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  1. mandatory "yes i know the title sounds clickbaity as shit" anyways...while i love this community and all the content it produces, all the conversation there is, how welcoming it is...i really don't like being in it, if that makes much sense. there's nothing wrong with the community itself, it's fine and all, and this is gonna sound contradictory af but i do love interacting with everyone here, and i love the community itself as well this is probably gonna sound a bit dumb cuz i have a feeling i dwell far too much on this, but the reason i say that i don't like being in it is cuz it means that i have to feel the pain of seeing others who i really look up - and i look up to a lot of you - drift away from it, and eventually leave all together. it really hurts, and i know that it has to happen eventually but seeing people who i genuinely really care about leave for an indefinite period of time is terrible. i think that this might be affecting me more than it should cuz you're all just a bunch of internet people who i'll never even be that close to, but it feels like losing a really good friend every single time one of you leaves and i really hate it i talk to people, i get to know them, see all the good in them, and then they just...vanish. oftentimes without even a word, and while it's for the best that people don't put on a show when they leave, it leaves me feeling like something crucial is missing. and that right there is why i just really don't like this community, and i guess this kinda goes for other communities as well, but this one is just a lot more personal to me sorry for spilling my dumb feelings everywhere, i just needed to say this and see if everyone thinks i'm just too attached to this place or something. and sorry if this belongs in ee, i wasn't sure where exactly to put it
  2. roadworx

    Opinions on 70's rock bands

    their music is generic and as everyone else is saying, gene simmons is an enormous douche
  3. roadworx

    Doom Guy's toys

    i feel like he's more of a honda kind of guy
  4. roadworx

    i really don't like being in this community

    i just wanna say, thank you all for replying. this really really helps <3 i'll try to reply to everything (that isn't a snickers joke ffs lmao) h, yeah, i do have problems with change. i hate seeing things i care about change, and i guess i just have to accept that that's a fact of life rather than depriving myself of everything good that comes out of it. it's just hard, cuz when it hurts it makes me feel like it was never worth it to begin with. but i gotta remember that that's not true in the slightest god, i can't imagine how it must be after 20 years. although, i suppose that means that not everyone is gonna just up and leave, so at the very least i can take comfort in that jesus...i'm sorry...you've gone through way too much shit man ))): i always figured that being hurt really badly by people leaving just meant i was too sensitive or something, but i'm just glad to see that that's not entirely the case you're right, it's probably not worth it at all. even in other communities i've thought about just isolating myself and trying not to get close to anybody, but sometimes that just makes it worse for me than it would if i just let myself enjoy it while it lasted. that just ended up making me confused and not knowing what to do, which is kinda why i felt the need to make this thread in the first place. i try not to get hurt, but i suppose that sometimes it's inevitable so, i'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt cuz you're young and don't fully realize the impact you have on others, but i just want you to try to think about why what you just said is an absolutely horrendous thing to say. like...seriously. it's really bad. ugh, yeah, i've done it before unfortunately. i was a dumb kid lol. and you're right, i just gotta live life and try my best not to dwell on things, although that can be really hard at times someone didn't read the thread :p and i have to disagree - doomworld is actually one of the much better gaming communities out there you're right, but it just feels like something more than just being brought together by a game. although, that may just be me getting far too attached to the community than anything, but idk
  5. roadworx

    Cydonia - throwback Plutonia wad - coming soon

    oshit o: can someone make june come faster pls
  6. roadworx

    Is there still any demand for vanilla maps?

    is that the zone 400 megawad you're working on? if so, i can't wait - zone 300 was legit pretty good :)) their problem is that you're shitting on other formats, and now you're making it worse by being an asshole about it
  7. roadworx

    GMod DOOM Addon Author

    i'm shaking and crying rn, how could @ReX do this ))): no, but srsly, we're not really the people you wanna be talking to about this. steam is full of assholes, yeah, but there's nothing we can do about it. if they were actively doing this on dw, then it'd be a different story, but i think the mods would end up banning them before it'd get this bad. steam tends to not do jack shit about anything that goes on there, so my best advice is to just let them learn the hard way that if they're an absolute prick to everyone around them then people just aren't gonna play their mod idk if many people around here even play gmod tbh lol
  8. variations of this also, i got the correct palette for the drawing (heretic for some reason), aaaaaand...it's hentai. ffs funny cartoon mouse ate one (1) cheese what
  9. yeah, it's super obvious tbh i didn't wanna spoil it just in case you guys were trying to set up an arg or something, but i mean...
  10. when i check in slade, there's a drawing of a girl, ass to what looks like glass, pulling her panties down while dumping water all over herself. i thought it was amy the hedgehog at first but now i think it's supposed to be human (?). it's very hard to tell as it got ripped to shreds being converted to doom's palette - which is strange, considering the amount of png files in here btw it's not playable in any of the source ports i use, and doombuilder says the cybie is missing some frames pls doomboy give us hint this is so hardddddd
  11. it appears to be a very amateurish wad, presumably created by an edgy teen who was bored one day (hence the swastika), made with the sole intention of being creepy. my guess is that they tried to upload it to /newstuff, it got rejected, they forgot about it, and then they rediscovered it on an old flash drive or something and uploaded it to a few places for shits and giggles. either that or reelvonic made it and is just fucking with you. either way i'm doubtful that the other wads are ever gonna be found, they're probably long gone i assume that any japanese in there is just translated and not by a fluent speaker, as if it were, i'd suspect that you'd be seeing actual kanji/katakana/hiragana in the text file. whoever made it likely just ran "skull harassment" through a translator and tried to put it into the doomworld txt file generator, and it spat out html entities in response
  12. roadworx

    The Popular Vote [threads 1, 2, and 3]

    kinda weird but if that's what you're into then that's what you're into srsly tho, just play doom
  13. i've been on other forums where that happened often, so i wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if it was
  14. this is less a single, isolated reaction and more a culmination of putting up with a lot of shit that he's pulled throughout the years. he clearly has a history of manipulation and ego-driven behavior, as well as a pattern of saying he's gonna leave but then never actually leaving and doing it solely to get pity points. when someone has all of those, it's only natural for people to not only be cynical about their intentions, but also pissed when they do it after several times of them doing it before with little to no repercussions. if this was the first time they had done something that seemed like it was purely driven by their massive ego, it's likely that the mood of the thread would be more of exasperation and annoyance rather than anger. but, again, as he has a well-documented history of this behavior, that's not the case
  15. roadworx

    Is there still any demand for vanilla maps?

    yeah, the limits honestly aren't bad at all. sure, you're not gonna make anything that's hyper-detailed under the constraints, but you can still make some fantastic looking stuff. case in point: btsx i've really never had any problems working within the limits, personally
  16. THAT'S why i'm so put off by so much of what he says, now it makes sense. a lot of what he writes has this weird feeling to it that i've been kinda trying to push to the side for a while, but you pointing that statement of his out (which i failed to even read xd) makes me think there's a good reason for me feeling that way. it all just...reeks of self-importance and artificiality. it's incredible off-putting, because it doesn't read like it's coming from an average person - it reads more like something designed with an ulterior motive in mind, or some shit like that like, for example - what major linked. i think that contains some of the biggest examples of it, where parts of it reads like he feels so special that everyone against him is straight-up evil and out to get him it's not just that tho, because half the stuff on realm 667 doesn't feel like a human wrote it - it feels like something a pr firm came up with. it might be me looking too much into it now that how i felt has been validated (and he is trying to run a website after all, so it has to be professional n shit), but just read this: i'm probably overthinking the hell out of this but i'm finding how he acts in general kinda disturbing
  17. oof, i didn't even read that part lol edit: why do i have a feeling that this is extremely one-sided 🤔
  18. does torm have a history of pulling stuff like this? cuz i remember hearing about how there was a bunch of drama with kdizd, and now i'm wondering if he was doing similar stuff then too
  19. jfc the """"apology"""" makes that situation look even worse honestly i'm kinda surprised he's not leaving after making that much of an ass of himself untrue, i was dumb enough to believe it
  20. it's pretty justified as to why it turned negative. i'm assuming you're making the same mistake as me and not realizing what exactly he just did with all this, i.e. making an enormous essay talking about how he's leaving and stuff, but then after it's all done and getting enough sympathy from people saying "oh btw i'm actually just leaving this one single part of a greater thing" tbf, idk if it was intentionally done to make himself feel good or if he's just kinda stupid. however, considering this is a three-month affair and that i have now learned that torm is a plagiarist thanks to @Dragonfly, i'm leaning more towards the former
  21. i've made 4, all scrapped, unfinished, or unreleased, and am currently working on 2 more for community projects
  22. roadworx

    Thank you

    tbh, i'd rather it be useless and more of a joke than an actual feature. i really don't like reaction systems like other places have cuz they just end up making the overall experience worse
  23. roadworx

    Thank you

    i remember reading that too - it's there just to be there