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  1. skippy

    Your firearm

    If i were to do that the government would fuck me, in the ass.... hard.... without lubrication. But we all know you would want that to happen to you Andy.
  2. skippy

    Your firearm

    I'm building an AR-15. It's not complete. It has olive drab furniture, the stock is an a2 stock, will have a 20" 1/7 twist chrome lined 5.56mm barrel, will have a F marked FSB, has a flat top upper receiver, and will have a carry handle. I also put a type-r sticker on it to make it automatic and enough ammo to shoot down a space shuttle from orbit. Your typical evil black rifle.
  3. skippy

    Public Edumication

    I'm sure it takes an ammount of intelligence to understand a language and to use it effectively. One's intelligence quotient is a bench mark of one's ability to apply knowledge to find a solution and apply it to a problem. Using a language is an application of intelligence that can be rated by its grammatic correctness and its spelling accuracy. So, shit-spelling is a reflection of intelligence or the lack thereof. Or maybe the punk just doesn't give a rat's ass about what grade they get since the system will just push them through. I've posted my limit so i shall not be heard for a few more months.
  4. skippy

    Public Edumication

    I must have attended the greatest high school in the land as i knew no one with an IQ nearly this low. Even the retards could probably spell better even though they couldn't read O_o.
  5. skippy


    heh, i've been working all week, i'm tired. i must have world war one on the brain
  6. skippy


    I listen to whatever I damn well please. A Perfect Circle 3 Doors Down Adema Alice in Chains And One Apoptygma Berzerk Arch Enemy Argyle Park Beborn Beton Bionic Jive Cake Cat Rapes Dog Chimaira Das Ich Depeche Mode Devin Townsend Die Ärzte Die Krupps Dkay.com Die Schinder Disturbed Downthesun Echo Image Evanescense Failure Falco Fictional Front 242 Funker Vogt Gravity Kills Hanzel und Gretyl Heaven Shall Burn HIM Hoobastank Iris Killswitch Engage KMFDM Korn Kramm Lacuna Coil L'ame Immortelle Linkin Park Marilyn Manson Megaherz Metallica Ministry Mudvayne Nine Inch Nails No Doubt Offsping Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark Orgy Otep Pet Shop Boys Pig Powerman 5000 Project Pitchfork Rammstein Razed in Black Revolting Cocks Rob Zombie Slayer Solitary Experiments Static X Stone Temple Pilots Stuck Mojo Tool VNV Nation Wallflowers White Zombie Wumpscut Misc Stuff Klaus Doldinger Hans Zimmer Aerosmith Seether Drowning Pool Dope Cheap Trick Modern Talking Filter Haddaway Billy Idol Judas Priest James Horner Aboyandagirl Buck Cherry Clash Cult Cypress Hill Dead or Alive Thompson Twins Thin Lizzy Styx Spineshank Semisonic New Order Joy Division Red Hot Chili Peppers Pop Will Eat Itself Fear Factory U2 ICP
  7. Today, in short has sucked.Infact, the past week has sucked.

    Last Monday I found out my mother has cancer. We know not which kind.

    Tuesday one of my sister’s “friends” steals over half my paycheck and got out of town quick.

    But money can be replaced.

    Thursday my mom took the car to get new brakes and an oil change. All is well till we find out the speedometer is busted. We go back and they claim that they went nowhere near the cable leading to the speedometer. But later I found out that said cable runs very close to the oil. They talked about going to some other place to get it fixed. This pisses me off because I see no reason why I should pay for their fuck up.

    Today my sister got into car accident. She’s ok. What happened was that she was out on a narrow, winding road and some moron was parked in the middle of U-shaped turn. Her view blocked by trees, she hits him. When the guy got out of his vehicle, beer cans flowed after him, falling to the ground. The nearest phone was about a mile away and my sister walked to call the police. She failed to lock the car.

    The police come and do their thing. They got information from both parties then they told my sister they would give her the information at the hospital. They never showed up.

    So about 7:55 PM the phone rings. It’s the guy my sister hit. He asks if we had insurance. So I told him the truth, yes. Then I tell him that the car doesn’t belong to me and the insurance is not in my name. He then tells me that we can settle this one of three ways. I cut him off saying “I don’t own the fucking car, asshole!”

    Later I found out that him contacting the other party is illegal. So when my mother gets home she calls the police and they act dumb like they always do.

    So yeah, Monday starts a new week.

    1. Ralphis


      Good show chap, good show

    2. Danarchy


      WTF, are the police in your town stupid or something? Also, does the fact that the guy was obviously drunk void the fact that she hit him? I should hope so.

  8. skippy


    I think that might be your problem.
  9. This sounds pretty interesting.
  10. A few days ago my mom and dad got a divorce. They're in different states, my mom in missour and my dad in nebraska. My mom goes to headquarter missouri national guard. She turns in her ID card as she no longer can use it. So they change some things in RAPIDS. i don't know what it stands for. Well, instead of putting my dad as divorced, they put him in as dead.

    So what does this mean? No medical coverage for me for one, so if i got my arm lopped off i'd bleed to death in the emergency room. My dad won't get his retirement check. DFAS has probably cut a check because he died back in october. I guess you can't in the army national guard.

    It's suprising we can fight wars with this kind of incompetence in the military.

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    2. Job


      Danarchy said:

      Welcome to the world of no medical coverage. I've been there for a couple years.

      Heh, I've been there for 5+. In fact, I just paid straight out of pocket for a $200 dental operation.

    3. deathbringer


      There are countries that dont have free basic health care?

    4. Fredrik


      deathbringer said:

      There are countries that dont have free basic health care?

      Woah, I think you're right.

  11. skippy

    An airplane went down

    An airplane went down in my town. http://www.newstribune.com/articles/2004/10/14/breaking_news/break01.txt local news paper Makes you wonder what would happen had it been a terrorist attack involving chemical or biological weapons. The first emergency broadcast happened 30 minutes ago. And all that's known is that an airplane went down. heh.
  12. skippy

    Shoe size

    wow, i must be on the short end of the stick. male 8.5 USA
  13. skippy

    So what´s your rig ?

    1.8ghz p4 512mb of RAM geforce3 64mb sb live! 5.1 40gb hard drive and a 120 gb hard drive dvd/cd drive cd-rw drive a floppy drive 17" monitor some ibm mouse a keyboard and a mount for my m2 machine gun Most of the stuff is the original stuff i got when i got this thing in 2001, it was the shit then. the dvd/cd drive i got in april for a birthday present and the 120gb hard drive i bought in feburary. Now i just need to upgrade my video card which will be the final hardware upgrade for this thing before i'm off to build a new computer.
  14. skippy

    Doom 3 Has Gone Gold

    Hmmmmm..... Time to upgrade my video card and place my order for my own copy.
  15. Today my father's ex-girlfriend pulled $1,200 out of the bank account yet the account was set to prevent a negative balance, so it's at like -$1,196. Either way somebody fucked up. Saddly, it is illegal to teach people that theft is wrong, well, atleat the way i'd do it is wrong.

    What are we(my family) going to do about it? No idea. We could:
    1. Kick ass, but that'll only cause more problems
    2. Call in an airstrike, but no airplanes
    3. Call the police and get the bitch arrested.

    Choice #3 will probably be chosen.
    Retribution is a nice word. Das Ende.

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    2. Bucket


      Next she's going to make the excuse that she needed the money to pay for an abortion. Just watch.

      Common tactic of Psycho Bitches.

    3. rf`


      Sephiroth said:

      honestly i would find the bitch, beat her and then cut out her eyes. but that is just me


    4. Job


      Sephiroth said:

      honestly i would find the bitch, beat her and then cut out her eyes. but that is just me

      Not cool.