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Status Updates posted by sluggard

  1. (now with the recent trend of remasters would be an ok time i guess) sluggard remastered, I got bored and decided to try coloring my pfp, not settled with that background yet, so dull lol





    step 1



    step 2



    step 3



  2. noo, grandma ;(





  3. iTS nOt a LaKe its aN OcEaN


  4. you know it's hot outside when u go outside and it's hot

    1. Biodegradable


      I hate it when the sun makes my skin leak. Makes my clothes all wet and stinky! >:^(

  5. Rip & Tear, Until it is done



  6. Why do so many mid 2000s japanese games have lead characters named Leon


    Leon? Leon!!

  7. EA France be like : WHO REMBERS THIS GAEM?!?



    1. Biodegradable


      Oh boy! I can't wait for the HD remake of Polar Bear's Asshole to come out!

  8. I love this vehicle so much 😂




  9. Project SSS is now on DW, check it out


  10. 10 days is too long, I want it now :(




  11. Just uploaded a sneak-peak of Buried Debts, check it out!

  12. Fucking hell, I need to get out of this stupid emo phase and stop taking it so seriously, It's just a game lol.

  13. Jeeezus could they be any more overt? ..... and sold!





  14. Oh dear, I'm close to getting that ugly ass long custom title, I should probably stop spamming lol, It was nice knowing you all.

    1. NoXion


      I don't understand how custom titles work on this forum. Is it just a matter of reaching a certain post limit, or does it still need to be done by a mod? I only ask because I've seen more than one poster with the title "Why don't I have a custom title by now?!".

    2. sluggard


      Yeah it's based on post count, or if you keep behaving weirdly or do something worthy of recognition, those people got that long title because they talk too much reached +7000 post count as far as I know.

    3. Chip


      You have to do something extreme to get a custom title, like get banned. Right now, you're going to get Why don't I have a custom title by now?! Although, if you get enough people behind you, you might be able to bug a moderator into getting one. I think that's what Major Arlene did. 

  15. What the hell is "MOUSE4", my mouse only has like 3 buttons (not counting the scroll up/down)

  16. It's Friday the 13th.


    1. KVELLER


      I love seeing those Q3 tricks. They're mind-bogglingly awesome.

  18. I like how there's a space before the period in my Custom title.

    1. Eris


      Did you only just notice that?

    2. sluggard
  19. GZDoom has ambient occlusion ? aaa

    1. Linguica


      SSAO in Doom is... iffy honestly. Something about the low detail environments and the way SSAO doesn't work on the edges of the screen makes it look insubstantial in motion.

    2. sluggard


      would look nice for some fan made content, I just realized Skulldash and BoA used it, it looked fine imo, Probably just not for Classic style of maps.

  20. yo female Doomers