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  1. KinkaJoy

    More New Doom III Shots

    What's that on the crate in the second shot? It's the old UAC logo! The cool logo which I thought they got rid of and replaced with that triangle thing! Woohoo! Oh, and the rest of the screenshot is cool, too. :) Not as impressive as the first videos we saw, but still cool. And I can just imagine what it'll look like running at full-speed. wüt!
  2. KinkaJoy

    New Doom 3 Shots (!!!)

    Holy crap those are cool screenshots. You people whine too much!
  3. KinkaJoy

    Engine Cubed

    Wow, you guys are way better at making DM maps than I am. I suck.
  4. KinkaJoy

    Engine Cubed

    The level editing interface is a bit weird to get used to, but once you do, it's much easier than a traditional 2D-view editor. At first I didn't like the idea of selecting things in 3D, but this seems to work. Mostly because you kept it simple. I've already started working on some levels. Keep up the good work! Cube rocks!
  5. KinkaJoy

    Winners of the Doom GBA contest

    How many people were in the contest?
  6. KinkaJoy


    I fucked up the italics formatting. That probably doesn't help.
  7. KinkaJoy


    That is an awesome picture. Reminds me of the Mother Brain from Super Metroid. Elextrum: Oh, not that argument again...the "What are the odds that a computer (or 747, in the version I heard) would randomly assemble itself, if all the parts were there and a tornado threw all the parts around?" argument, that's supposed to be proof that God exists. Actually, it's not. The odds of such a situation would be incredibly small, but not zero. And just think about the size of the universe; it's bigger than we can even measure. There are more stars in one galazy than there are grains of sand on all the beaches of the Earth (yeah yeah, overused analogy, but it's true.) So we can almost say the known universe is infinite. And that's just what we can see; there might be more, beyond what we can measure, or even in other dimensions. What's my point? Well, assuming the universe is almost infinite, we can change the analogy: What if, instead of one tornado randomly moving around pieces of a complex machine, you had [i[/i]nfinite[/i] deserts, with infinite tornados, moving things around for an infinite amount of time? The incredibly small probability of the exact situation occurring would increase dramatically. You could calculate the probability of at least one computer/747 assembling to be pretty much 100%. The fact that we are here in this universe is not total proof that God exists. (Though I'm definitely not claiming I have any compelling evidence that God doesn't exist. Far from it. I'm just saying, you can't distort the meaning of "God must exist, [i[/b]ecause...[/i]") w@velength: I probably wouldn't consider myself a Christian. I've actually barely read any of the Bible, and I have questioned many Christian ideas (see above). But even I found your comments incredibly closed-minded and ignorant. Do some research, and maybe get some cites to support your ideas, then maybe people will take you seriously. But I know from experience that going around shouting "Your religion is wrong, and your God can go fuck himself" to everyone is going to get you an ass-whooping. Trust me.
  8. KinkaJoy

    Fredrik Wants World Domination

    I figured out how to do that a long time ago. I have an old (unreleased) Deathmatch level that's on a space station, with no HOM or anything.
  9. KinkaJoy


    That imp/baron/cyberdemon on the left is grabbing for Doomguy's testicles.
  10. KinkaJoy


    What the--? I didn't get a damn poster! (Then again, my copy did come on floppy disks and it wasn't Ultimate Doom...) But the box did have this picture on it, in really high resolution. Damn, that logo sure does lose a lot of its charm when you shrink it down to 320x200.
  11. KinkaJoy

    Green Blood In Italy

    I accidentally misread that post as "Sony's reason for leaving Nintendo..." I blame it on the fact that I've got a cold, since yesterday. ;)
  12. KinkaJoy

    Green Blood In Italy

    > remember those game gears? they had backlit screens, but were really hard to see. GameGears were actually reallly easy to see, especially since they had a contrast/angle adjuster. The problem with those was that the batteries lasted 5 seconds. > Square's argument for leaving Nintendo, that their games would not fit on cartridges, is nonsense. Forgive me if I sound like I don't have a good sense of history, but, a) Wasn't it Nintendo that pulled out of the deal, rather than Sony? b) When the N64 came out, didn't the cartridges only hold about 32mb? That's way less than you can fit onto a CD
  13. KinkaJoy


    Wow, LegoDoom looks awesome. That actually sounds like something that I'd make extra levels/sprites for. Legos kick ass.
  14. KinkaJoy


    All you need now is scrolling flats and you could make a Quake I-esque skybox!
  15. KinkaJoy

    OK, now this p***es me off!

    (*whew* damn, I just came within 1 second of hitting "new topic" instead of "post reply.") Personally, I definitely think that video games are not responsible for any actual violence (or if they are, it is only a little bit, in rare cases where the person committing the action isn't sane to begin with.) But regardless of my opinion, the fact is, the teacher cannot change your grade based on his or her opinions. Take it to the principal. Take it to the district office. Hell, take it to the supreme court if you have to. Judging from the teachers' comments, the C- had nothing to do with the actual persuasiveness of the speech, but her personal opinion. That is against the code of pretty much every school district in America. And even if it isn't, you could start some kind of petition/campaign. What the teacher did was inexcusable. I can't even begin to describe the many things wrong with what she wrote. Oh, and BTW...Doom t-shirts? Where the hell do you get Doom t-shirts!?