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  1. 7 months, then I'll be free from chains, becoming next sergeant of the System.

  2. YISSSSSSSSSSSSSsssssss... so I've earned that right to make another DWMP map.
  3. I wonder... I know .OGG isn't allowed, but still, is there any chance to use it in map? I hunting for PSX-Doom atmosphere on my map.
  4. You asked for it, don't ya. So yeah D64 is a D3 that done just like D2 was.
  5. Well that's a bit uncomfortable... never expected to become non-living something, honestly.
  6. seems okay now
  7. "Is the rebel gonna notice
    When I take the other way?
    I can hold you for the time
    But I can't stand another day"
    Devil's blood.
    ... So yeah I've opened De Staat for myself on this weekend. not bad at all.

  8. -> Let's say I may to make new TITLE-\INTERPIC again.
  9. Tried to made some sort of coloring. Wasn't good try.
  10. short torch WIP. And yes this black thing in fire should be exactly like that now (I mean fully black)
  11. That's a bit confusing... Well umm... new forum design is... good, I guess? Can't be sure in, but hey, now it look more modern.
  12. BTW my Army Adventures will end in Dec.'17. Sweet.

  13. ... Did I REALLY missed something really serious? non?

    1. Voros


      Very serious

    2. CWolf


      Like what exactly?

    3. Voros


      Forum software change serious. And Freedoom 0.11 released in case you weren't online during the time.

  14. Ye, sure. I assume it will be finished in the end of 2017. Or beginning of 2018.
  15. So I've made another piece of something. It may to be flaming skull decoration replacement Yup I know about your ideas of removing religious vibes from the game.