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  1. Well tell you that: this battle was over already, hidden govt/illuminati/whatevertheheckthisshitis already won. It was matter of time.
  2. Dunno is it possible, really, but you need that to be same colors as our hero armor first.
  3. Fucking .net Framework 3.5

    Children... Tell me why Doom Builder. Why don't GZDoom builder instead?
  4. Jesus... this again? Jsn't this fight ended in last year, in december?
  5. Doomguy Hands / Textures

    *sigh* Aee you done throw shit all around? Just like damn children...
  6. WTF? weird new posts...

    Just act like RosKomNadzor and lock access for bots IP-adress, non?
  7. Two options: Tactical grip. Or power of mighty boner.
  8. WTF? weird new posts...

    Nah, not this time
  9. WTF? weird new posts...

    Irony is, I saw exactly same things going on on other forum, with same answer. But it was so long ago...
  10. WTF? weird new posts...

  11. WTF? weird new posts...

    Which ones? Oh those from guy with something Indian related? Don't worry it's just a rebellous porn-bot. Don't mind.
  12. [SPRITING] Total Drama Doom Skins?

    First, why. Second, I don't think I get thread right... what is this about, again?
  13. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Wait is that Cena?
  14. Swedish musician Avicii has passed

    Isn't Aquarius brings us such news, usually? Anyway it's a loss. To his family in first...
  15. Brehat' mne tyt ne nado eba. Ti ne znaesh i odnoy desyatoy moego rodnogo yazyka. CSGO is not best teacher. Try Dota 2. Bjt beware the Cult of Kurwa. And if we talk about favorite ones I prefer to talk about 4 of then existing: russian (since it's my native one), english (due to my education, I've learned basic things but my knowlege grows up in Internet because it's better place for learning from native people), german (just because of how it sounds in my uears) and Japanesse (aame reason as previous one... plus i'd like to mate with jap girl, kinda interesting experience, huh).