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  1. A few days ago my mom and dad got a divorce. They're in different states, my mom in missour and my dad in nebraska. My mom goes to headquarter missouri national guard. She turns in her ID card as she no longer can use it. So they change some things in RAPIDS. i don't know what it stands for. Well, instead of putting my dad as divorced, they put him in as dead.

    So what does this mean? No medical coverage for me for one, so if i got my arm lopped off i'd bleed to death in the emergency room. My dad won't get his retirement check. DFAS has probably cut a check because he died back in october. I guess you can't in the army national guard.

    It's suprising we can fight wars with this kind of incompetence in the military.

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    2. Job


      Danarchy said:

      Welcome to the world of no medical coverage. I've been there for a couple years.

      Heh, I've been there for 5+. In fact, I just paid straight out of pocket for a $200 dental operation.

    3. deathbringer


      There are countries that dont have free basic health care?

    4. Fredrik


      deathbringer said:

      There are countries that dont have free basic health care?

      Woah, I think you're right.