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  1. im not that creative on the spot takes me a while b4 i even have a sniff of an idea of what to do
  2. you see im a bit different i've so far only really been working on one map and the textures don't really need lining up and those that do i can get fixed fairly fast but i don't lay out the whole map in one shot i lay some stuff down and then run the map check things out and then add some stuff fix it etc until im done, im kinda stumped on my map right now, not for CC, but being my first map and all don't really wanna mess with what i have right now as i like it but i find the hardest part of mapping is populating the map with the right balance of ammo enemies and health
  3. man thats a sweet sprite looks cool 8)
  4. well im brand new into the editing thing and i use wad author :as i hide very far away as fear from flaming
  5. well i jsut started and well uh i'd rate my self as like 3 for design 0 for gimmicks and unique ness and like eleventy billion for the senseless slaughtering factor
  6. i spent alittle time on it last night, that shot was taken right after i redesigned the level when i get home today i'll take a few more, im trying to populate it with the proper balance. thats alot harder than i had thought i'll take more when i get home though
  7. possible try using wad author to build the map cut it in half drop that half in deep and do your texture thing, then drop it back in wad author and do the same with the other half
  8. doom 3 may be a one time play but some one is gonna take the engine and make some sweet ass multiplayer
  9. well the tooth is it was originally alot different and as i changed it i neglected the sky, i'll get on it when i get home
  10. no i need some good texture for that
  11. http://www.o-t.us/upload/guest/doom2.gif im not done yet but its kinda what the "base" looks like
  12. where could i hsot a pic?
  13. actually i jsut downloaded boom HOLY SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT man this thing ROCKS! ! ! (note: capital letters) all i have to say is there are some real genius' out there
  14. hey thanks alot what would you recommend i here alto of talk about the boom thing would that be good enough?
  15. WTF R_DrawPlanes: visplane overflow (129) what is this?