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  1. Killer5

    What improvements over Doom 2016 are you expecting?

    More than 4 players in Snapmap. I would like to have custom ctf maps with 8 players.
  2. Killer5

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    @Obsidian Updated the original post for Tesseract with an updated version that includes all difficulties fully implemented as well as coop teleporters present.
  3. Killer5

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    Tesseract: a map MegaBlast and I made over the past week on and off. I started over the weekend and Mega finished off his sections over the past few days. A very quirky slaughter/hard map. Download latest: https://www.dropbox.com/s/c2hktqwjf4bcd8y/tesseract_v03.zip?dl=0 Download older versions: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dakbm601bcv7y8i/tesseract_v1.zip?dl=0
  4. Killer5

    SlaughterMAX. RC1 available!

    Uh for Map32. Do whatever it takes to remain invulnerable basically. That is all.
  5. Killer5

    Favorite Source Port?

    Don't have one specific port I like the most.. each port has a specific use case it fits. - I like crispy doom the most for vanilla/limit removing (although sometimes I use chocolate doom or dosbox). - I like prboom+ for playing boom compatible wads/recording demos for these wads. - I like gzdoom for playing wads that arent compatible with the above ports. - I like zandronum for multiplayer with friends.
  6. Killer5

    MAYhem 2018 - Orange Version!

    @Obsidian I have read some of the opinions in this thread. Is there going to be any changes to the weapons/monsters? I will need to think about stuff differently if so.
  7. Killer5

    The Blast Furnace [/idgames]

    Hello. Fun map. Your mapping style fills a place which I really enjoy tbh. Not really going to say too much sense rdwpa and loveless already provided commentary but.. I would say watch your linedef triggers. I skipped the final vile ambush without realizing it. If the player is moving south/west skipping linedefs, even slanted linedefs, is pretty easy if they are not doubled. Situate your lines so that there are two duplicate lines 16 units apart. I havent ever skipped any triggers I have setup like this. No need to slant your lines either. You can skip lines moving north/east but you will need something else to boost your speed (like a rocket jump). But I would still double them wherever possible because I basically skipped the final fight without realizing it =x. Looking forwards to more maps!
  8. Josh is a cool dude. I believe in him! It was crazy having John Romero et all pop into our streams yesterday. Got to see me die a bunch in his map :p. Seem like like nice folks. Anyways good luck Josh.
  9. Killer5

    What was the best level that you played.

    Sunder map05
  10. Killer5


    itytd = hntr but with 50% less damage taken and 2x ammo
  11. Killer5

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Super Mayhem 17

    Demos for maps 08 - 13 (i was streaming so you might see weirdness in the demos): https://www.dropbox.com/s/4z70dyczd3r795c/Mayhem17_8_13.zip?dl=0 Map08: A short map by Eris. Looks amazing, especially that hall leading from the initial area (dark staircase with bright waterfalls), and I really liked the berserk secret. Oh.. and the trees.. the trees were really clever. Honestly the length doesn't bother me. I really enjoy playing short maps that I can play and have a good time with. Gameplay wise I had a pretty good time. I was bummed that I was able to run back to the starting area after getting the gold key, aggroing av, rl, etc. This really trivialized the fight. I was pretty bummed out about that. Other than that it was a great map. Map09: An interesting map. I actually like the gimmick regarding the shootswitches. Also how did you run out of ammo @cannonball :P. But.. I really like maps where I can find myself in unwinnable scenarios if I screw something up so that wouldnt bother me anyways (something that is a good? thing that I took from playing old 'nes hard' games from back when I was a kid (physically) :P). I enjoyed the map tbh. No complaints about anything.. it was particularly easy the supersphere secret was a but much too I think for the final bit.. I just sorta stood around without caring about the av at all. Fun map. Map10: A very linear map where I shoot a bunch of dudes one after the other. I was particularly annoyed when I saw HKs appear when I only had a shotgun. I really don't enjoy shooting any mid tier monster except for revs or the occasional av where I have to be super careful. After paying the ammo tax I shot more dudes and eventually ended up at.. The red key area. The only damage I took here that I remember was hitscan damage.. I would have been beyond annoyed to die here (it would have been really close if I didnt get the soulsphere). Didn't really like this fight because of only threat being the few chaingunners that appeared (after they are dead you just kinda.. fool around with the rest of the monsters at your leisure). After the rk fight the map is pretty much over. The final bit of revs is nothing new in the slaughter scene so they are dealt with. But before I stop rambling about this map I need to mention the midi which was apparently created by the mapper. I thought the midi was a cover of a skyward sword desert song for the longest time.. so gg there. Overall I think crunchnut has made far better maps than this. Map11: This map.. you are supposed to be an explorer following in the footsteps of another explorer (you find the explorer's ssg later) who died looking for an artifact of power (the bfg). The aztec natives have been corrupted by the demons and are now revenants (which is why there are so many). - was the backstory I had in my head when I made this map anyways. Basically a raiders of the lost ark reference (when Indy is at that temple at the very start of the movie talking about how the explorer (forget the name) checked out.. and how he was good.. he was very very good. The zerk fight.. I just never really see many fights which require the player to use berserk so I made one. The yk fight.. originally the cacos were imps.. but ribbiks suggested the use of cacos instead for uv.. so the imps became hmp and cacos for uv. The cyb/av fight was originally 2 avs and 5 or 6 revs. I was told by multiple people that this was repetitive so I threw a cyb and an av in there. The first secret fight (in the lava area) was originally a fight for a lost version of Dimensions Map02 before I decided that I needed to make upside down platforming. Hmp and hntr have teleporters leading back up present in the lava in this area. The 2nd secret fight I drank a lot of beer and had a technicolor yawn spewing monsters in a room behind a 242 wall.. The secret fights were hinted at at the start.. you see 3 coins.. there is a secret coin.. so hopefully the player realizes that there are 3 coins to be found to unlock the secret area. Hopefully people found at least something fun here. This was the 2nd map I have completed and released (barring nonsense I normally make in my free time that no one will ever see). Map12: @Nine Inch Heels is on drugs. This map is amazing. I pinched more loafs here dealing with the wind and friction effects than all of the other maps so far combined. Sure the start is slow.. but honestly it took my health down enough to where I needed to pay attention during the slippery bits. Nothing else to talk about here really.. I enjoyed everything. Map13: An ok map. Pretty standard stuff following map12. I was able to glide out of.. some area just prior to a lift which took me up to and area with a switch that spawned cybs. I appreciated being able to punch cybs. This was a fun map.
  12. Killer5

    Impromptu Minidido (Project Thread)

    I think a winning idea is to replace all weapon sounds with the plasma from Osiris.
  13. Killer5

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Super Mayhem 17

    @tmorrow I already made a max demo for my map back when it was released. You will need the texture pack for the wad and that specific version of my map in the same post as the demo. Here is the post:
  14. Killer5

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Super Mayhem 17

    Demos for first 7 maps: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x6r37up1khxxv7p/Mayhem17_1_7.zip?dl=0 Map01: A fun map. Map01 with revs, PEs, and viles which is a change of pace. I only had two real observations when playing this map: 1. It was unfortunate that the map hurt itself a bit when the viles spawned in at the end. One of the viles simply ran into this.. area connected to the rl room. Made that part way more trivial than it should have been. 2. The revs at the end are just there. No real reason to ever fight them up close so zero threat here. Enjoyed the rest of the map though. Map02: A pretty standard map tbh. Nothing much for me to take note of. If you want to beat this map really fast you can jump into the window where the supershroom is from the raised area where the rl is. This allows you to skip the entire map. Map03: This map looks really cool. But gameplay wise it is pretty standard again. Not too much to say.. dudes appear.. you shoot them.. a vile appears.. you kill it and win. You can jump onto the ledge behind the exit pide and rocket jump into the exit. if you want to skip the map. Map04: This is an open map with a couple groups of mass zombies. The zombies make up 100% of the threat in this map (at least that is how I felt) so once you get out of the start and also get out of the boat area you should be good. There was a curious vile guarding the ssg that I simply shot to death with the shotgun. I guess if you want to play this part quickly the vile makes it a bit more interesting but casually I don't see myself doing this. The boat area and the whales are the standout areas of the map for me. I thought the whale tails were actually hearts instead of.. a whale tail at first :P. But the effect works really well. I think the map is really cool from an aesthetic point of view but gameplay wise this one really isnt my thing. Mostly because I have simply started expecting some sort of giant group of zombies in pinchy maps. Map05: Never played a map from NuMetal. Apparently NuMetal doesnt make maps like this so it is interesting to step out of your comfort zone. The start is incredibly obnoxious to clear. Hide behind a wall.. snipe dudes sort of ordeal. The area with the rk is pretty standard. I could definitely see someone eating a face rocket because of the delayed pinky spawns. The area with the yk looks neat but I found myself wishing I had more to do there. This area felt like it should have been a quirky secret area or something. The area with the bk is the entire map. You can just run out which takes away any teeth this area once had which is unfortunate. Cyb finale is prolly my favorite bit. Fights where I need to keep my mind's eye on a primary threat while having to kill other stuff are always a favorite of mine. Map06: Like the start. But I dont really like the two inside bits. I kinda wish this map was given the same treatment as Benjogami's map received (the you can make a map outside of the size limits as long as it makes sense sort of deal). I would have liked to have seen more of the interior of the ship. I have always seen these ships as massive things on the inside as a kid playing mario3. I enjoy the final fight and the looks of the starting area but I didn't enjoy the two interior bits that much. Map07: Different map compared to everything else I played thus far. More of an.. exploration map. The standout bits for me were the inescapable pits as well as the teleport doors. It was odd teleporting out of the secret area in that blue area because I had left and decided to go back in to finish checking out the rest of the area. I couldnt remember the location of the zerk exactly so teleporting back out wasnt very intuitive. Interesting map but it isnt really my thing overall.
  15. Killer5

    Starting using Eternity, initial thoughts

    LOL. whelp. I guess if someone really wanted to do all of that to cheat then gg. The fact that tas stuff isn't supported out of the box is fine with me at the moment.
  16. Hello. I have started using Eternity because I really like whatever the software renderer is doing (not privy to the technical stuff :P), I like that it is supporting more advanced mapping features, and I like that there aren't tas commands with which someone could modify demos (to my knowledge). I am using the following dev build: Eternity-x64-3.42.03a-271-gbb07591.7z Feb 07 2018 03:12:40 2,937,912 After using it for a bit here are some observations I have made: 1.) Red screen from pain palette carries over to main menu - If I die I generally go back to the main menu and reload my game. If I die from something like a cyb rocket my screen is red from the pain palette.. if I press escape to go back to the main menu to reload a save the main menu is also red from the pain palette which prevents me from navigating the main menu. Can it be/is it possible to stop the pain palette from appearing when you are at the main menu? 2.) Addition of a 'restart map' button - prboom+ has a restart map and a skip map button. These functions are incredibly convenient to have assigned to a hotkey. 3.) Sound fx and midi are linked. If I reduce midi volume the sound fx get quieter. Is it possible to have these two sliders act separately from one another? 4.) It sounds like monsters are falling back asleep and waking up again like in vanilla cl2 (I hear boss monsters waking up constantly if they cannot see me). Is it possible to prevent this behavior from happening?
  17. Killer5

    Starting using Eternity, initial thoughts

    Hmmm.. if demos created by phony versions of eternity are possible and would stay in sync with official versions then that is unfortunate. I guess in the end it doesn't matter when it comes to cheating huh?
  18. Killer5

    Starting using Eternity, initial thoughts

    Hmmm I guess this doesn't allow a person to 'append' commands to another demo already made. One of my reasons for hating prboom+ and one of the reasons I streamed was because of the recordfromto command. This is also one of the primary reasons (if not THE reason) why I use eternity. It appears to just start the player from the start of the map again causing the entire demo to desync. So it is whatev. Thanks for the info!
  19. Killer5

    Starting using Eternity, initial thoughts

    Ugh. I assume that there is a way to detect when someone actually uses this? I need to use this command to figure out what the demo looks like.
  20. Killer5

    Starting using Eternity, initial thoughts

    Can someone explain exactly what this command does and how it is used: -recordfrom
  21. Killer5

    Starting using Eternity, initial thoughts

    @printz Hmm I don't follow that design decision especially from a max kills perspective (I am assuming you mean something like UV Max). UV Max requires you to exit with all monsters dead including monsters rez'd by viles. You obviously don't need to worry about lost souls. If the monsters killed counter keeps increasing beyond the original total monster count in the map then the count is useless because it is possible to have monsters alive when the monsters killed count is greater than the count of monsters originally in the map. The numbers will need to end up being equal to one another after everything other than lost souls are dead if you want to allow the player to verify everything is dead via the counter. I guess you could also use iddt at the end of the demo you recorded and verify that way assuming you can turn everything except the live monsters black. Seems more worthwhile to bring meaning to the monster counter though because you can simply skip to the end of your demo and take a second to check the counters in order to verify your max. Here is a simple map outlining what I mean: https://www.dropbox.com/s/52dr14ijloyi7cm/MAP01.wad?dl=0 You can kill the zombieman a bunch.. the monsters killed exceeds the total monsters in the map and the counter loses all meaning as far as UV Max is concerned. I am not using the -vanilla command because I very rarely run maps which would use that command (mostly boom compatible maps). I am using the 64bit dev build from February 21. I have looked at the hud options but didnt see a way to modify the counter so I assume the behavior I described is the only behavior for the counter. Because people in the past have submitted invalid max demos because of the monster counter incorrectly showing all monsters killed I think it makes a lot of sense for the counter to behave similar to prboom+ with smart totals off if max running is something yall wish to support. Here is an example of someone posted an invalid max due to counter error: I guess another use case for a monster counter that can definitively prove everything is dead would be during map testing if speedrunning is not a priority.
  22. Killer5

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    Well.. I said I'd play it. I am busy for the next few days but here is a play through of Degrassi I did during my SF2012 thing for no-save November. This map is really great if you are in the mood for a long slaughter map. There is practically no rng to speak of here. It is basically akin to a gear check in WoW.. if you are ready you'll win.. if not you need to spend more time playing the game. Something that ToD did quite a few times here was reuse the same area of the map via transformations such as the area where you need to 2-shot 18 cybs. I really like this design and plan to implement transformations like these in the future. There was only one area that really grinded my gears.. there is this teleporter with a mega and some unknown stack of cell packs on top. I didn't move quick enough and just used the tp without grabbing the ammo/mega. I look back and think about how much more fun I had with fewer supplies but this shit is really fucking annoying when it happens. Standout moments for me were: - Climbing the raising sectors linked to that torch which raises up at a fixed rate - The 2-shot cyb climb in that spectacular room with the yellow skull keys - The midtexture platforms in the room with that.. bridge near the cross in the water
  23. +++ ESP Why not I'll play it.
  24. Killer5

    Starting using Eternity, initial thoughts

    I wanted to do a casual run of one of my favorite maps to check out how eternity behaves compared to what I am used to. Everything behaved as expected :D. Thanks for making this port. I am really enjoying using it! Also one observation: - Is it possible to have a monster counter similar to prboom+'s counter with smart totals off? Currently the counter in eternity's boom style hud shows what appears to be the number of monster kills I have acheived out of the number of monsters in the map rather than the number of monsters dead vs the number of monsters in the map. I would have expected the monster counter to never exceed the total monster count in the map. Here is a ss of the current behavior I see: su11-38xx.zip