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  1. Become forum regular... great

  2. Depends on a huge amount of pretty different aspects, including my mood + will to place a bit of my soul into map. So... usually, it's about 3-4 weeks.
  3. So that's what they called the killing joke, I assume... damn.
  4. Let's say... I'm still about to make Freedoom "Wolfpack revision" someday...But first, must be freed from my chains...

  5. Looks promising, very much.
  6. Dude you did the same thing again, why? Why you ignoring the "Quote this piece of symbols not whole post" feature? Dude...
  7. Gone for long, because of my family "better care". "Signed" the military service contract in Russia's worst shithole army base. I blame myself for this...

    1. CWolf


      Will hate myself even more if I'll back to my home as paranoid psychopath...

    2. dew


      Damn, how much time left on your contract?

    3. CWolf


      litterally shitton of time, pal. It was signed 2 months ago, for 3 damn years. Will not be a problem to me IF I'll find a way to change my current location to another one, the one I had dreamed so long.

    4. dew


      Oops, good luck with landing the good spot then!

    5. CWolf


      Thanks Dew...

  8. It's quite the experience I tell y'all... Not thinking about pixel porn but more about art of sprite/coding than anything else... And yet, my hand is alive.
  9. Esli ya seychas bydy pisat' translitom eto bydet dich'. Erm, so what is going on here, gentlemen?
  10. This year isn't mine one, unfortunately. I was hoped I'll post my stuff for project in this year but it seems I've done one big mistake by letting my false motives agitate myself to move at another army base. So I locked in cell (kinda)... Damnit, wasn't expecting that from beginning... Anyway, I wish good luck to all of contributors. May the Devil of Art be with you.
  11. 7 months, then I'll be free from chains, becoming next sergeant of the System.

  12. YISSSSSSSSSSSSSsssssss... so I've earned that right to make another DWMP map.
  13. I wonder... I know .OGG isn't allowed, but still, is there any chance to use it in map? I hunting for PSX-Doom atmosphere on my map.
  14. You asked for it, don't ya. So yeah D64 is a D3 that done just like D2 was.
  15. Well that's a bit uncomfortable... never expected to become non-living something, honestly.