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Status Updates posted by roadworx

  1. rip memfis ):


    he was one of the best posters on here...

  2. your banner is adorable <3

    1. NoisyVelvet


      Whole account feels tailor made to mock me and I clearly need to touch grass but it's too cold out, but yah agreed.

  3. what map is your pfp from

  4. he's back :ooo

    1. TheMagicMushroomMan


      Hey roadworx! I hope you've been doing well, I'm happy to be back. Thank you for caring, and I'll see you on Da Forumz!

  5. stop fucking winking at me

    1. Biodegradable


      ;^) ;^) ;^) ;^) ;^) ;^)

  6. come back, please, i have to play john.wad and shotgunshelly.wad

  7. Why did the "Why did the myhouse thread close?" thread close? DoomBoy, you keep closing all of these MyHouse.PK3 threads. What is going on? What even is the enigmatic DoomChild? What do you want with us? Are you keeping Veddge hostage in your basement? Is that why they haven't said a word since posting MyHome.MAP? Please! We need answers! We need to continue discussing MyResidence.BSP for the Nintendo GamePrism™!

    1. Doomkid


      Doomkid makes his debut on Doomworld and is about to make his mark on the Doomworld community. But his true story is about so much more than that.

      Wad: The Doomworld Community We Know

      It all started in 2009, with one nasty comment on a message board. The subject was MyHouse, a site in which the Doomkid sent the occasional message. His boss had started to hunt him down because he was angry about how his fellow employees reacted to being banned from the site, according to Doomkid’s account.

      By 2010, it was clear that Doomkid’s bosses had managed to hack MyHouse’s systems, bypassing the password, and placing Doomkid’s entire personal life on lockdown.

      “MyHouse censored my personal account and private messages and pages on my private account,” he said in a chat with this writer via his MyHouse account.

      Some of the content of his private posts had been changed. A sentence that started with “Wad” was replaced with a bizarre threat that his tormentors thought would make his friends sympathize with his cause. The idea was to blame him for the censorship rather than his bosses. They placed the blame on myHouse and edited all of his posts.”

      Doomkid believes that his MyHouse bosses were upset.

    2. Devalaous


      I feel like I just encountered an AI-generated thread.

  8. i just found out that you edit stuff for whang...i gotta say, it's pretty strange to see members of the community outside of doomworld or dedicated doom discords. especially when it's on a video from a major youtube channel :p

    1. Biodegradable


      Oh yeah, fam. That's how I make my bread and butter when I'm not around here playtesting stuff. I've been editing for all sorts of YouTubers these past few years. Chances are I've edited for other creators you watch.

  9. i s2g if i'm not back for good this time and switch to another fixation i'm gonna  C R Y

  10. how tf do you normal people stay out of drama, i desperately need advice on this

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Phobus


      Other games, Discord chats, Netflix, YouTube and socialising still count as being busy ;)

    3. roadworx


      can't play other games, but all the other suggestions may work

    4. NuMetalManiak


      I recently came out of a suicide phase so all i can say is divert your attention away from where it happens and try something else that’ll keep you occupied and feeling better but not worry about what strangers think, either online or in real life.


      in a case like this maybe stay logged off from Doom forums and come back in a week or so.


      (don’t hurt me)

  11. hey, is everything okay? you haven't been around at all lately 

    1. purist


      Cheers for checking in buddy. All is well, just not been on DW for a while.

  12. i uh...


    i think he might've passed away...

  13. what!!


    why's he banned again ):


    edit: if this was done for the reasons that i think it was then i s2g this community is gonna end up cannibalizing itself. hopefully i'm wrong about this

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. roadworx


      @Obsidian so then this is just a case of me being gullible and not looking at the bigger picture


      gotcha, sorry for being a dummy 😔

    3. Obsidian


      @roadworx No need to be too harsh on yourself, it's okay. :) It can be difficult to pick up on these sorts of things at first glance and that can often be deliberately exploited by bad actors: it's something that can happen to anyone and I wouldn't begrudge you for it. We live and learn, yeah? 

    4. omx32x


      @Obsidian i had noticed that in the thread but the way i saw it was more like he was starting to fall in the alt right rabbit hole he even liked a comment i made in it about how this was a dog whistle and he needed to change the content he was consuming


      im just glad i didnt use social media on my teenage years otherwise i would be banned just as him was as i believed in the same shit anti sjw propaganda he no doubt is consuming now

  14. hey, is everything okay? you haven't been posting in a while

    1. ReX


      Life took a sideways turn, but things seem to be getting back on track. Thanks for checking.

  15. uh







    1. Chip


      Time traveler! He quoted you before you were even registered on Doomworld. 

    2. forgettable pyromaniac

      forgettable pyromaniac

      We've done it. We've learned time travel before any other forum.



      Please excuse me while I take this screenshot to The SCP Foundation.


  16. come baaaAAAaaaAAAaaack

  17. chip, more like

    chup, gottem xd

  18. shit man, that custom title is a big ol' fuckin mood

    1. MattFright


      i know i've made more maps than many people i know, yet i can't bring myself to put an exit on them...

  19. what is a graydang and why must i praise it

    1. yakfak



      this incredible texture im obsessed with
      used to see more of its fair share of use in old doom 1 shovelware maps

    2. roadworx


      OH THAT!!


      agreed, that's a great texture. i've always liked seeing it used, it's so recognizable and the red stands out so much.


      for whatever reason there's a specific instance of it being used that i remember: it was in a 64-wide grey hallway across from a door. i think there may have been sladwall somewhere around as well but idk - either way it sticks out in my memory for some reason. i think it was in obituary, but i might be mixing it up with something else




      kinda wanna use it in my map now, ngl

  20. you finally got your custom title


    this is a historical event, i'm so happy that i can be here to witness it

    1. ReaperAA


      Gez had to wait for 13 years and 20000+ posts, but they finally got it.



  21. ayy, that's a great song


    1. P41R47


      hahahah, thanks for the welcoming, pal :D

      Just lurking here and there, not much involvement right now.