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  1. xenoxols


    Hey, you are free to use anything in my indiana jones mod as long as you give proper credit. Though I must say it it is one of my older mods and I consider it subpar, but whatever.
  2. xenoxols

    Castlevania Doom [WIP]

    Updated the plugin and now 3d floors work.
  3. xenoxols

    Castlevania Doom [WIP]

    It's in Hereic UDMF. It's really weird because I actually had 3d floors in the map and now I can't make any. I'v tried making the green box(whatever it's called) bigger, but nope.
  4. xenoxols

    Castlevania Doom [WIP]

    Heh, thanks guys. Yeah, it's not going to be a straight line, there will be many twists and turns. For some reason GZDoomBuilder isn't letting me use 3d floors anymore so I'll have to sort that out.
  5. xenoxols

    Castlevania Doom [WIP]

    This is a re-imagining of Castlevania 1 in first person.
  6. xenoxols

    Terminator Doom? Termnew.pk3

    Oh, hey my old crap mod. Seriously, it's pretty bad. I might fix it up some day though.
  7. xenoxols

    Duke Nukem mod (still going, upload 02/19/2010)

    Does anyone have the files from this thread?
  8. xenoxols

    Looking for mappers for a project.

    Ok, here is the rundown: -Enemies drop money which can be used at the shop in the hub level to buy various upgrades. -Each level is accessible from the hub and is a different time period. -Each time period has a new weapon. -Every level has a way to upgrade your max ego (health) for instance signing an autograph. -Headshots. Also it's a strife mod, forgot to mention.
  9. Hello, I have am terrible at map design, so I need to get some people to help me make maps. I will do all the coding and other stuff. It's a project where you play as Duke Nukem, travel through time, and kick Dr. Proton's ass. most of the levels will be accessible through a hub. Post here if you want to help. Of course, I need to show you some screenshots. The maps will be for GZDoom, and make use of dynamic lighting, so keep that in mind.
  10. xenoxols

    Looking For Mapper! Terminator Apocalypse.

    Hmm, I do want the maps to make heavy use of slopes, glowing flats, and brightmaps so really only GZDoom maps would work. I also want them to be all UDMF.
  11. This is a project for GZdoom, set in the terminator universe. PM me if you want to help make maps. It will be be metroidvania esc, as you will find upgrades and there will be backtracking. There is also a more actively monitored thread on the ZDoom forums. Here are some screenshots of the intro map: