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  1. Hmmm, can't get map35 to work. I killed the first room, the wall lowered eventually, seemed random. 2nd room I pressed the switch in the cage and nothing. It's quite possible that it's my mod setup causing it so take this with a grain.
  2. I'm the same way, I hate confusing wads. I recommend Zone 300 and Going Down.
  3. I played through the first one a few times, good stuff. The idea of branching levels seems awesome, have yet to play a wad like that. I'm worried about the custom stuff though. If it's decorate knock yourself out but if it's dehacked I won't be able to play it with mods, so I'll have to skip it.
  4. If you want to continuous play this here's a modified MAPINFO, just load after this wad. You will start at map01 instead of the hub.
  5. 2nd map was confusing, didn't want to bother figuring it out due to ammo shortage.
  6. I don't know anything about Boom but yes, it's a skill definition property.
  7. MonsterHealth = 0.25 in MAPINFO.
  8. I finally got around to completing this. You're right, the last 10 maps I liked much more. I barely got lost so that's a good thing. I had to play them on easy, UV is seriously hardcore. I still died multiple times, which is unusual for me. The symphony X track was a delightful surprise. It's disappointing no one else has uploaded anything from this wad. I'd like to see someone beat some of these later levels on UV.
  9. 10 - valiant 9 - hellbound 8 - going down 7 - sunlust 6 - dark encounters 5 - good morning phobos 4 - resurgence 3 - pizza steve 2 - zone 300 1 - unholy realms This was hard.
  10. I added yScale 0.75 to the revenant to fix this issue. It looks goofy at first but you get used to it and it has a beneficial side effect: the rockets actually come out near the shoulders instead of the middle of his chest now. And as far as the Mastermind is concerned you can easily drop her radius from 100 to 50 if you want the brain to be the target. Legs of course can clip through walls afterwards.
  11. I got to map 4 before calling it quits. It felt more like a chore than fun. Too many narrow/small areas made me feel like I was constantly bumping into stuff. The maps have many paths to take which leads to confusion. At first it's not too bad but as I kept getting lost I started jumping and noclipping out of frustration. I'm not good at navigating levels anyway so take this criticism as you will.
  12. So, what is the proper name of this wad? I uploaded a video of it, what name should I use? Good wad so far. Despite being speedmaps some of these are confusing.
  13. Turn down the difficulty.
  14. Now if only someone would do this for the sprites in the game.
  15. I used gzdoom 3.1 when I played and had no issues. Can you check that version to see if the problem persists?