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  1. CosmicXIII

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Hehe nice trolling :) Map35 lagfest :)
  2. CosmicXIII

    First Speedmap ( 30 minutes )

    Thanks guys ! Scifista42 dont ever lose your objectivity! You really help newbies to get a feeling for it. cheers
  3. CosmicXIII

    Orkus ( small map/need feedback )

    Hey guys, I am totally impressed by the quality and usefulness of your feedback. Awesome community !!! I am now 30 years old.(kind of old now :P ) I have never used facebook nor any other social media madness. (luckily due no need for buisness) My point is i am a forum "leecher" not used to reply and post in reasonable intervals. But i get your point! Reflective thinking: I would be offended too :) When i read a post it is like "I am really grateful for every feedback (usually the harsh ones are more helpful due the objectivity) but i just dont know what to answer". A simple thank you cheers as a copy paste reply...hmm i dont know But please do not misunderstand me. I affirm improvement in the quality of my forum behaviour. PS: got a new computer so need a few days to fix the map cheers
  4. Hey Doomworld, I just finished a so called speedmap. 30 minutes in Doombuilder. Map20 http://www.mediafire.com/download/rvp7t7zccnhapsc/Ebene1.wad
  5. Hey Doomworld, This is a small map i made.( BOOM Compatible ) It is supposed to be Map01 in my unfinished wad. It would be really cool to get any feedback from you guys. ( Some Details here and there still missing ) http://www.mediafire.com/download/hodqf3kidyg1po8/Orkus.wad Edit: Good tips! Did some changes due to your feedback. cheers
  6. CosmicXIII

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    Some shots from my map. WIP
  7. CosmicXIII

    Gunfire triggered ambush ( need help )

    I just reupload it with Filedropper. Its exactly the same. There is a "real" link and a bullshit one. Guess which one is salient. :)
  8. CosmicXIII

    Gunfire triggered ambush ( need help )

    Sorry for the problems you get due downloading my map. Free Services often are full of advertisments and all kind of crazy stuff.Imo cheers
  9. CosmicXIII

    Gunfire triggered ambush ( need help )

    Which Upload Service you prefer ?
  10. CosmicXIII

    Gunfire triggered ambush ( need help )

    Yes it is WIP.And i am new to mapping at all so it is a sandbox/tutorial map for me. My Goal is a working slaughter map. -Monsters will be replaced ( too many archs ) -Empty spaces will be "filled" or i get rid of it Edit: -Trying to archieve a more non-orthogonal look ( I will add more mountains and stuff,and move some vertices around ) I appreciate your Tips cheers
  11. Hey, I draw a off-map sector which include the monsters and 2 linedefs set with the WR Teleport( monsters only )action. I merged the off-map sector with the destination sector to get the gunfire trigger effect. Teleport Destination Thing is in this sector as well and the 2 WR Teleport lines are sharing the same tag as the sector. So it should work.I did it on other maps. What happened here ? BoomCastle.wad BoomCastle.wad Edit: I dont know.Just tried it again and it worked. Maybe the demons block each other from time to time ?
  12. CosmicXIII

    Correct Ceiling Heigts ( Newbie )

    Thank you for the high motivation StupidBunny. cheers
  13. CosmicXIII

    Correct Ceiling Heigts ( Newbie )

    Thanks a lot mouldy ! That helped me out. cheers
  14. CosmicXIII

    Correct Ceiling Heigts ( Newbie )

    Hey, Im new to this forum and new to editing as well. I started a map with doombuilder2 in boom format. ( it is more like a sandbox map for me,not concept driven,but i want to finish it anyway ) My "problem" is that i want to correct all sectors ceiling heights with that F_SKY1 texture. I know how to do it.but this will take forever in 3d mode. Maybe there is a "smarter" way to do this ? BoomCastle.wad I love slaughter maps so my map will be one. Sorry for my poor english :)