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Everything posted by sluggard

  1. sluggard

    What graphic settings makes you pee'd off

    chromatic aberration and film grain, bleugh tho just a little frustrated i have to turn them off every once in a while
  2. sluggard

    Check stastics on items

    not sure if this exists in DBX but with UDB you can set up thing filters, this lets you highlight/select by type, property, flag, whatever else can be done there, this should give you an easy way to check number of things per filter
  3. sluggard

    What do you think the lowest age for Doom Eternal should be

    feed them enough sugar and they'll blast through the whole campaign and its 2 dlcs like its nothing
  4. sluggard

    Faster weapon switch mod?

    you can make a weapon raise or lower faster if you just give it more 0 tic A_Raise or A_Lower states, example for faster vanilla chainsaw raise: Select: SAWG CCC 0 A_Raise SAWG C 1 A_Raise Loop
  5. sluggard

    What games should I get based on my wishlist?

    deus ex, postal 2, fear
  6. sluggard

    It's new name is..

    🗿 sounds like a digimon name
  7. sluggard

    Random Image Thread

  8. sluggard

    Common phrases that are nonsensical

    "it will blow your socks off" how? and what if im also wearing shoes? i need to knowww
  9. sluggard

    What are you getting for the steam sale?

    new world and deathloop
  10. sluggard

    Random Image Thread

  11. sluggard

    Random Image Thread

  12. sluggard

    Is Rage worth playing?

    yes, levels where you do main questlines are varied enough to keep things fresh, you never feel like you're doing the same thing over and over or that you're stuck in the same place, except when you're driving outside towns, loved those cute little town minigames, only issue i remember having with it is getting lost looking for npcs to finish missions or progress to next mission steps in towns, but even that becomes a non issue once you learn their layouts.
  13. sluggard

    Random Video Thread

  14. sluggard

    Random Image Thread

    misato still best girl
  15. sluggard

    Random Image Thread

  16. sluggard

    GTA The Trilogy/Definitive Edition

    lol i love their response
  17. sluggard

    YouTube is removing dislikes.

    looks like they're getting ready for rewind 2021, this is gonna make finding working tutorials a bit harder >_>
  18. sluggard

    Random Image Thread

  19. sluggard

    GZDoom Total Conversions

    Re-Blood and Re-Powerslave
  20. sluggard

    Random Image Thread

  21. sluggard

    Random Image Thread