was fighting imps and cacodemons whilst my health kept slowly dropping from a peppering of zombiemen. 02. Former Sergeants, aka Shotgunners: A squad. E.g. I was at full health, but I fell into a trap and was destroyed by a squad of shotgunners. 03. Former Human Commandos, aka Chaingunners: A shredder. E.g. I was about to leave the level, but I died to a shredder of chaingunners. 04. Imps: An invasion. E.g. I had full ammo, then I was attacked by an invasion of imps. 05. Demons, aka Pinkies: A palette. E.g. I barely survived using my chainsaw to deal with a palette of pinkies. 06. Specters: A haunting. E.g. I was firing rockets into the mass of enemies when I hit myself due to a haunting of specters. 07. Lost Souls: A hiss. E.g. I was trying to navigate the platforming section when I was accosted by a hiss of lost souls. 08. Cacodemons: A cacophony. E.g. I was beating the Pale Monument when I was overwhelmed by a cacophony of cacodemons. 09. Hell Knights: A pack. E.g. After I pushed the button, several walls opened and I was greeted by the howl from a pack of hell knights. 10. Barons of Hell: A wasteland. E.g. In tricks and traps, a cyberdemon looked over a wasteland of barons. 11. Arachnotrons: A colony. E.g. The sewers were overflowing with a colony of arachnotrons. 12. Mancubodes: A blob. E.g. The stairway was filled with a blob of mancubodes. 13. Revenants: A clique. E.g. There is nothing more satisfying than destroying a clique of revenants with a well placed BFG. 14. Pain Elementals: A wrack. E.g. As I crossed the bridge, I was accosted by a wrack of pain elementals on either side. 15. Arch Viles: A blaze. E.g. I had killed the first wave of enemies, but most were brought back to life by a blaze of Arch Viles. 16. Spider Masterminds: A network. E.g. My armor was torn apart by a network of Masterminds. 17. Cyberdemons: A storm. E.g. Rockets came from every direction when I released a storm of Cyberdemons. These are just a first attempt to name these groups, I invite you to contribute your own names so we can find the ones that are most fitting. Robert
  7. MarketAnarchy

    Depths, multi wad set.

    So, I've been able to make rolling waves with a dock that floats over it in prboom+. It'd be nice if I could get my images and palette to work though.
  8. MarketAnarchy

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Just goofing off
  9. MarketAnarchy

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    It's an arachnotronism!
  10. MarketAnarchy

    My First Real Map - Slaughter style

    It's MAGIC! :)
  11. MarketAnarchy

    My First Real Map - Slaughter style

    It's a PRBoom+ map, didn't make it compliant with anything else, don't even know how I'd do that. Robert
  12. MarketAnarchy

    When to show your own WADs or maps to fellow Doomers

    "Yes" is rarely an appropriate response to a question which has an "or" in it. It's basically like this: See how that doesn't quite work? Robert
  13. MarketAnarchy

    My First Real Map - Slaughter style

    My map has been submitted to idgames and is now available in the downloads area. I hope you'll give it a try and comment on it there.
  14. MarketAnarchy

    New source port desired features

    When I program, I ask my clients for a list of requirements and a list of desires. It's a standard thing in the industry where I work. There's nothing wrong with knowing what features are imperative to have, even if someone volunteers to do the work. I ask the same question of non-profits that I donate my programming skills to. Perhaps you aren't familiar with the vernacular of the industry.
  15. MarketAnarchy

    New source port desired features

    It doesn't matter what I want. I'm asking what YOU and the others in the community want. MAYBE you could just answer the question instead of assuming ill intent?