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  1. sluggard

    Random Image Thread

  2. sluggard

    Favorite games/series/whatever from the year

    resident evil village, take re7, mix it with re4 and replace zombies/ganados/majini with vampires and werewolves in a snowy setting and less resource starvation and better shooting and you get village, lady d appears like only in the 1st quarter of the game and works sorta like the nemesis from 3 but she only appears in like the castle section and you get rid of her shortly afterwards. deathloop, prey mooncrash meets dishonored in a 60s setting, with a time loop mechanic that resets the whole map on death and a lot more freedom than your typical arkane game, infinite power recharges, less emphasis on stealth and resource management and funny dialogues xd necromunda hired gun, good mindless fun eurojank shooter with near useless parkour mechanics and rpg elements, entirely skippable story and forgettable characters, that lets you execute most of the enemies by just walking up to them and pressing E, great soundtrack, also fun to re-visit levels you've already completed to do side missions with different objectives.
  3. sluggard

    Linedef actions help

    linedef action 23 https://zdoom.org/wiki/Floor_RaiseByValue
  4. sluggard

    Star Trek discussions

    bout the only thing i remember of it the riker maneuver
  5. sluggard

    "SetLineSpecial" Not Working (?)

    i don't think you can change those with setlinespecial or line_setspecial, if i remember correctly they're applied to the map during loading and cannot be changed on the fly, so believe you're gonna have to use floorandceiling_raisebyvalue
  6. sluggard

    Good free-to-play multiplayer computer games?

    try sven co-op, it went standalone and free to play a couple years ago and is now on steam, they've also added the option to host servers without having to forward ports so that's also there if you just want to set up a private server that only you and your buddy can join.
  7. sluggard

    What graphic settings makes you pee'd off

    chromatic aberration and film grain, bleugh tho just a little frustrated i have to turn them off every once in a while
  8. sluggard

    Random Image Thread

  9. sluggard

    Check stastics on items

    not sure if this exists in DBX but with UDB you can set up thing filters, this lets you highlight/select by type, property, flag, whatever else can be done there, this should give you an easy way to check number of things per filter
  10. sluggard

    What do you think the lowest age for Doom Eternal should be

    feed them enough sugar and they'll blast through the whole campaign and its 2 dlcs like its nothing
  11. sluggard

    Random Image Thread