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  1. Tried to made some sort of coloring. Wasn't good try.
  2. short torch WIP. And yes this black thing in fire should be exactly like that now (I mean fully black)
  3. That's a bit confusing... Well umm... new forum design is... good, I guess? Can't be sure in, but hey, now it look more modern.
  4. BTW my Army Adventures will end in Dec.'17. Sweet.

  5. ... Did I REALLY missed something really serious? non?

    1. Voros


      Very serious

    2. CWolf


      Like what exactly?

    3. Voros


      Forum software change serious. And Freedoom 0.11 released in case you weren't online during the time.

  6. Ye, sure. I assume it will be finished in the end of 2017. Or beginning of 2018.
  7. So I've made another piece of something. It may to be flaming skull decoration replacement Yup I know about your ideas of removing religious vibes from the game.
  8. Let's make some lil' up-move for this thread. I did this thing while I had free time today. I'm leaving back to my batallion this eveninng so see ya later. Planned for Freedoom as... something.
  9. Nope. Don't get me wrong but it looks like you don't know what 'symmetry' mean in this way. The thing you did it's umm... let's say it's wrong, that was a bad idea to make those Raymoohawk's torches symmetrical. They look as pile of bad art work after your edit.
  10. Will not promise something but I'll try to make a map for this project while I'm able to be at home on some weekends yet.
  11. I wish I can be with you. But, eh... well at least I will be happy to join to nxt MIDI pack in December '17
  12. I've become ArmyKnifeWolf, which means I'm in Army, I'm a soldier. I'm engineer so let me solve some problems by my AK and napil'nik.
  13. 1) Why it should be another PSX-doom? 2) I will not say these D64 levels are simpler\poorer, they just different, as it should be. They more like Hell Revealed series. At least, because of those damn Lost Souls. 3) Why you don't like PSX-doom ambient by mr. Hodges? 4) Because you didn't read the README. That's why you don't see why those changes were so necessary. 5) They took 'em from Doom. PSX Doom. It's fairly legit, I approve that. 6) So, why you are such moron, after all?
  14. He was a dictator, yes. But was he that bad to people? Turn off your BBC&CNN shit, it doesn't work in right way anyway. Gez mentioned Batista already so I don't need to say it. There were people much worse than Fidel, worse than Hitler in his best moments even. btw iphone is overrated piece of shit. Speaking of "try to live like", would you like to live ukrainians in present days, post-Yanokovich period, mmm? Just sayin'. Will you believe or not, USA have a dictatorship as main political regime for ummm... 70 years now, yes? Election don't mean "freedom", it's just another kind of theatre for majority. When you cast a vote - it doesn't equal to expressing yourself in way of freedom. You just become a person involved into theatre scenario.
  15. You have some problems with people that not share your point, don't ya. I don't respect Fidel much, but he did enough to be legendary person, in good way. If you disagree - well, that's your point but don't be stupid by trying to think your point of view at Fidel is right.