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  1. So I haven't had the time or motivation to map or play... well, anything lately. Part of growing up maybe, or whatever.

    Anyway, I know "farewell" threads are frowned upon (and likely for good reason), but I came here to post a scrap folder that's been rattling around on my hard drive for too long. It's about 23 Mb, but most of that is textures. Seriously, if you don't have fast/"plentiful" internet I wouldn't bother cause they're not worth it. If anyone can use any of these for whatever, go right ahead, all permissions granted and whatnot, no credit necessary to me. Might be a good idea to give credits for textures/sprites and all that though. I might even come back eventually and finish them myself, but I would not count on that.


    1. 40oz


      I'm really sorry to hear that. I spent a lot of time playing a replaying your maps. That berserk punching one especially stole a lot of hours from me! I hope you change your mind or stick around to post at least.

      It seems like I've gotten enough practice picking up unfinished stuff and polishing it off. I might give some of these a try, and donate them to a community project or something. You will of course, be credited appropriately just out of respect.