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  1. It's just outstanding... I love the level designs, the atmosphere the weapons and the music. Only real issues I have is it does feel a bit too easy on normal which is what I am playing on at the moment, and the levels feel a bit small but are still fun to explore. Maybe there will be larger levels in episode 2 and 3 though. Overall though it's a wonderful game - perfect for a Quake fan I think.
  2. I feel like making Doom 2016 even more violent would just be silly. Plus I don't much care for the kind of people who need Brutal Doom to enjoy Doom in general, they mostly seem to be meme kids.
  3. Well, I kinda hope your computer blows up trying to run your pirated copy of DOOM. All due respect.
  4. I spent years studying post hell. It allowed me to learn a great deal about the people and events throughout the different eras of doomworld... And yes.. it was amusing to see how batshit insane some users where...
  5. Fallout 4 and FNAF world.
  6. I just downloaded it and it's pretty awesome. I love the reload animations.
  7. I seem to be following people I didn't have on my buddy list prior.
  8. I think it may have randomly assigned us followers.
  9. Freelook and WASD Um.. E to use. No crouch or jump, unless a WAD calls for them.. But even than it has to be a pretty good WAD.
  10. Wow Outrageous Videos I am honestly speechless... But Anyway... Mine would probably be the time I got tipsy and start Roleplaying as a Jedi in my Star wars galaxies guild's Team Speak.
  11. I watched "It Follows" just yeserday. It was outstanding, very simple but very well done. And they it seems likely there will be a sequel which I am looking forward to.
  12. Well that page page won't load for me.. But I am glad you didn't go through with it roadworx. Anyway I like Cadbury Eggs but I can only eat one or I start to feel ill.
  13. I'll be OK... Thanks though.
  14. I've read about 90 percent of the posts in Post Hell. And I've had at least 2 dreams where I was reading stuff in Post Hell... I think I may have a problem honestly..
  15. Try using the Lost Levels instead of the of PSX TC. I had the same issue, and that worked for me.