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  1. Do you like Sonic 2 Half pipe Special stages ?.wad


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    2. tempdecal.wad


      Yeah the player will be pushed forward and won't be able to turn left or right, I've also ripped the COOL and NOT ENOUGH RINGS Sprites to be used for checkpoints, and a bunch of sounds from 3D Blast.

    3. Phade102


      awesome. If only you could get the FEEL of the sonic two stages in. Though that would be hard, Sonic doom didn't really quite do it justice either.

    4. tempdecal.wad


      I've uploaded a real quick demo to idgames, haven't received a confirmation e-mail yet, It's pretty much straight forward pipes with bunch of dashpads and spikes, haven't gotten too far yet, I Might make a total of 7 Stages and make some sort of Super Sayan Doomguy thing for lolz.