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  1. sluggard

    Games of the Decade

    GTA V CS:GO Warframe - I don't play it nearly as much as I used to when I started it but the combat is very satisfying and the story is really cool, still like to come back to it every time they drop a major quest update. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt and its 2 expansions Blood and Wine & Heart of Stone, sank a lot of hours into them, just talking about it makes me want to replay it, love the characters and their relationships in it. Deus Ex Human Revolution Prey (2017) - loved it so much I completed it 3 times. Dishonored - easily on my top 10 this decade, strong city 17 vibes here. Control GRIS Sonic Mania
  2. sluggard

    The 2019 Cacowards

    Kudos to all winners and everyone involved!
  3. sluggard

    Designing maps for Doom vs Quake

    Go with the free JACK editor if you want to get into Quake/hl mapping, not enough extras in the Steam version to make it worth getting and I think last beta was nearly 2 years ago. Small features like target indicators and render style previewing on the fly will make your life a lot easier. I've been stuck with Hammer for like ages and moving to JACK, felt much better. same layout, same controls, more convenient.
  4. sluggard

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Control, screw it, it's only 16 bucks. Protagonist talking to herself, weird phenomena and super powers. Typical remedy game. Hiss really is like the Darkness from Alan Wake (minus being allergic to light). Level design is more open this time with some character progression and Service Weapon upgrades.
  5. sluggard

    Is there a texture that drives you mad?

    That's not hl, that's dmc. I'm not surprised it looks this ugly, it's a Quake 1 tribute on Goldsrc after all, even down to the aesthetics.
  6. sluggard


    It's for the best, no reason to stick with it if you're no longer passionate about it, I like to think of them as early sketches. That said deadlines idea does sound great, It'll def force me to think of what I can come up with in a specific time frame so I don't lose interest before finishing anything, I'll put it into practice every time I work on stuff from now on, like a cp but without too many rules.
  7. sluggard


    Probably, this reminds me of my old POD mod which had a hub, and a leveling up system with upgrades and stuff, started out as a simple platforming mod but eventually grew up to have a hub with leveling and some added replay value....etc. funnily enough I haven't yet finished that one either lol.
  8. sluggard


    It's not so much about skill as it is about having the energy and will to continue working on it for me, the few projects I released were nothing special, they were generally okay, and the ones I really would like to finish I can't usually keep working on, either because I run out of ideas before making them long enough or get too exhausted and slowly lose interest in them over time. I'm kind of like what Scorpius described.
  9. sluggard


    I usually do make progress, then for some reason I lose interest in it over time until I start another project and let the older one collect dust in my drive, perhaps it's my fault for not releasing demos more often.
  10. sluggard


    Yeah I did submit some for comps, but was never fully satisfied with them, but at least that made me post them.