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  1. Today, in short has sucked.Infact, the past week has sucked.

    Last Monday I found out my mother has cancer. We know not which kind.

    Tuesday one of my sister’s “friends” steals over half my paycheck and got out of town quick.

    But money can be replaced.

    Thursday my mom took the car to get new brakes and an oil change. All is well till we find out the speedometer is busted. We go back and they claim that they went nowhere near the cable leading to the speedometer. But later I found out that said cable runs very close to the oil. They talked about going to some other place to get it fixed. This pisses me off because I see no reason why I should pay for their fuck up.

    Today my sister got into car accident. She’s ok. What happened was that she was out on a narrow, winding road and some moron was parked in the middle of U-shaped turn. Her view blocked by trees, she hits him. When the guy got out of his vehicle, beer cans flowed after him, falling to the ground. The nearest phone was about a mile away and my sister walked to call the police. She failed to lock the car.

    The police come and do their thing. They got information from both parties then they told my sister they would give her the information at the hospital. They never showed up.

    So about 7:55 PM the phone rings. It’s the guy my sister hit. He asks if we had insurance. So I told him the truth, yes. Then I tell him that the car doesn’t belong to me and the insurance is not in my name. He then tells me that we can settle this one of three ways. I cut him off saying “I don’t own the fucking car, asshole!”

    Later I found out that him contacting the other party is illegal. So when my mother gets home she calls the police and they act dumb like they always do.

    So yeah, Monday starts a new week.

    1. Ralphis


      Good show chap, good show

    2. Sharessa


      WTF, are the police in your town stupid or something? Also, does the fact that the guy was obviously drunk void the fact that she hit him? I should hope so.