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  1. ⛧CyberDemonEmpiress⛧

    DW's all-inclusive Discord/Xbox/PSN/Switch/Steam ID bonanza!

    Steam https://steamcommunity.com/id/demonempress/ Discord: ⛧CyberDemonEmpress⛧#1235 Feel free to add me if you like.. (Thankfully my username isn't misspelled on those platforms at least..)
  2. ⛧CyberDemonEmpiress⛧

    Times you've confused a WAD with another

    I almost always get Sunlust and Sunder mixed up when I haven't played either for a long time.
  3. ⛧CyberDemonEmpiress⛧

    Nobody likes Lost souls.

    Eh yes, it's Pain Elementals that cause real problems.
  4. I think people are mostly hyped for the actual gameplay.
  5. ⛧CyberDemonEmpiress⛧

    Hells Keep

    Well, I do like your imps.
  6. ⛧CyberDemonEmpiress⛧

    PC specs? (speculation)

    Well I have a 1050 ti and run Doom 2016 on ultra at about 120 fps, so I am just hoping Doom Eternal will play just as well on my current set up.
  7. ⛧CyberDemonEmpiress⛧

    New guy on the block

    Hello HadenLlerrem, nice to meet you as well.
  8. ⛧CyberDemonEmpiress⛧

    What engine should I target?

    Maybe look into getting a doom front end for loading multiple files, Rocket Launcher 2.0 is pretty good in my opinion.
  9. ⛧CyberDemonEmpiress⛧

    I am Heavy Weapons Dude

    This thread is about TF2 memes, I guess... for some reason.
  10. ⛧CyberDemonEmpiress⛧

    New guy on the block

    Hello, nice to meet you.
  11. ⛧CyberDemonEmpiress⛧

    Is Doom Marine, Doom Slayer?

    Doom slayer is the same person from Doom 1 2 and 64 - and I just call him "Doom guy" for the record.
  12. ⛧CyberDemonEmpiress⛧

    Dusk looks thoroughly awesome

    It's just outstanding... I love the level designs, the atmosphere the weapons and the music. Only real issues I have is it does feel a bit too easy on normal which is what I am playing on at the moment, and the levels feel a bit small but are still fun to explore. Maybe there will be larger levels in episode 2 and 3 though. Overall though it's a wonderful game - perfect for a Quake fan I think.
  13. ⛧CyberDemonEmpiress⛧

    Are there any plans for a Brutal Doom for Doom 2016?

    I feel like making Doom 2016 even more violent would just be silly. Plus I don't much care for the kind of people who need Brutal Doom to enjoy Doom in general, they mostly seem to be meme kids.
  14. ⛧CyberDemonEmpiress⛧

    Can I Run Doom on the lowest settings?

    Well, I kinda hope your computer blows up trying to run your pirated copy of DOOM. All due respect.