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  1. Killer5

    The Metal / Rock Music Fans

    Lots of really great bands listed here. I didn't look at every page :P but I didnt see Between The Buried And Me mentioned here. Really great Prog Metal band.
  2. Killer5

    Sunder demos

    Map05 Pacifist in :07 su05p007.zip
  3. Killer5

    Am I the only one who just fucking HATES puzzles?

    Depending on the game I really enjoy puzzles. The Resident Evil series as some of my favorite moments tbh. Doom can go either way with me. If there is a very involved puzzle map I will avoid it (I don't play doom for puzzles). If there is a map that has an involved secret puzzle or something I don't mind them because I can just go back later and solve it without a break in the action if I am really not in the mood for it (TNT Revilution map 16 comes to mind). Crazy puzzles in Doom are cool though.. just another unexpected gameplay type that Doom happens to support that many people think is great (unexpected to me anyways).
  4. Killer5

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Slaughterfest 2012 Map 20 UV Max in 14:55 sf1220-1455.zip
  5. I have never played this wad but I expect lots of little closets that open up with stuff. Hopefully this wad isn't completely predictable (every time I do anything or go anywhere I expect to see monsters appear from some wall I just ran by). Map01: A pretty fun map. A couple references to Plutonia Map01 in the forms of closets that open containing pairs of chaingunners, an AV that spawns around some crates guarding the ssg, rocket trap accessible from the start that releases some assorted monsters from closets. This switch guarded by these bar midtextures.. honestly I was hoping for something to spawn outside the cage but had my chaingun ready and pointing behind me anyways. Monsters just spawned from a wall immediately behind me as expected and were easy chaingun fodder. The blue key trap was quite annoying.. I liked it more after the initial PE. The PE didn't really do anything due to all of the powerups laying on the ground. It just kinda.. spat out some lost souls which were easily dispatched thanks to my berserk and a stimpack, which I didn't require, laying on the ground. The souls also got stuck on the shells on the ground too. The fight was cool after that. Easily dispatched everything without getting hit really. The final fight after getting the ysk was odd. I liked how the monsters could roam everywhere down on the bottom floor but I grew tired of peeking around corners shooting the chaingunners. No real threat here during this playthrough. Compared the Plutonia and Plutonia 2 openers.. I can't really say I prefer one over the other. I am pretty indifferent to them all. I liked the references here so I guess I enjoyed this one overall in comparison to Plutonia 2.. also the final fight in this one is more action packed than the pair of cacos and the whatev hitscanners at the end of Plutonia 2 Map01 (I actually had to do something to survive).
  6. Killer5

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Crumpets & Stardate 20X7 & Rush

    +++ prcp (changed vote)
  7. Killer5

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Crumpets & Stardate 20X7 & Rush

    @rehelekretep https://www.dropbox.com/s/c3b1fs1m3ryf2mu/20x7_map31_stuck_cl9.lmp?dl=0 You can also sr40 but you need to have a tighter angle.
  8. Killer5

    Favorite midis?

    Some midis I like atm: Toilet Of The Gods Map03 - Ending (Chapter 3 Version) (Corpse Party) The Fatal Decision - Unknown Author SF2012 Map25 - The Infinite Sky (zakatak9389) SF2012 Map05 - Bergschrund (Jimmy) Rush Map10 - Level 12 (Descent) terrible1 - rdwpa Follow Your Heart - Power Quest Legion Of Fear - Knightrider Of Doom Whatever the broken midi from Frog Map05 is (must be the broken version though) My broken version of the midi from Evilution Map04 (the bells sticking makes the midi far better than the original) Mutiny Map04 - Tar (Jimmy) SF2012 Map29 - unknown name (Wolf Kraft) Mutiny Map08 - Take These Pills And Be Who You Are (jmickle66666666) The Mucus Flow (B.P.R.D.) Equinox Map01 The Rebirth Map20 - Sunfall Valley (Open Fire) (Viscra Maelstrom)
  9. Killer5

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Me with Sheila Gonzalez
  10. Killer5

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Crumpets & Stardate 20X7 & Rush

    20x7 Map09: So this map is almost amazing on hntr. I think the fight in the room with bfg/4 switches is criminally nerf'd into the ground at the start.. I was expecting at least imps or something in the cages.. but there is nothing. Other than that one issue I liked everything else. The 2nd to final fight plays really great on hntr. For whatever reason the HKs that lower after walking up the steps have more presence. I guess this is thanks to the removal of the insane presence of the vile horde on UV. Because of the nerf to the 2nd to last fight there is more of a progression in difficulty leading up to the final fight. On hntr the final fight feels harder to me.. in comparison to UV where both the 2nd to last fight and the final fights feel about equal in difficulty (I would probably argue that the 2nd to last fight is harder when running this map simply because of the vile horde however). Also.. just another thought.. I really wish all mappers would double their lines. You can skip the line to release the viles/cyb release in the 2nd to last fight here. I chose not to do this on purpose because it kinda ruins the fight.. but if you really want to remove any sense of challenge from the viles on UV you could simply skip the line to release them. Slanted single lines don't really do much when you are running west/south (you can even skip lines at 45 degree angles). Two non-slanted lines 16 units apart instead. I find this problem a lot with teleporters too. Anyways I think this map is a great example of balancing hntr in a hard wad. I'll be using it as an example for some stuff I make in the future. Sick map regardless. Demo: https://www.dropbox.com/s/n2tddy51fp8n3t3/sd20x7_09_skill2_cl9.lmp?dl=0
  11. Killer5

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Crumpets & Stardate 20X7 & Rush

    +++ Bloody Rust, Bloody Rust 2, current Cereal Killer beta
  12. Killer5

    Ol' No Name (4-map set)

    Well.. thanks to these comments I discovered this wad. Pretty sick maps. Thanks for making them.
  13. Killer5

    Do you turn off 'change palette on pain'?

    Always have it on.
  14. Killer5

    Dimensions [/idgames]

    Hi. Here is my first release called 'Dimensions'. This wad contains 5 completely unrelated boom compatible maps designed to be played from a pistol start. Tested primarily in PrBoom+ cl9. If you want to play in ZDoom I highly recommend turning infinite height off. Because these maps are primarily tested in PrBoom+ I don't have to deal with the insane flying monster physics in ZDoom based ports. I have implemented all difficulties. Players, if they decide to give this wad a go, should follow this criteria when deciding which experience they would like: HNTR: I dont play slaughter maps/I rarely play slaughter maps HMP: I think slaughter maps are really fun but they aren't all I focus on UV: I love going up against overwhelming odds, fighting tens (sometimes hundreds) of cybs/viles at a time, pain elemental swarms, Reality category of speedrunning. idgames: Old version (use for older crazydoomguy tas demos): https://www.dropbox.com/s/drlvcrnfjm303gv/dimensions.zip?dl=0 Screens:
  15. Killer5

    Dimensions [/idgames]

    @tourniquet Ty man. Thanks for playing.
  16. Fixed issue with waterfall midtextures in gzdoom software. Waterfall now looks like a waterfall =x. Updated changelog in txt. https://www.dropbox.com/s/rvvtkvtetskolep/aztec_ruin_v6.zip?dl=0
  17. Killer5

    How does one go about getting better at Doom?

    @Grain of Salt Followed by punching 100 cybs in some map from dmp2016.
  18. Killer5

    How does one go about getting better at Doom?

    Always play at 80% of your ability. Eventually your old 80% becomes your 50%.. and your new 80% is above your old 100%. This is basically the rule I use for everything. If you are playing something that is far above your skill level you wont get anything out of it because you are only fighting against overwhelming odds all of the time. There are some specific things I can recommend that will help you immediately: - Learn how to effectively use the bfg. http://www.zdaemon.org/starterguide/BFGMain.htm - Study demos from established runners. Demos can be for any gameplay type. Lots of times the approach to certain scenarios you are using when starting out simply is not effective. Learning from watching other people helps in this regard. - Challenge yourself by deciding that you want to beat a certain time on a map in a category that interests you. You will most likely need to flesh out the skills required to eventually reach your goal which leads to practice with a purpose which is far more effective practice than just going through the motions. - Read the doom movement bible so you are aware of how many quirky things work in the doom engine (I guess more of a speedrunning thing.. but more knowledge is a good thing): The most important thing to me.. always question what is possible.
  19. Killer5

    Why are slaughter maps looked down upon?

    @Doomkid If I seem hell bent on defending them it is because I am tired of seeing 'slaughterwads are shit' comments. Or these threads that bash something I really enjoy using generalizations. I used to be able to brush these comments aside but my patience ran out. I try to be respectable.. I even have a list recommending not slaughter wads to people that I have enjoyed.. I am starting to see these comments as disrespectful. That is all.
  20. Killer5

    Why are slaughter maps looked down upon?

    @NuMetalManiak I make maps I think are fun. Obviously you cant please everyone. I tried to do my best. Thanks for playing. Why are you attacking me specifically out of the blue? Just curious.
  21. Killer5

    Why are slaughter maps looked down upon?

    @Agentbromsnor You provided a summation of my post.. which completely missed the point entirely. But I have been down this road before in the L4D2 community. I know when to leave. Regardless my goal is to disprove false generalizations and misunderstandings. I feel like I have done that.
  22. Killer5

    Why are slaughter maps looked down upon?

    Lol this is the best. Now it is no longer #NOTALLSLAUGHTERMAPS but now #NOTMOSTSLAUGHTERMAPS. At least we are making progress. Also your statement 'legitimate complaint' is subjective. Okuplok, one of the most famous and infamous runners loved this type of gameplay. Just check out the post for his map: Don't like the gameplay dont play it. He obviously liked it.. enough to make a whole map dedicated to it.
  23. Killer5

    Why are slaughter maps looked down upon?

    @Agentbromsnor As was mentioned in my previous post and the one I just made. It is unavoidable. And a problem in some I think. Don't troll me. The point is to show to the people who don't play slaughtermaps that there is underlying strategy to circlestrafe.
  24. Killer5

    Why are slaughter maps looked down upon?

    Wall of text. tl;dr: there is way more to simple circle strafing than meets the eye most of the time. I don't know how else to deal with generalized comments except by using specific examples. Oooooi. This is probably the last post I am ever making in a topic like this. Just like when I used to be part of the L4D2 community.. after you see enough of the same shit over and over from different people you realize there is no point in even contributing.. I never learn I guess. So as was pointed out by MajorRawne there are many slaughtermaps on youtube where circlestrafing is a big part of the gameplay. Yep. Circlestrafing is a big part of slaughter gameplay.. especially in larger maps (large arenas = a lot of cleanup pretty much 100% of the time). This is basically unavoidable. Since you mention demos of over hours in length I assume you are looking at chillax tas runs, holy hell, untitled2 run. Can confirm that you will find ample circlestrafing in these wads. I haven't ran any of those wads however. So I'll mention some runs I have completed in other wads that generally end up with ample circle strafing and why they are actually interesting to me (stuff a casual viewer wont pick up on). Sunder Map11: I'll discuss two parts of this map which probably look like fuck all circle strafe or standing and doing nothing to the average viewer. First is the 3 switch encounter just prior to the platforming bit. The 3 switch encounter relies on manipulating hordes around the cybs so you get maximum infighting while you do the maximum amount of dps. The average viewer will watch me aggro some revs, run by some more revs/cyb, hit a switch, then end up in quite a large open area in comparison to the rest and sit in a specific spot while looking at a cyb with more revs while spamming rockets. I am spamming rockets from a specific spot in order to make sure that the cyb I started the infight with from earlier sits as close as possible to all of the revs for the longest period of time. After doing this for a bit I end up cleaning up the cyb and revs in the area I am currently in with bfg. Notice that basically everything else it dead. This is all planned before hand. Sure. The player could just run around in circles forever but then again that is just another way (very inefficient way) of beating the slaughter encounter. Next is the final large fight in the green area because this fight im sure looks like nothing but mindless circle strafe. And you are right for the most part. However there is still strategy at work here managing the horde. There are tons of viles that eventually spawn in the center structure which the player has to deal with if the player is going to max the map. So the obvious idea here is to keep all of the monsters out of that area. The previous demos end up with monsters in that central area. Their strategies for circle strafe were bad because they ended up with crap in an area where it makes life farm more difficult than normal. I modified the strafing pattern which keeps monsters out of that area 100% of the time allowing for easy gibbage of the viles. So yeah.. there is circle strafing but it has a purpose. You still have to deal with the boss monsters here after most of the shit dies. I have never been fucked royally by masterminds as many times as during this fight. So in that way this fight is very significant to me. Stardate 20x7 Map09: The two final parts are basically the only bits where you will see circle strafing and bfg spam. I don't want to go into insane specifics on my routes in the two final fights because they are insanely choreographed. I don't know why I am picking this map because it is so difficult for me to break this shit down in a timely fashion. 2nd to last fight relies on dealing with a massive rev horde while avoiding mass HKs and mass area denial viles. This fight devolves into circle strafe just like every other massive slaughter fight but only after you deal with loads of shit requiring very specific movements in order to pull off consistently. If you watch my demo nothing you see is random in this fight. Anyways the fight begins.. you will see me run around a set of pillars twice after initially running by the revs after the huge wall lowers. This is to setup the timing for when I start attacking with bfg. Fighting the revs on the right side of the arena requires an interesting movement pattern I devised in order to deal the max dps while still avoiding HK fireballs (you really can't afford to waste megas on this fight because the more megas used outside of the plan = vast rng added to fight = incredibly low % of completion). After that you cut by the revs on the other side. This is where you need to pay attention to what the viles are doing. If you get targeted you either need to hide behind pillars or rush over by the wall you see me stand by. If you get knocked up the steps to far at any time during this stage it is game over because you release 10+ AVs. So while dealing with this AV shit you also are running into the rev horde in order to pick up more hp while maximizing dps. You run back around the way you came and sit where the initial bfg barrage began at the start careful not to waste too much bfg ammo here because at this point you will most likely be low (not circlestrafing yet.. you are still having to deal with the horde in a specific way here unless you want to die). You sit in this spot and slowly move towards the rear of the arena. This pulls the revs towards you so you can get enough space to run back around the way you just came from again (still not circlestrafing). Finally after completing this final rush back to the other side you are able to start circle strafing in the fight (you can still die from AVs). This shit took quite a bit of practice in order to get down consistently. And it is funny how this fight even caused someone to claim that it is 'impossible' in the 20x7 thread. So you are welcome to try circle strafing all you want. The final fight.. I'm going to spare the commentary on this one to save my fingers because again nothing I do is random in this fight and the description will end up even fucking longer than the previous. One notable thing that I find fun about this fight though is that I 100% always use the automap during this fight. There are two necessary ammo/hp stashes in specific areas. Because the arena is perfectly symmetrical I need to be sure of my location in the arena. So this fight will always be unique in comparison to other things I have ran because I have to use the automap while avoiding shit in order to be sure of my next move. I'll be glad to get even more specific on pretty much every other map I have ran or played btw. I assume that you havent ever played any slaughtermaps because you were asking for people to name slaughter maps that dont have bfg in them (lol). At least you proved to be the poster child for my post a few pages back regarding people generalizing things about slaughter when they know absolutely nothing about the subject matter.
  25. Killer5

    OSCILLATION, a 9 map boom wad [On Idgames]

    Hello. Here are more fdas. Map04: The ysk fight. This fight seems incredibly underwhelming. Especially when compared to the final fight with the lifts that lower more and more monsters. Could use more viles here or something. You will see me go out of my way just to circle strafe around without any worry of dying. Switch prior to bsk. I simply ran out removing any threat from this encounter. Should probably lock the player in if you don't want them doing what I did in the fda. PE at the start. This is somewhat of a pet peeve of mine. There are powerups on the ground around a PE at the start and even more powerups if you were to kill the zombies around the area with the PE. Lost souls get jammed up when flying over powerups. I suggest placing the powerups differently in order to avoid this and make the PE more effective. Otherwise I would normally suggest using a different type of monster. Map05: Nothing really comes to mind regarding this map. Map06: Void area prior to final fight with 3 cybs. I was really enjoying myself here.. until I realized that all of my careful movement was negated by having impassible lines preventing me from falling into the abyss. This is obviously a taste thing and I'm super weird in that I really like pits (especially inescapable stuff). I think being able to fall here would be incredible. 3 cyb fight. So I originally thought that the hitscan was supposed to pull the cybs to the edges so they shoot kinda erratically before I noticed that the cybs just chill outside of the ring. The cybs just kinda chilled out and didn't really do much up against the walls after they got shot (at least I think that is what happened). Still a cool idea though. Edit: I forgot to mention that, although I really enjoyed the area with the light switches, I never really felt like I had to use them because there was nothing that I needed to really avoid when moving around (like.. obstacle wise). Maybe put some obnoxious 32 unit things around this area to make the darkness a bit more threatening. I still enjoyed playing. Once again take anything I say with a grain of salt. fdas (created with prboom+ cl9 with Oscillation_V3.wad): https://www.dropbox.com/s/7y6bjz8em1txp97/Oscillation_v3_fdas_04-06.zip?dl=0