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  1. Damn it, why do all the streams happen while I'm stuck at work?!

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    2. Octavarium


      I know, and thanks for that, but there's something neat about being there while it's going on and being able to comment/ask questions and so forth that makes it better, even though I've only gotten to do that a couple times so far. Night shift can suck my ass

    3. 40oz


      Do you have a regular work schedule or does it change each week? I can work on being more accommodating when I'm talking with someone who is free anytime. Thanks for listening :)

    4. Octavarium


      's'regular-ish, 6 pm to 5 or so in the morning here in northern west virginia, but I believe I'm an outlier here, there's no need to change your schedule around just for one idiot who probably wouldn't have anything productive to say anyway. Thanks though :D