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  1. Bryan T

    TURBO Universal 1.0

    I made something similar a few years ago https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=52854. That obviously didn't use zscript so this is preferred. Looking at the code, this gives the player the double speed powerup. Problem with this is it does nothing for 1 tic states. Playing Guncaster, all the weapon states are 1 tic, so it doesn't help at all (as if you need the help). Random(0,1) is a valid option for tic duration so if you can check for 1 tic states and set to this you'd be golden.
  2. Just played it. It was fun. I died once on map03. I underestimated my enemy.
  3. Ahh ok, I loaded the wad in it's entirety. I'll get it sorted out, thanks. You see, I knew this is what you meant but I saw the link and downloaded. Only now do I notice the zip file inside, oops.
  4. I loaded cc4 before this and still had missing textures. I exited the game and made this comment. If someone can tell me what I did wrong that would be cool.
  5. Yep. Per description: "I made changes to the mods."
  6. A full megawad made up of small levels. This is what I like. Good job bros. Full playthrough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKQb-iKvQxo
  7. Bryan T


    I'm liking this so far. It's getting a biiit confusing but it's a solid project so far. Video #1 is up.
  8. Bryan T

    Doom wads that are actually fun to play.

    Your first post is a necro bump, congrats.
  9. Bryan T

    Auto load multiple wad/pk3's using .bat file?

    No one seems to know about the autoload section of the gzdoom.ini
  10. Bryan T

    Hard maps with low enemy counts?

    Bloodstain Hell Awakened While a far cry from slaughter wads these aren't exactly low on monsters but when I think of hard wads these are two that come to mind.
  11. Bryan T

    Any good addons for HXRTC project ? (not zdoom listed)

    AoD will never work seeing as how both mods replace the stuff in the game. The only thing that will work will be scripted mods. Sprite Shadows Sound Caulking Doors Stay Open Champions
  12. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/plut3
  13. Bryan T

    Dark Universe Prt1 Released

    Alright, here ya go. I jump sometimes, no hate please. I cut out the prologue.
  14. Bryan T

    Dark Universe Prt1 Released

    Okay, I watched a video where I got lost and realized I was right there just somehow missed it. Managed to get through the rest just fine. I still prefer Dark Encounters but guns blazing it my forte. The design of this is something to behold. So complex, it really looks like a real place. For the exploring type this is about as good as you're gonna get. Youtube video going up soonish, I'll add it here later.
  15. Bryan T

    Dark Universe Prt1 Released

    While it's certainly well made it's just not my bag. I would occasionally get lost, especially at first until you learn what you can activate. It wasn't until map05 that I gave up. After deactivating the blue barriers (which by the way the switch for doing so seems to have a very small hitbox) I searched and searched for that blue wall I had previously seen to no avail. After about 3 minutes of running around and no clipping only to find myself running in circles I gave up. This is one of wads I'd like to watch someone max but not personally play.