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  1. Bryan T

    Return To Hell. (My first old school megawad)

    I made it to map14 before calling it quits. It feels too familiar, I got bored pretty easily. The lift in the corner of map06 wouldn't register unless I ran into it, so I was running all around wondering where to go. That annoyed the shit out of me.
  2. Remove A_KillTarget from trocket_exitfix.wad if you want to play continuous.
  3. I get the same fps as before, 24. Not sure why you need someone else to tell you if it runs better.
  4. It's hard to tell if you're serious or not. How about this. Stand at the start, facing the bridge, open the console and type "vid_fps 1" and show the fps in the top corner. If you are hitting 60, I'll eat my shorts. I have a pretty decent computer (3.8ghz intel 4th gen, 650ti boost) and I'm pulling 24fps with all eye candy turned off on gzdoom 3.5.0. And yes, I just downloaded the new version for my apparent "commodore 64" machine.
  5. Bryan T

    D4D with GZDoom

    The resources file is just that, the resources. The download comes with another pk3 which you have to load along side it. He split the mod into 2 files so people could update more easily.
  6. Bryan T

    Best custom music in a Doom wad?

    Valiant has the best music of any wad I know of. Half the songs are brilliant and the other half strong. My favorite track would have to be "Postmodern Muck", map13 by Jimmy.
    map09 crashes gzdoom 3.4.1. I guess it doesn't like your map's name. The other bits are fine by speedmap standards.
  7. Bryan T

    DyingCamel's Demons #1

    Thanks for the bump. I didn't know this wad existed. I generally miss them if they don't get uploaded to idgames.
  8. Bryan T

    GRAVE Megawad

    There's quite a few images on this page. I don't suppose some spoiler tags would be in order?
  9. Bryan T

    TURBO Universal 1.0

    I made something similar a few years ago https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=52854. That obviously didn't use zscript so this is preferred. Looking at the code, this gives the player the double speed powerup. Problem with this is it does nothing for 1 tic states. Playing Guncaster, all the weapon states are 1 tic, so it doesn't help at all (as if you need the help). Random(0,1) is a valid option for tic duration so if you can check for 1 tic states and set to this you'd be golden.
  10. Just played it. It was fun. I died once on map03. I underestimated my enemy.
  11. Ahh ok, I loaded the wad in it's entirety. I'll get it sorted out, thanks. You see, I knew this is what you meant but I saw the link and downloaded. Only now do I notice the zip file inside, oops.
  12. I loaded cc4 before this and still had missing textures. I exited the game and made this comment. If someone can tell me what I did wrong that would be cool.
  13. Yep. Per description: "I made changes to the mods."