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  1. sluggard

    Your Thoughts On Half-Life Alyx?

    I'll probably never play it because I can't be arsed to get a VR kit just to play one single game then put it on shelf for the rest of eternity. Good thing they decided to drop this VR thing for the next Half-Life though, see if it ever comes out before the year 2077
  2. sluggard

    Thoughts on Boomer Shooter YouTubers?

    The only reason I watch gman every once in a while is because of his other non-boomer shooter stuff that are relevant to me like his Half-Life 2 MMod, SWAT 4, Hunt Down The Freeman, G-String and Ghostrunner reviews, he also does weird games I've never heard of before which I like seeing from time to time aswell, which is a nice bonus. I've never been so keen on this kind of shooters so I don't mind him all that much.
  3. sluggard

    Thoughts on Boomer Shooter YouTubers?

    GmanLives is the only one I watch every once in a while, I used to watch Civvie and IcarusLives aswell but I stopped watching them for like a year now. E: not sure I'd call him a 'boomer shooter youtuber' though, he does more than just 'boomer shooters'. He also likes Doom 3
  4. sluggard

    Buried Debts - a map for ZBloody Hell

    Yeah, It's using ZBloody Hell assets and actors
  5. To be honest I don't think Doom 3 needs a remake, I mean, Doom 3 itself is a re-imagining of Doom, much like Doom 2016, game still looks pretty. I can't think of anything I could add to the game other than aiming down sights, at least that'll make headshots more fun to pull off. A lot of the issues I had with the game were small nitpicks like too much techbase and too much ammo, the jumpscares weren't really jumpscares, more like classic monster closets, I doubt they were trying to scare you with those. The shotgun worked well for the type of tight-corridor levels the game was going for, people keep overlooking those. I'd be down for a sequel or a proper new game inspired by Doom 3 that brings new ideas that fit its formula though! Resurrection of Evil is kind of like this. Doom 2016 is a bit close to that as well, it's got some of those Doom 3 vibes and aesthetics, even has a character named Hayden lol
  6. Stealth, fuck that shit lol, nothing fun about crawling slowly for 38 hours and dying quickly for the tiniest fuck-ups...unless you're Assassin's Creed, it's tolerable there at least since you don't die in 1 or 2 hits and can break line of sight easily.
  7. sluggard

    Why Was Doom 4 Called Doom?

    MooD 420