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  1. Killer5

    Twitch Clips Thread

    @GarrettChan Good. Living up to god standards seems impossible.
  2. Killer5

    Record demos using PrBoom+?

    I find making a folder with batch files works the best for me. Just open a txt editor of your choice (I like notepad++) and add the following line into your new file and save the file as a .bat. The following command will record a demo called 'altitude.lmp' for map01 of altitude.wad on ultra violence using complevel 2 and place the .lmp file into the folder where you batch file is saved. C:\Doom\SourcePorts\prboom+\prboom-plus-\prboom-plus.exe -iwad C:\Doom\WADs\IWADs\DOOM2.WAD -file C:\Doom\WADs\Altitude\altitude.wad -warp 01 -skill 4 -complevel 2 -record altitude The following command will playback a demo called su05-1510 starting at the 5 minute mark in the demo (remove -skipsec command to start demo from beginning, i find this command useful for validating my max runs so I am including it). C:\Doom\SourcePorts\prboom+\prboom-plus-\prboom-plus.exe -iwad C:\Doom\WADs\IWADs\DOOM2.WAD -file C:\Doom\WADs\Sunder\sunder.wad -playdemo D:\Dropbox\Doom\Demos\Sunder\su05-1510\su05-1510.lmp -complevel 9 -skipsec 5:00 Important: notice the path to my wads and demos aren't the same as the paths to my sourceports. So I need to specify each file's location. You can make this easy in windows by using 'shift + right click' on the file you want then selecting 'copy as path' from the menu that appears. Then just paste the path into your batch file. Good luck!
  3. Killer5

    Twitch Clips Thread

    lol what is this my scream repository? :P
  4. Killer5

    The Joy of Mapping 5: Winter Weekend - FINAL.

    I'll make a map for this session.
  5. Killer5

    Specific Things in Doom that annoy you

    Fighting pain elementals without a rocket launcher.
  6. Killer5

    I can't help but find speedrunning miserable

    My time is precious and it can't be wasted getting angry at a videogame because I keep dying due to circumstances that I am seemingly unable to control or influence. What's the deal? Are there saner ways to approach this way of playing, and to set down par times for my maps, ones that don't involve my blood curdling? Depends on what your goals are. Par times are par times. My view on par times is basically a baseline to beat the map with foreknowledge. Since you made the map you know everything about it. Beat the map the way it was intended to be played and add a bit of time to it. People probably wont beat this time blind. Then you have an effective par time (at least in my opinion). This has been my approach on a couple maps I have released for uv-max par times.
  7. Killer5

    Names for collections of each monster type

    @Grain of Salt Yeah well you wanted to rid me of my group of cybs. So I steal the ideas to spite you :P
  8. Killer5

    Names for collections of each monster type

    A Dannebubinga of pain elementals.
  9. Killer5

    The Alfonzone

    Oh shit..
  10. Killer5

    Doom Streams

    Inescapable pits, platforming, pain elementals, revs, viles, fisting, long maps, short maps, green maps, purple maps, blue maps, red maps.. Doom. https://www.twitch.tv/mrzzul
  11. Killer5

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 3 Heures d'agonie 3

    Here are some demos for maps 06 and 07: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lc1791lstxomc5j/3ha3_maps06-07.zip?dl=0 Map06: Was pretty cool. I really liked the vile guarding the exit that could see you while you are fighting the imps in the rk area. Also the secret that allowed you to take out the pinkys in their closet was fun too. Nothing else to say. Fun map. Map07 (dnf): So this demo is my second run on this map. I ran out of ammo once I ran into the barons/manc right next to the start the first try and decided I did something wrong. I setup an infight at the start and just kinda sat around for a bit.. after that it was pretty easy to deal with stuff at the start. I found all sorts of cell ammo but never actually grabbed the plasma gun.. so that made the map much more interesting.. ESPECIALLY when I found the fight with the spiders/imps/revs/av. For whatever reason I couldnt escape that area. So here is a dnf demo. Map is interesting I think. Unfortunately you can pacifist cheese the fight where I couldnt escape pretty easily.
  12. Killer5

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 3 Heures d'agonie 3

    Since frankFRAG once told me during a stream that (s)he (dunno heh :P) made maps other than Swift Death I figured I would start playing this wad. Here are some FDAs for the first 5 maps (unfortunately I overwrote the demo for map01 with map02's demo so it isnt blind). I really enjoyed all of the maps. Something I noted was: Map05: - This map is a lot of fun. However when playing I was really wishing that there were some area denial viles behind some block lines in the imp closets after you get the rl. I found it was pretty easy just to sit in one of the imp closets and kill everything. Viles in these closets would force the player to either ignore the imps for a bit or force the player to stay in the middle of the area. Nothing else to note really. Enjoyed all of the maps so far! Demos: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mjmzn6jm842k0xl/3ha3_maps01-05.zip?dl=0
  13. Killer5

    Why don't people just use UDMF format?

    Correct me if there are innaccuracies in my post because I really want to start using eternity more if I can. My reason for not using udmf is probably different than most: - I once started using eternity for a bit (I actually really liked the eternity engine for a while). I noticed that there are behavioral differences in cyberdemon infight behavior. I was streaming stardate 20x7 map02 using eternity and noticed in the purple key fight the cyberdemon focused on me exclusively even though it was getting hit by all the other demons. I was told later that mbf format changes monster behavior (cybs in particular). So I no longer use it for this reason since I prefer the cyb behavior when I play using cl9 in prboom+. If there is a way that already exists to make eternity behave like prboom+ cl9 I'll probably switch to eternity tbh. - The fps issues in gzdoom are a huge deal for me. Especially when there are some projects in the works that completely tank in zdoom based ports (these maps are nothing like nuts). My stance on demo recording has changed since I started making maps. I like making things I enjoy playing rather than making things targeted for demo recording. If people make demos then it is a bonus.. but I can't be bothered either way. I'm weird in this aspect though that I still like recording demos for wads that are already designed for cl9. I think there are a lot of really fun setups to be made with portals and 3d floors. I haven't really decided that I need those features yet however to make maps I find fun. But I think about them a lot. I have been playing around with taking boom bridges to extremes in order to get some interesting puzzles working which occur above parts of my maps but I would gladly supplement 3d floors in these instances instead of boom bridges in order to realize my designs (they would look much better imo and give me more creative freedoms). So yeah. I guess my preference of the way monsters behave in prboom+ cl9 is preventing me from using udmf and the eternity engine. Since I still want to make demos for cl9 wads it also doesn't make sense for me to switch to a source port that doesn't support that functionality either.
  14. Killer5

    Demos for miscellaneous Ribbiks maps

    Stardate 20x7 Map 02 UV Max in 18:03 s702-1803.zip
  15. Killer5

    Chaingun tricks/strats

    @galileo31dos01 Yeah.
  16. Killer5

    Chaingun tricks/strats

    I really like the chaingun for all the wrong reasons. I like it because, just like the shotgun, you can prolong encounters vs more annoying monsters such as viles and revs. A while back I had made an experimental encounter with 1 chaingunner, some imps, viles that were released on timers, and finally a cyb to clean everything up at the end. There was no ammo anywhere except for the initial chaingun you get when you start the map. So you have to manipulate the viles to get ammo (farm chaingunner) in order to prevent getting trapped by imps/killing viles while also surviving long enough for the cyb to be released. Chaingun is also good for sniping AVs for long range vile jumps. When I think of gameplay with the weaker weapons this kind of stuff is generally my first thought.
  17. Killer5

    Cream of the slaughter "crop"?

    Don't forget the itytd difficulty if something is too hard and doesn't have difficulty settings. The 2x ammo and 1/2 damage taken mods can be helpful.
  18. Killer5

    Cream of the slaughter "crop"?

    My definition of slaughter is primarily 'not mainstream stuff gameplay-wise'. So you won't only find large scale fights here. I guess some recommendations would be some of the following stuff I have played (no Ribbiks stuff included save 1 individual map and another one he made with Dannebubinga): Intro: - Rush - Blank Space - Eden - Newgothic Movement 1 and 2 I enjoyed the above: - Disciples Of Darkness - Slaughterfest 2012 maps: 01, 03, 04, 11, 12, 20, 22, 25, 29, 34 (I enjoy almost all the maps in this set but these are probably the ones I would recommend people to play if they don't really play a bunch of slaughter. Map29 might be a bit weird to people who don't really play slaughter.. but it is an amazing map.) - Combat Shock maps: 02, 03 (maps 01 and 04 are still fun but maps 02 and 03 define the set for me) - Combat Shock 2 - Sunder maps: 02, 05, 07, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 (play them all for the looks but I find these the most fun to play. honestly.. just avoid map09 from a gameplay perspective.) - Darkwave24 I enjoyed the above: - Italo Doom (Danne/Ribbiks wad) - Toilet Of The Gods - Disturbia - Dark Resolution 2008 map11 (maybe map10 but I havent played it) - No Chance (I hear hmp is great) Incredibly not mainstream gameplay: - Okuplok's wad: untitled2 - Chillax (play with respawning items) There are more wads.. but these are some I would recommend to people that might want to get into the genre (or see some creative fights/setups anyways).
  19. Killer5

    Switcheroom 2 - Alpha 2

    You can simply jump on this wall and skip this area all together in map06:
  20. Killer5

    Switcheroom 2 - Alpha 2

    @Megalyth https://www.dropbox.com/s/gnfmjjk558otvwx/Switchroom2_Map22.zip?dl=0 Again I am most likely not the target audience for difficulty assessment. I had a fun time with the map though (probably for reasons no one else would agree with after you watch the demo)!
  21. Killer5

    Switcheroom 2 - Alpha 2

    @Megalyth If you want me to give you feedback based off of a pistol start I would be happy to do that for you.
  22. Killer5

    Switcheroom 2 - Alpha 2

    @Megalyth I played continuously because playing wads like these are admittingly outside of my Doom interests. My comments are less about difficulty and more about making the maps stand out more to me. That said the rest of the map seemed fine to me. I felt like there were a lot of places in the wad prior to your map that just had a cyb that appears. Honestly at this point seeing a cyb is just kinda meh to me at this point. It would be surprising to see 2+ cybs somewhere just to change it up. If you are going off of difficulty don't use my comments as a baseline because I am a niche of a niche of a player.
  23. Killer5

    Switcheroom 2 - Alpha 2

    Hi. I played through this wad on stream recently. Here is my general take on the wad: I enjoyed it.. but I think changes to the maps can make it muuuuuuuuch better. At the moment most maps feel like a simple reskin of a Doom 2 map. Dime appeared in the chat and said something I really agreed with: 'change up the progression in the maps'. I think this would be a great way to throw off players who are already familiar with the original maps. Like.. the people will get all of the nostalgic references along with experiencing maps which feel brand new. My favorite maps fall in line with Map30's implementation (for example). I am not saying Map30 because it is hard, but rather because it plays nothing like Gotcha!. The map only resembles it in certain areas. I feel like this type of implementation is the best way of implementing maps for this wad. Otherwise what is the point of playing maps which sometimes arent even as good as the Doom 2 maps they are copying? Maps that I was very disappointed with off the top of my head: - The Tricks And Traps map. This map has so much potential to be an insane map. For example I was looking forwards to seeing the hallway with the baron which teleports behind the player. I was sad to see that there is just a baron that teleports behind the player. Put something like.. a cyb that teleports behind the player in that hallway instead.. and put a stack of 3 bfgs on top of the cyb's original location. And repeat this idea everywhere in this map. The bfg secret (the wall you shoot guarded by specters) is literally taken from the original map. Switch this up somehow. I had complaints about every room. The platforming at the end is very weak. Make like.. an insanely involved platforming section.. honestly at the moment it is just 'oh.. some insanely large platforms that lower which has no chance of killing me'. Recreate the dickishness of Sunder Map04's platforming or something of that nature. I always that this map was there to kill the player the first time I played it. - The Suburbs map. This map is honestly not as good as the original. I was very sad to see that the 'slaughter encounter' was VERY underwhelming (yes this map was called the first slaughter map ever made in one of the infamous slaughter threads). Go HAM on this encounter... Viles.. cybs.. revs.. mancs.. make viles spawn in places the player has already visited. I understand that vanilla has sprite limits but this map really needs to deliver on this fight imo. Also.. there is this fucking rocket right when you enter the rk area. It is in the middle of the floor and a PE spawns on the opposite side of the rocket from the player. The rocket will block all lost souls spat out be the PE which removes all threat from the PE. This rocket needs to be moved to a better place out of the way of the PE. You will hear me comment on this rocket when I play this map. - Entryway. The outdoors encounter was very underwhelming. There needs to be more than 1 cyb in the outside area (where the shotgun is in the original map) and other stuff too. - Circle Of Death. This is almost like a carbon copy of the original map. This map needs an overhaul or something. I felt like there is no point in playing it because it is so similar to the original. Go crazy on the area with the first vile encounter. The player expects it.. give them a bfg and like.. 6 viles. Or teleport them to some other area with a dickish vile encounter and only give the player plasma or something. All of the other areas I thought weren't as good as the original and should be buffed or changed completely. Really.. the only thing that you need to have in this map is the Circle at the start. I should have made more notes. But yeah.. I think Cannonball's Chasm map, tourniquet's waste tunnels map, and Archi's Gotcha! map should be used as examples of what I mean. I got all of the references.. but the maps played completely different and provided fresh experiences (not saying these mappers just because I'm a fanboy of each of their maps :P). Still had fun with the wad overall. Thanks for making it regardless. Streams: Part 1: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/187760677 Part 2: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/187760905 Part 3: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/187761393
  24. Killer5

    Is slaughter an unexplored game genre?

    Oh god this thread. j4rio has the correct response: 'heh'
  25. Killer5

    Is slaughter an unexplored game genre?

    @GarrettChan @MrGlide If yall are near the US I wouldn't mind playing L4D2 again. I also have a dedicated server we can use to play custom campaigns if yall want. steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197976530062