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  1. Bryan T

    Any more "vanillla enhancement" mods?

    There's an options menu for the changes. It plays exactly like normal if you want it to.
  2. Bryan T

    Akeldama - Beta 3 Released!

    On map25 I took the teleporter out of the yellow key area before grabbing said key and was unable to find a way back in. A blue gate blocked the original path.
  3. This was fun. I especially liked the billboards.
  4. Bryan T

    PSX DOOM Megawad: Fall of Triton Remake - TRITON II

    The custom LOCKDEFS causes locked doors to not show up on the map. Meaning, a red key locked door doesn't show up as a red line as is usual for my setup. I don't know how important something like that is to you, I fixed it on my end. You can keep the scaled down keys by using 'Species RedCard' in the redcard definition and so on with the others and then you won't have to edit the locks. I don't know if it's just me, but I'm constantly running out of ammo. Welp, I made it to map18 and I can't go on. The amount of time spent chainsawing stuff has killed this for me.
  5. Bryan T

    PSX DOOM Megawad: Fall of Triton Remake - TRITON II

    I ran into 2 problems on map12. There's a switch behind a teleporter that lowers the lift to the blue key. I couldn't press the switch without noclipping past the teleporter. Also, when I killed the cyberdemon that lowers from the ceiling, I dropped down to grab the megasphere he was hiding and I couldn't get out of the pit.
  6. Bryan T

    PSX DOOM Megawad: Fall of Triton Remake - TRITON II

    So, I got to map07 in 1 hour. These are some massive levels. My criticism with the original version not having enough action is null and void now. After the first 2 levels the monsters populate. I couldn't figure out map02. After getting the blue key I never found the yellow key and eventually just skipped the map. I had about 200/300 monsters dead. I like it overall. It's a bit too explorish for my taste but I dig it all the same. I'll chime in once I finish this beast.
  7. Bryan T

    PSX DOOM Megawad: Fall of Triton Remake - TRITON II

    I just loaded a mod after this and it worked fine. There's no dehacked work here so any mod you load after this should properly overwrite anything it needs to. Keys will be a problem if you overwrite them though so if the mod you're playing replaces the keys you'll have to open Triton and delete LOCKDEFS.
  8. Here's an example of the stock rocket that doesn't hurt the player. ACTOR SafeRocket : Rocket { States { Spawn: MISL A 1 Bright Loop Death: MISL B 8 Bright A_Explode(128,128,0) //Here's the change. By setting the flag section to 0 "XF_HURTSOURCE " is disabled MISL C 6 Bright MISL D 4 Bright Stop } } Check this for more details - https://zdoom.org/wiki/A_Explode
  9. Bryan T

    Small slaughter level

    I didn't touch a level editor until about a week ago. I decided I might as well try and give back to the community that has given me so much. Problem is, as soon as I fire it up my mind goes blank. While I'm playing through a wad I'll be full of thoughts but then I can't do anything with them. Anyway, this is just something I whipped up in about 30 minutes. It's probably a waste of time to upload it but someone might have a few minutes of fun so what the hell. I did try a few times but I couldn't beat it. There should be enough ammo but I'm just bad. I fired up Guncaster and slaughtered them though.. :) MAP01.zip
  10. Bryan T

    How do I add wads to the gzdoom startup?

    Are you talking about the iwads? Just put them in the same folder as gzdoom. If you're talking about pwads, just drag the one you want to play onto gzdoom.exe.
  11. Bryan T

    Syringe v1.0 - 6 reality-bending lim-rem maps

    I just ran through this. Very unique looking maps, especially the last one. I got lost more often than I'd prefer. I'll play it again later today now that I sorta know my way around them. I made the mistake of grabbing the megasphere before killing the cyberdemons... I'm unsure of how to get the blue key on map04. I figured all the rest out though. https://youtu.be/O3Xxm__w1MQ
  12. Bryan T

    FusionRage - (Boom 2 month speedmap megawad) RC1!

    It looks and plays like speedmaps, which I'm okay with. I noticed some normal stuff like misalignments. At one point I walked through a fenced ledge texture. The only major problem is that map14 doesn't have a player start. Overall, I found it to be pretty average so far. My favorite moment was the level where you shoot the switch in the dark room. There were a bunch of guys and mowing em down was fun. The wad on a whole could use more opposition on UV. Anyway, here's a semi-blind run of the first 13 levels. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0mh20MNTCY
  13. Bryan T

    Nova III - RC2c AVAILABLE!!!

    I just played the first 10 maps with Guncaster on UV continuous. No complaints as of yet. I did get turned around on map10 after grabbing the first two keys. I didn't notice the side paths leading to the yellow key.
  14. Bryan T

    MooM IV

    Because this guy can't be bothered, here's the manual. MOOM 4 USER MANUAL.zip