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  1. Hello. I have started using Eternity because I really like whatever the software renderer is doing (not privy to the technical stuff :P), I like that it is supporting more advanced mapping features, and I like that there aren't tas commands with which someone could modify demos (to my knowledge). I am using the following dev build: Eternity-x64-3.42.03a-271-gbb07591.7z Feb 07 2018 03:12:40 2,937,912 After using it for a bit here are some observations I have made: 1.) Red screen from pain palette carries over to main menu - If I die I generally go back to the main menu and reload my game. If I die from something like a cyb rocket my screen is red from the pain palette.. if I press escape to go back to the main menu to reload a save the main menu is also red from the pain palette which prevents me from navigating the main menu. Can it be/is it possible to stop the pain palette from appearing when you are at the main menu? 2.) Addition of a 'restart map' button - prboom+ has a restart map and a skip map button. These functions are incredibly convenient to have assigned to a hotkey. 3.) Sound fx and midi are linked. If I reduce midi volume the sound fx get quieter. Is it possible to have these two sliders act separately from one another? 4.) It sounds like monsters are falling back asleep and waking up again like in vanilla cl2 (I hear boss monsters waking up constantly if they cannot see me). Is it possible to prevent this behavior from happening?
  2. Starting using Eternity, initial thoughts

    @printz Hmm I don't follow that design decision especially from a max kills perspective (I am assuming you mean something like UV Max). UV Max requires you to exit with all monsters dead including monsters rez'd by viles. You obviously don't need to worry about lost souls. If the monsters killed counter keeps increasing beyond the original total monster count in the map then the count is useless because it is possible to have monsters alive when the monsters killed count is greater than the count of monsters originally in the map. The numbers will need to end up being equal to one another after everything other than lost souls are dead if you want to allow the player to verify everything is dead via the counter. I guess you could also use iddt at the end of the demo you recorded and verify that way assuming you can turn everything except the live monsters black. Seems more worthwhile to bring meaning to the monster counter though because you can simply skip to the end of your demo and take a second to check the counters in order to verify your max. Here is a simple map outlining what I mean: https://www.dropbox.com/s/52dr14ijloyi7cm/MAP01.wad?dl=0 You can kill the zombieman a bunch.. the monsters killed exceeds the total monsters in the map and the counter loses all meaning as far as UV Max is concerned. I am not using the -vanilla command because I very rarely run maps which would use that command (mostly boom compatible maps). I am using the 64bit dev build from February 21. I have looked at the hud options but didnt see a way to modify the counter so I assume the behavior I described is the only behavior for the counter. Because people in the past have submitted invalid max demos because of the monster counter incorrectly showing all monsters killed I think it makes a lot of sense for the counter to behave similar to prboom+ with smart totals off if max running is something yall wish to support. Here is an example of someone posted an invalid max due to counter error: I guess another use case for a monster counter that can definitively prove everything is dead would be during map testing if speedrunning is not a priority.
  3. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    Well.. I said I'd play it. I am busy for the next few days but here is a play through of Degrassi I did during my SF2012 thing for no-save November. This map is really great if you are in the mood for a long slaughter map. There is practically no rng to speak of here. It is basically akin to a gear check in WoW.. if you are ready you'll win.. if not you need to spend more time playing the game. Something that ToD did quite a few times here was reuse the same area of the map via transformations such as the area where you need to 2-shot 18 cybs. I really like this design and plan to implement transformations like these in the future. There was only one area that really grinded my gears.. there is this teleporter with a mega and some unknown stack of cell packs on top. I didn't move quick enough and just used the tp without grabbing the ammo/mega. I look back and think about how much more fun I had with fewer supplies but this shit is really fucking annoying when it happens. Standout moments for me were: - Climbing the raising sectors linked to that torch which raises up at a fixed rate - The 2-shot cyb climb in that spectacular room with the yellow skull keys - The midtexture platforms in the room with that.. bridge near the cross in the water
  4. +++ ESP Why not I'll play it.
  5. Starting using Eternity, initial thoughts

    I wanted to do a casual run of one of my favorite maps to check out how eternity behaves compared to what I am used to. Everything behaved as expected :D. Thanks for making this port. I am really enjoying using it! Also one observation: - Is it possible to have a monster counter similar to prboom+'s counter with smart totals off? Currently the counter in eternity's boom style hud shows what appears to be the number of monster kills I have acheived out of the number of monsters in the map rather than the number of monsters dead vs the number of monsters in the map. I would have expected the monster counter to never exceed the total monster count in the map. Here is a ss of the current behavior I see: su11-38xx.zip
  6. Starting using Eternity, initial thoughts

    @Altazimuth Sorry I should have given you my command. Since you fixed it already it is prolly whatev but here it is anyways: C:\Doom\SourcePorts\Eternity\testing\eternity.exe -iwad C:\Doom\WADs\IWADs\DOOM2.WAD -file C:\Doom\WADs\Miasma\miasma.wad -skill 4 -warp 01 -record relax I saw the -vanilla command, but I havent used it yet. Haha cool beans about the keys. I should have looked at the menus again =x. Thanks!
  7. Starting using Eternity, initial thoughts

    @Altazimuth Sick man. Thanks for that command. Works great and is very useful (I like to play without saving a lot of the time so it is nice just being able to restart the map sometimes). One thing I have noticed: - Is it possible to implement a unique graphic for having both keys of the same color in the hud? The keys in the hud dont change to the double key graphic like in prboom+. If I get both keys in eternity it only shows the skull. This is fine for maps I know but it would be really annoying if I forget that I have both keys of the same color. Edit: I decided to try recording some demos for large maps. Miasma crashes every time I try to start a recording. Using version: Eternity-x64-3.42.03a-274-g604ed80.7z Feb 21 2018 03:10:06 2,936,597
  8. The DWIronman League dies to: Coffee Break

    Died trying to punch cybs. I had fun with most of the wad. Map06 was demoralizing though. Category 1. Demo: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ssp4dfxhoc8oagz/Feb_2018.zip?dl=0 Vod:
  9. Starting using Eternity, initial thoughts

    @Altazimuth Sick. Ty for the files!
  10. Starting using Eternity, initial thoughts

    @Edward850 Thanks for pointing out the give up pursuit command. However the sound fx volume is still linked to the midi volume slider when I add 'midiproc.exe' to my eternity folder. Eternity-3.42.03a-272-g0d2197c.7z Feb 10 2018 03:12:232,674,779 Folder looks like this
  11. @Edward850@Spectre01 cool cool ty. Forward demo compatibility seems fine for me.. and I think I got eternity behaving the way I want. Cool beans ty!
  12. Hi. I am trying to configure the eternity compatibility settings to change infighting behavior to be like prboom+ cl9. Sorry if this is in the incorrect thread. I am using the following dev build (mouse skips around like mad using the default links in op): Eternity-x64-3.42.03a-271-gbb07591.7z Feb 07 2018 03:12:40 2,937,912 Can you point me to documentation which explains exactly what the following flags do (I looked at wiki but couldn't really find exactly what I was looking for)? 1.) options -> game options -> compatibility -> monster ai -> monsters give up pursuit 2.) options -> game options -> enemies -> monster options -> monsters remember target 3.) options -> game options -> enemies -> monster options -> monsters back out Edit: If I was to record demos using eternity: 1.) are the demos able to be played back with any version of eternity? 2.) are my compatibility settings carried over in the demo file so other people don't experience desyncs (curious if I need to document this when sending demo files)? Thanks. Sorry for the edit.
  13. Cyberdemon I guess.. That way I can never shoot rockets while Doomguy is waiting to 2 shot me in a tight space in order to make things as awkward as possible.. and when I start infighting I can make sure to walk around corners and do nothing except pace back and forth because I'm stuck while Doomguy watches in agony.
  14. Which monster would you say is your least favorite?

    I like all the monsters. I have no answer for this question.
  15. About accurate?

    I have no issue with someone giving me reasons for disliking something. But your generalized comment in that youtube video annoys me. Barrels 'o Fun was a pretty funny map for me.
  16. What nicknames do you have for monsters?

    'cake-o-demon' is apparently incorrect so that is the nickname I use for cacodemons :P
  17. Crash course in different gameplay types. I don't know what kind of players the people will be which I am recommending wads to.. but I would want to make sure I find something that generally would appeal to many different types of players. I thought original Doom was pretty boring and would hardly play it at all outside of occasionally playing Brutal Doom through Episode 1 because I was given Momento Mori as a first pwad to play from a friend before he was like.. hmmm you might like something like Sunder. Voila it clicked and I started practicing and enjoying myself. I'd be like.. hey Doom has some good straightforward gameplay: BTSX: E1 map04 Scythe 2 episodes 1 and 3 Hey you want something that is larger and has more than one pace in the map but not too hard by most wad's standards? Counter Attack Altitude Hey you want something that is really fun without being too hard? Rush Hey you want something that will bash your brains in? Sunder Slaughterfest 2012 Sunlust Hey you want to see something completely from left field? The Given I don't think difficulty is good to go off of. It is too hard to tell how someone will react when seeing something for the first time. Give them a bunch of content and a few good maps from each one to play and let the person make up their own mind.
  18. Classic, WASD+mouse, or other?

    At the moment thin mints.
  19. Classic, WASD+mouse, or other?

    Both. Prefer keyboard + moouse but sometimes I like to eat while playing so I made a scheme where I can play keyboard only with 1 hand.
  20. 1 Hour Speedmaps - 2018 edition

    @Archi Reality/Max for the map. Great map :D. https://www.dropbox.com/s/imh2md7p4wbv23m/For_Zzul.zip?dl=0
  21. 1 Hour Speedmaps - 2018 edition

    Here is a map. I made the start of this thing a long time ago.. but it only took like 2 minutes to make. Total time 57 minutes. tested in cl9 Map is called: for archi https://www.dropbox.com/s/l5p6p3tsj8i59mu/for_archi.wad?dl=0 Whatev max: https://www.dropbox.com/s/y8tmsatrf9x4jc5/fa_cl9.lmp?dl=0
  22. Combat Shock 2

    The following review is comparing Combat Shock 2 to today's slaughter wads. A pretty good wad overall. There are some design decisions made in the larger maps that make sense from an open-endedness design perspective.. but honestly I decided that it really detracts from the experience. The following descriptions are from my play through on UV, using pistol starts, and no saves. Map01: One of the best maps in the wad. There is very little downtime on this map and there is almost no tediousness cleaning up any of the fights. There are some filler moments but that is to be expected on Map01 I guess. I wont talk too much about Map01 because there isn't much that I really dislike about it. It is Map01 difficulty.. but still threatening (albeit not lethal) and has a great start and a great final fight. Map02: This map is quite slow in comparison to Map01 and introduces some of my complaints about the design decisions made in some of these maps. It seems a lot of maps follow a design decision which gives the player complete control over how the player wants to play the map. Unfortunately if the player is playing blind then the player will most certainly not be running around trying to aggro everything with reckless abandon.. but instead trying to survive. This means incredibly slow gameplay. My first experience with this map was quite a stale one. I had plenty of room to move around at all times.. and was able to take every fight one at a time (none of the fights are really threatening on their own save one which I will get to). This one fight involving tons of pinkys, a cyb, mastermind, and hks can be cheesed completely but simply running out of the area. It is quite obvious that you can leave the area immediately so I can't really say it is cheese.. just a design decision to allow to quicker play if the player wants. I think this is fine if you want to open the map up for speedrunning or something.. but it is something that really made a poor experience for me when I didn't go into the map with a mindset of aggressive play. The final fight is really great. Making 3 monsters threatening is kinda hard and Danne pulls it off well with 2 viles and a cyb. Map03: Incredible map. I really enjoyed how my experience was made harder or easier depending on the decisions I made at the start of the map. Sure you can get rockets early.. but that rocket fight is quite hard because of specters, and viles in a close quarters fight. I found that I could actually get plasma first.. and then return to the rocket area with plasma. This made the area easier and gives the player something to think about when playing the map. Great stuff. There are these groups of lost souls that appear when you raise the platforms leading to the final 2 arenas.. all they did was make it a bit more annoying to kill the hks (I just took an extra 30 seconds to kill the lost souls prior to dealing with the hks). Final two fights are fun. Especially the final area.. pinkys + cybs is always a fun combo. Map04: This map is half good.. half incredibly tedious cleanup. The first half is fun.. you get an awesome fight with imps/mancs/cacos/cybs in a medium size area. Very easy to get blindsided by fireballs/rockets here. The following bfg fight is also really great. You need to sort of figure out how long you can be aggressive vs the viles while still finding room to escape so you dont get cornered. The mastermind usage during this fight is insanely good too. Probably one of the best wandering masterminds I have seen in a map. Unfortunately the map slows to a crawl after getting to the next large area. While it is INCREDIBLY easy to eat errant cyb rockets at the initial reveal of this room.. it is complete circle strafe for your foreseeable future. I assume this area would be fun to speedrun.. but again casually this room is kinda meh in my book. The vile horde at the end is also quite stale since there just arent that many and the viles just sort of funnel towards your bfg. ezpz. Map05: Another map which falls victim to the open ended gameplay trope. There are many fights here which would be fun if you were going to play the map fast.. but playing slow it is an hour long map consisting of a long grind with almost no threat. The start is full of areas with very low threat and a very high monster count.. I don't really have much to say about them individually except that they didn't kill me. Eventually after grinding through many nonthreatening fights you get to the bfg area. This area looks great and has some great platforming to get the bfg. Unfortunately the bars which prevent you from leaving open immedately. I don't really understand this design decision unless you are just trying to allow people multiple ways of playing.. if you want you could just jerk off and spam rockets until you win. Hardly any threat in this area and almost no reason to use that big fucking gun you just grabbed. The final fight is also a slog playing casually. The meat of the room is triggered by a switch.. but if you dont want to hit the switch then you can just circle strafe for days while the center of the room kills and mancs on the outside of the room kill each other so then when you hit the switch.. you have almost no threat from the group of monsters which are spawned from the switch press. Quite an easy/grindy map. It overstayed its welcome. But it looks phenominal. Map06: My favorite map in the set. Almost everything in this map is good. There are a couple incredibly trivial fights later on if you know how to use bfg well.. but luckily these fights don't last long. The finale is kinda meh casually.. but it still isn't free so I ended up liking it. Great map. Map07: Bonus incidental combat map. I enjoyed the larger area around the yk door.. but everything else is whatev. Not really a fan of this map. Overall: A solid slaughter wad made in the vein of Sunder. C-shock 2 is definitely easier than Sunder and in some maps outmatches Sunder in gameplay and quality (Maps 01, 03, 06). C-shock 2 is also completely void of incredibly offensive maps such as The Cage. As far as slaughter wads go c-shock 2 is a must play and is a huge improvement over the original c-shock. 4 stars. Also.. it is really fun seeing wads made from 1/2 of the Sunlust/Italo team. While I think Danne improved a lot as a mapper his early maps still pack quite a punch.
  23. After I write down a date of some kind.. mostly checks I guess.