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  1. Right. Because it's still a skeleton. One, ugly, badly animated skeleton.
  2. that's why I don't act in any speedmapping sessions outside Doom Power's site. (Russian Doom community).
  4. They supposed to be mixed humans and aliens. Doesn't work nice in a way it walks on road right now.
  5. Aren't both those sprites were made by Raymoohawk, eh?
  6. I'm aiming for something looking clear, even 'new'. It works in right way with my concept.
  7. Well, uh, ZZZWOLF replacers have been finished.
  8. The question is: do they that important. In terms of setting, they don't seem to be. Sure that's a bit dissapointing thing, but hey, don't forget, it all was set up in one dimension, in one time period, all this antic shit was made by same group of slaved *somewhoevertheywere* Because they do not need there in any way. Agreed obout that one. Totally. Thankfully. It's quite unfair when your usual dumbster-mobster hitscanning you and killing by one shot. Because logic says "all firepower are greatly overpowered compared to medieval stuff".
  9. Looking by topic' title I thinked there will be something about new students (i.e. new revenant and archvile). I was wrong. Dude, don't wanna say something insulting, but anyway, why did you created literally empty topic? we all know that those ones are 'problematique' in terms of design and visibility, so then? Do you have something for 'em replacing, non?
  10. Ask me about drugs sweetie and praise to this guy on my avatar.

  11. Got this one done Some more WOLF replacers: EDIT: another one set done.
  12. So, here comes a bit more. One set is done. One more to come. - this one isn't ready yet.
  13. Guess those plans existed long time ago. But, let's face it, static interpic is a lesser pain in the butt. So...
  14. So, uh, lemme claim TITLE and Map18. Yes?