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  1. so, i've been having these 'dizzy spells' for a couple of years now. they happen when i turn my head or look up, when i stand up, or just sometimes when i'm walking. i dunno what's causing them, but all i know is that they've been getting really bad lately. usually when they happen, my vision goes completely blurry, and i get dizzy and disorientated. but they're getting worse. now, my head starts throbbing, my fingers begin to twitch, and i lose track of everything i was thinking about. now, mind you, i'm only 16. my dad also gets these, but he's 59 and has so many medical conditions and allergies that a slight breeze could murder him. pretty sure that means this is kinda bad and i should've seen a doctor years ago.

    HOWEVER. not only are they becoming worse with how intense they are, they've also been happening way more often. as a matter of fact, i've had a few of them as i've written this. it's becoming kinda ridiculous at this point, and i'm lucky that i don't drive a car, otherwise i'd most likely be dead at this point. now, i have no clue why this is happening. it's not epilepsy, nobody in my family has epilepsy. it also isn't an issue with blood pressure, i think. but that is all i know. i did get hit in the head with a rock when i was eight, but this started just a few years ago; NOT when i was eight. also, i am overweight, being 5'6" with a weight of 183lb. so, i'm pretty unhealthy. but, i don't know. all i know is that i'm scared that something bad may be happening to me.

    so, wat do, doomworld? my mom is scheduling a doctors appointment, but what do you guys think could be wrong with me?

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    2. durian


      Do you recall ever having an ear infection? Your symptoms are consistent with chronic vestibular neuronitis

    3. j4rio


      durian said:

      Do you recall ever having an ear infection? Your symptoms are consistent with chronic vestibular neuronitis

      It's rather unlikely to be of infectious origin, as the problem mentioned is persisting for years rather than weeks. The most common cause of such chronic dizziness is BPSV or less common Meniere's disease. Orthostathic hypotension is mostly associated with blood pressure medicine and very unlikely to be the underlying cause here.

    4. durian


      Oh yes, I was trying to remember the name for Meniere's; I have a friend with this and another friend with chronic vestibular neuronitis, so the described symptoms sound somewhat familiar to me.