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  1. Octavarium

    Two Big, Stupid Maps

    Well hello, Doom people! I've been lurking around on here for awhile, and finally decided to sign up and make a map. It's... fairly linear, which I realize most people don't really care for. Anyway, I wouldn't expect anything totally mind-blowing from this, but hopefully it manages to be not completely god-awful. Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/U5hwO Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/b0i0guu046849qu/Fireburn.v2.zip It's in Boom format, MAP01 by the way. __________________________________________________________________ Here's the second thing I've made. It's also pretty big and linear. Again, nothing incredible, but hopefully fun. It seems like every time I run through it, I find some little bug somewhere, but it is able to be completed, last I checked. I probably missed a few, though. Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/jhwwV Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/y31r71oe767bcqg/veilisis.v3.zip Doom 2, Boom format, Map01. Music is by James Paddock, since I don't have a textfile to credit him in yet
  2. Octavarium

    Nuclear Chunks; A 6 map LR Plutonia WAD (RC1)

    3 vids: ...side note, not really playing doom for almost a year means I fuckin' suck now. Not that I was good to begin with, but doing more dumbass things than I used to is frustrating. Not your fault, of course, but anyway... Good solid stuff, like Speedy Shit. Shame about map 08 being unfinished, that was shaping up to be my favorite one so far! I can certainly understand about lack of motivation though, so thanks for making what you could here.
  3. Octavarium

    Kuadrat - A vanilla map for the Ultimate Doom

    Actually trimmed the first attempt out because it ended abruptly and I only saw about half the map, so yeah on the exit signs probably
  4. Octavarium

    Big man.

    If you pay me enough I will dress up like that and stand in your house
  5. Octavarium

    Busted Monitor

    So a few days ago, I managed to fudge my monitor up by basically tipping it forward onto ye olde keyboard. The screen itself doesn't appear to be damaged, as in when it's off there are no cracks or marks or anything of the sort. However! There are now multicolored vertical and horizontal lines as well as a uh, "starburst" crack-like thing coming from the impact site. As far as I can tell from internet searches, it's probably fucked, but I wanted to check with the Official Doomworld Geek Squad to make sure.
  6. good ol' anime tiddies, man
  7. Octavarium

    What did you remember from Toys 'Я' Us?

    The more important question is how did you type the backwards R ...a letter in a different language subbed in? Perhaps Cyrillic? Anyway, never been there so eh
  8. Quest 64 was oddly awesome, I don't give a hoot what nobody says
  9. Octavarium

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    My first thought was of the nucleus/Golgi apparatus/endoplasmic reticulum structures in most animal cells... With a microscopic doomguy thrown in to fuck shit up. I should probably go to bed
  10. Octavarium

    How did you come up with your username?

    Better than The Dark Tower? Dang! How does it compare to The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan? Regardless, I'll have to check it out, I love long epic series like these. Thanks. We now return to your regularly scheduled thread
  11. Octavarium

    Post a picture of yourself!

    I think it’s that fancy new strain of extremely long-grain floppy rice
  12. Octavarium

    WTF? weird new posts...

    Oh I thought Cwolf was being mean to me. Not that I disagree, you understand
  13. Octavarium

    WTF? weird new posts...

    it's my alt-account. i have retired from anything useful and will now be periodically, y'know, spraying this cool stuff all over the forums
  14. I watched someone play one of mine for about 10 minutes, dying several times and then calling it "pure trash, just a shit mapset" and then ragequit instead of playing on something other than UV. Kind of pissed me off, to be perfectly honest.
  15. I Octavarium, have lewdly tempted our glorious leader to "ban" my tooshie and lady lumps, and have therefore been EXCISED because my tooshie and lady lumps are not up to Dobu's aesthetic standard.
  16. Octavarium

    What are you listening to?

    new sword album yay
  17. Octavarium

    Maps With Lots of Detail and Atmosphere

    https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/themes/TeamTNT/ed4_rfo/ed4_rfo1 Especially map 27. Everyone should try that one at least once
  18. Octavarium

    Abyssal Speedmapping Session 33 - ph33r

    Damnit, I need to force myself to do more stuff. Working and sleeping is no way to go through life. Someone come to my house on the 20th and force me to try to make something for this
  19. Octavarium

    Post a picture of yourself!

    I really wanted my stupid human to let me go here. Also, he needs to do something with that dumb beard
  20. Octavarium

    Ugliest Monster

  21. Octavarium


    yes i am currently fine thank you for asking :)
  22. Octavarium


    "Relyctum, damn near killed 'em!" But yeah, these are fun. Like the vertical scale, makes it more... Forbidding? Atmospheric? Something
  23. Chinese food and whisky sh'yeah