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Status Updates posted by Octavarium

  1. I hate myself and I find myself crying frequently lately. Guess that means I'm pretty depressed. What can I do about it?

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    2. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      As much as I understand that just talking about things randomly might take the edge off a little: You need the help of a professional person in this matter, so you can eventually change what needs to be changed. Nothing else will work long term, and simply taking pills won't remedy the cause of these problems you're faced with, because they only aim at symptoms as opposed to the core/cause of the problem.


      The purpose of life, by the way, is not something that you "get" somehow, it's something you have to "create" for yourself, which is probably nigh impossible to do as long as you're in the firm grasp of your depression. The simple answer to the question what the purpose of life is, in my opinion, is to make the life you have as enjoyable as possible for yourself.


      So, be smart enough to find yourself some real help, because friends/family/forum members can only do so much, and not asking for help when you clearly need it is the wrong thing to do. I know this might come across harsh, but: Complaining in and of itself has never solved any problems. Do something about it.

    3. KVELLER


      Just like Nine Inch Heels, I also think that the purpose of life is just to be as happy as possible. I used to feel the way you're right now for a few years, but not anymore, and you know why? Because I really love playing video games now!


      It may sound silly, and it probably is, but who cares? It's been enough to keep my happiness up, and that's the important part. Try to find something you love, no matter how little or insignificant it may seem at first glance.

    4. Phade102


      @Octavarium First off, let me say you have nothing to be ashamed of. depression causes everything you describe and more. theres nothing wrong with you, but you do need to try to get in to see a psychologist. They aren't just about talking about your feelings, they will help you try to understand why you have the feelings, and ways you can alieviate them.


      Also, I strongly recommend you go back to your doctor and tell him your anti depressants aren't working. Peoples bodies build up immunities to drugs, some quicker than others, I have personally gone through about 15 different anti depressants until I found the one that suits me just fine. Tell him whats going on, and  with any luck he'll start lowering your dosage of your current ones while adding a new anti depressant for you to try.


      Don't give up, Life is worth living, you just need to be willing to find the reason.

  2. Damn it, why do all the streams happen while I'm stuck at work?!

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    2. Octavarium


      I know, and thanks for that, but there's something neat about being there while it's going on and being able to comment/ask questions and so forth that makes it better, even though I've only gotten to do that a couple times so far. Night shift can suck my ass

    3. 40oz


      Do you have a regular work schedule or does it change each week? I can work on being more accommodating when I'm talking with someone who is free anytime. Thanks for listening :)

    4. Octavarium


      's'regular-ish, 6 pm to 5 or so in the morning here in northern west virginia, but I believe I'm an outlier here, there's no need to change your schedule around just for one idiot who probably wouldn't have anything productive to say anyway. Thanks though :D

  3. Qv2dLPu.png

    "Yeh name's not on the list, yeh ain't gettin' in"

  4. Welp, 27 years old and I believe I'm starting to go bald. Is there anything I can do or is it time to just say the hell with it and look like a friar until I work up the nerve to shave it all off?

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    2. Octavarium


      I have a beard, but no skullet... YET


      J4rio, do you mean how you apparently need to use it every day for the rest of forever or it just falls right back out again, if it even works to begin with? Or are there other side effects, other than the obvious insecurity I have here, heh.


      Alright Ribbiks, you've inspired me to greater heights. Have a selfie of the new me:


    3. j4rio


      Yeah, you have to use it pretty much constantly, because disrupting treatment means very quick catch-up of balding. Hair follicles of many males are sensitive to effect of androgenic hormone dihydrotestosterone, so the target of treatment is decreasing the production of said hormone in your body to the minimum. The problem with that is this hormone is necessary for proper sexual functioning, so you'll very likely become impotent, lose your libido, erection and gain man tits. Anything containing finasteride (Propecia) or dutasteride (Avodart) works like that, also those are the only treatments proven to work reliably for male pattern balding, so investing into anything else is a crap shoot. If you really want to keep your hair, undergoing hair transplant procedure is much better alternative (yes, that's a thing).

    4. Octavarium


      Yeeeeah I believe I'll just go bald and keep the DHT then. Thanks for the biological explanation and advice, though

  5. So I haven't had the time or motivation to map or play... well, anything lately. Part of growing up maybe, or whatever.

    Anyway, I know "farewell" threads are frowned upon (and likely for good reason), but I came here to post a scrap folder that's been rattling around on my hard drive for too long. It's about 23 Mb, but most of that is textures. Seriously, if you don't have fast/"plentiful" internet I wouldn't bother cause they're not worth it. If anyone can use any of these for whatever, go right ahead, all permissions granted and whatnot, no credit necessary to me. Might be a good idea to give credits for textures/sprites and all that though. I might even come back eventually and finish them myself, but I would not count on that.


    1. 40oz


      I'm really sorry to hear that. I spent a lot of time playing a replaying your maps. That berserk punching one especially stole a lot of hours from me! I hope you change your mind or stick around to post at least.

      It seems like I've gotten enough practice picking up unfinished stuff and polishing it off. I might give some of these a try, and donate them to a community project or something. You will of course, be credited appropriately just out of respect.