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  1. Bryan T

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Pizza Steve - Map01 UV-Max by ELMLE and Archi
  2. I'm still holding out hope that you'll continue with your Going to Hell megawad. 

    1. Walkerrr


      Hello Bryan, Thank you for the comment.

      Nowadays due to my work It's harder for me to have free time and continue with the project.

      Fortunately I have a lot of ideas for the next maps, possibly continue with my wad but very slowly.

      It's good to know that you like my work!.

  3. I'd like to give my final 5 points to EDay, otherwise known as the brutal doom campaign. I recently played through the stripped out version and found it to be excellent.
  4. Bryan T

    Looking for more Weapon-Upgrade type mods

    Doom Incarnate Trailblazer D4D
  5. Bryan T

    Project Brutality 3.0 crashing

    why not ask on the github? https://github.com/pa1nki113r/Project_Brutality/issues
  6. Bryan T

    Recommend gameplay mods blood inspired

    Here ya go. I edited it for ya and made a video showing how I did it. Slade is very useful and I suggest learning this stuff if you want to mix mods. The audio is bad because I have an air purifier in the room and I forgot to turn on noise suppression. I also just realized I left the upscaler on so the text isn't going to look as good as it normally would. Here's my playlist for modding tutorials https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_-aSjojGQK0NYpEFFXNXWzwjmjXtL2Ba
  7. Bryan T

    Recommend gameplay mods blood inspired

    Yeah, VDP has lots of monsters and apparently they share a name with the ones already in PB. You'd have to go into PB and change the names of any conflicting names there. Simply adding a 1 or something to the end of it's name will suffice. I suggest downloading Slade to edit mods. \ Or use a different monster mod that doesn't share names with the roster of PB. Did the game at least launch?
  8. Bryan T

    Recommend gameplay mods blood inspired

    I was about to link that channel until you said it was you, lol. You gotta make some playlists for all those videos. To play Project Reblood with different enemies just load a monster pack after it in your load order. To quote my response on the zdoom forums:
  9. Bryan T

    Good Morning Phobos Version 2 (Now on idgames)

    Coincidently, I just replayed this wad and thankfully the idgames link was for this new version. This remains one of my favorite megawads. I'll be uploading some videos of it to youtube in a few days if you want to watch.
  10. Bryan T

    Vigor | Now on Idgames

    If you care, map10's midi got slapped with a copyright claim on youtube.
  11. I just played through the first 9 maps. My only real criticism is that I had way more ammo than I needed. I play continuous but I figured I'd mention it anyway. Starting at map17 is gets real hard, even on HMP. After dying a bunch I finally gave in on map19.
  12. Bryan T

    Community Trunk, a cp in the style of CC1 and CC2

    I just downloaded the file in the OP and I ran into a missing texture on map02. RTEX044
  13. Bryan T

    BlueAge - A brand new megawad ( FINAL UPDATE )

    Okay, I played up until map18 where I lost interest. Many times you are required to go back through the teleporter you just came out of. This is not very intuitive and many times I was left scratching my head wondering where to go. This is ultimately what killed my motivation. There were some nicely detailed spots and some unique ideas. Bravo for completing an entire megawad. Oh, and there are doors that will only open once fully closed. It's annoying to deal with.
  14. Bryan T

    EDay 2019 Vanilla - A GZ/LZ/ZDoom2.8/Zand

    Sorry about that.