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  1. mdmenzel

    GALAXIA.WAD (The Ultimate Czech Level)

    This is a great map for its time - slaugherish at times but can be managed by a decent player. I dislike the mandatory health/ammo pickups and the paltry armour availability (only a mega armour that I found). I also can't stand the replacement sounds but I suppose one must keep in mind that it came from the early mapping community.
  2. mdmenzel

    IronEagle Competition 11: Flashback to Hell

    I suppose my UV "run" qualifies as cat 2 as I had Suite's stream on in the background yesterday morning. You wouldn't know it by my performance. Died stupidly on MAP03 by my own rocket hand. Twitch video The compressed lmp is attached to this post. flashback.zip
  3. mdmenzel

    The Journey ver. 1.1

    Kinda fun, but you may find your self a bit ammo-starved.
  4. mdmenzel

    Automatic pistol start?

    Is it possible to bind a keyboard key to the console kill command in ZDoom-based ports? That would be the easiest way not involving loading a script if auto save is turned off.
  5. mdmenzel

    How much of a 'Doom Master' are you?

    I would grade myself C+. I don't have the knack for speed running, and I should use the berzerk pack more often. I'm fairly good at secret finding and ammo management (previous statement notwithstanding). My projectile dodging is inversely proportional to how tired I am.;) I don't mind slaughter maps but I prefer hard maps with fewer enemies that are well placed because slaughter wads tend to get repetitive. However, I am not a rager; I will walk away and do something else for a while if I begin to get frustrated. I usually play UV, only going lower if I'm finding the game utterly impossible, which is very rare for what I play. One of my weaknesses is that I tend to favor megawads, which limits my exposure to small gems. I play on gZDoom set most often to Boom strict with no freelook (used to use prBoom+ until recently when I got more into Ancient Aliens and Heretic).
  6. mdmenzel

    Archive upload process changes

    As mentioned by Johnsuitepee, can we make it a convention in the WAD texts to indicate if mapsets containing multiple levels have been designed for pistol starts or continuous play?
  7. mdmenzel

    Are these books valuable?

    They are, but personally, I would hang onto "Tricks of the Doom Programming Gurus." I rememer having it and it was awesome
  8. Just played MAP 11 of pack A. Bar none, the best map that I have played in years.
  9. I take Boom compatible, these days, to mean "does not support ZDoom or Eternity Engine-specific features"
  10. Not a big fan of her over-reliance on console cheats and mlook, but she has much more variety than pretty much anyone else out there.
  11. Katamori and John Suitepee - to name two in the community. AltimaMantoid too - but he doesn't seem to be as active in the community anymore. Also, no listing would be complete without Tarnsman [blind lp's especially] and Joe-Ilya but they're mostly on Twitch rather than YouTube from what I recall.
  12. mdmenzel

    The DWIronman League dies to: Jenesis

    so sunlust is in the offing next? ;)
  13. HD? I thought the low-res is what gave the original Chex its charm.
  14. mdmenzel

    Mysteries around the DOOM cover

    I think the person in the background is a subtle advertisement for multiplayer.
  15. I have been watching on Twitch. I have only been seeing multiplayer (not sure if the beta is multi-player only or not) and I am not really that impressed. It looks like any other shooter out there - both the visuals and the gameplay (there was only one map I saw that seemed to stand out for its hellishness). I will have to reserve my final judgement for when I get my hands on the commercial release next month and play some single player and also get a feel for the multiplayer.