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  1. CyberDemonEmpress

    Nobody likes Lost souls.

    Eh yes, it's Pain Elementals that cause real problems.
  2. I think people are mostly hyped for the actual gameplay.
  3. CyberDemonEmpress

    Hells Keep

    Well, I do like your imps.
  4. CyberDemonEmpress

    PC specs? (speculation)

    Well I have a 1050 ti and run Doom 2016 on ultra at about 120 fps, so I am just hoping Doom Eternal will play just as well on my current set up.
  5. CyberDemonEmpress

    New guy on the block

    Hello HadenLlerrem, nice to meet you as well.
  6. CyberDemonEmpress

    What engine should I target?

    Maybe look into getting a doom front end for loading multiple files, Rocket Launcher 2.0 is pretty good in my opinion.
  7. CyberDemonEmpress

    I am Heavy Weapons Dude

    This thread is about TF2 memes, I guess... for some reason.
  8. CyberDemonEmpress

    New guy on the block

    Hello, nice to meet you.
  9. CyberDemonEmpress

    Is Doom Marine, Doom Slayer?

    Doom slayer is the same person from Doom 1 2 and 64 - and I just call him "Doom guy" for the record.
  10. CyberDemonEmpress

    Dusk looks thoroughly awesome

    It's just outstanding... I love the level designs, the atmosphere the weapons and the music. Only real issues I have is it does feel a bit too easy on normal which is what I am playing on at the moment, and the levels feel a bit small but are still fun to explore. Maybe there will be larger levels in episode 2 and 3 though. Overall though it's a wonderful game - perfect for a Quake fan I think.
  11. CyberDemonEmpress

    Are there any plans for a Brutal Doom for Doom 2016?

    I feel like making Doom 2016 even more violent would just be silly. Plus I don't much care for the kind of people who need Brutal Doom to enjoy Doom in general, they mostly seem to be meme kids.
  12. CyberDemonEmpress

    Can I Run Doom on the lowest settings?

    Well, I kinda hope your computer blows up trying to run your pirated copy of DOOM. All due respect.
  13. CyberDemonEmpress

    What happened to Post Hell?

    I spent years studying post hell. It allowed me to learn a great deal about the people and events throughout the different eras of doomworld... And yes.. it was amusing to see how batshit insane some users where...
  14. CyberDemonEmpress

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Fallout 4 and FNAF world.
  15. CyberDemonEmpress

    [v1.5] Doom 64: Retribution

    I just downloaded it and it's pretty awesome. I love the reload animations.