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  1. Lord_Kane

    Chocolate Doom

    why can I not start chocolate doom? edit: nevermind had files in the wrong area.
  2. Lord_Kane

    First Person Shooter (Hidden Gems)

    Elite Force 2 was set after Voyager's Return to the Alpha Quadrant and After Star Trek: Nemesis. My favorite "Unknown" shooter was Strife, I found it 100 times better then Hexen.
  3. Lord_Kane

    The end of ZDoom

    LONG LIVE THE NEW FLESH! QZDoom is pretty awesome, but eventually its going to be part of GZDoom as I have read here.
  4. Lord_Kane

    What mobile games are you playing?

    LOL I hope Kancolle hits Google Play soon. They are similar, Boom Beach and CoC are both by super cell, but have different army massing and playstyles You dont build an army in TF Earth Wars, you collect TF Characters based on what faction you play.
  5. Lord_Kane

    What mobile games are you playing?

    Hahaha at least it isnt idolmas
  6. Lord_Kane

    What mobile games are you playing?

    Transformers: Earth Wars Clash of Clans Boom Beach ArmA Mobile Ops Beloko's Doom port. and finally Gordon Ramsay Dash. Yes I play mobile phone games despite being 30.
  7. Lord_Kane

    Putin making some bold claims about NATO

    This thread is going to end well...
  8. Lord_Kane

    Question on Collectors Edition

    No the collectors edition steel case does not come wrapped up.
  9. I dont agree with mr. similar name to myself here, and he claims to be as old as myself. But he is going way to far to state his opinions as facts.
  10. Opinions are fun aren't they?
  11. Lord_Kane

    Why does almost every one here hate consoles?

    The glorious thing about Doom 2016 ( I have it on XBOX One) is the FOV and other options to modify, you can even turn off aim assist. good thing Doom 2016 runs at 60fps even on console, Xbox one in my case since my PC isnt up to spec and considering that employment is an off and on thing for me right now, money to upgrade is a bit tight. Good thing my brother is an avid xbox one player.
  12. Lord_Kane

    Doom is too much Quake

    I like a little quake in my doom personally.
  13. Lord_Kane

    Why does everyone hate DOOM?

    Go back to /v/
  14. Lord_Kane

    AGN3T I3T

  15. Lord_Kane

    AGN3T I3T

    I cancelled on the first nonaligned easter egg texture and then cried holding my doom box. it triggered me.