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  1. dirkwiezer

    Who REALLY wants to see the year 3000?

    if you do wanna see that year you know where to go... my stupid website that is BEGGING, just BEGGING to be hax0red and wiped clean off existence that flashing banners waiting for you clicks, but seriously 3000 sounds kinda cool. i kinda imagine it would be like in futurama.
  2. dirkwiezer

    Worst Doom2 Monster

    Lets face it, the cooloest of all the monsters is mancubus, the worst is gotta be pain elementel, not only do I hate being up against one their death is crappy, no guts, jus fire. yawn. Please kill me
  3. dirkwiezer


    Yup, being without god, being totally alone so that your fears will eat away at your sanity for all eternity. i dont know what kind of seeting it will be though.