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  1. It's a matter of perspective, really. May be many reasons for "why", that's not the point though, is it. The point is that they are just there. And that's it. Just to be honest I wouldn't mind that being here at all despite how bad it might be. And not because I'm not of West (duh...) but I'm a person that have seen much, MUCH worse stuff than this, and outside of games as well so, things like these sprites are just provoke my lazy "eh" and I move on. Because I don't play mods\games to feel offended and complain about, I play them to feel joy and get a relief from a reality I live in (which is far from good but surely better than most of African countries)
  2. I might agree on that but, come on... how many people would intentionally look at what's inside of main files of a mod if they are not into doing mods themselves?
  3. and of course literally nobody just can't simply play and enjoy the mod... sigh. 10 years ago, stuff like that was simple and nobody would even mind that... Either way, I gotta ask. The ending leaves a certain feel that there might be a sequel... can we have a light of hope for one or nay?
  4. Wereknight

    Share Your Sprites!

  5. Wereknight

    I called it.

    >This thread >me stepping into it and seeing shit hit the vent. AGAIN. LIKE IT NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE. Being serious here there are only cosmetics. Although, SOMEBODY, promices no microtransactions, whatsoever... Poor bastartds...
  6. I'd dissapoint you man there's no developement hell for freedoom. There's a slow reaching of the Horizon. Development is going slow, and all stuff discussion was repositioned to discord server.
  7. Wereknight

    how gamer are you

    not a gamer, although I play games from time to time.
  8. Considering all three are the holy trinity and having Grimdark in Doom is holy to a lot of people - I don't mind it getting WH-esque vibes at all. But what is my point of concern: DE have shown us that modern id team take a bit wrong direction in stylistics and overall mood + story telling as a whole. They just LOST in their own ideas, which led to inconsistency within contradicting lore parts. Constant retconning of what was before is a douchey move and not that many people are like that. I'm afraid that next entry might have to turn into result which end up in somewhat similar to Wolfenstein: Youngblood. When devs had somewhat good intentions and decent ideas yet end result was... bad.
  9. Wereknight

    Why Was Quake 3 Arena Multiplayer Only?

    Two words. Unreal. Tournament.
  10. Wereknight

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    If anybody would ever question how would have a rifle for Doom64 might have to look like - I think I might have to know the answer, really.
  11. Wereknight

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    So I made a thing. Maledict portrait. also I've uploaded fullsize drawing on ArtStation
  12. Wereknight

    Share Your Sprites!

    Also, YEET.
  13. A sad day to realise another legend goes to retirement, but from other side it's for the best. If you feel your tasks/duties/plans then it must be pretty satisfying feel of completion of your end goals and that you can be go for rest on a beach with umbrella in your drink. Thank you for everything Torm. A lot of great stuff have i witnessed, your legacy will keep live on. Have fun.
  14. Wereknight

    Show me your custom doomguy mugshot replacements

    No. It works different way, by direct replacement of grathics trough PWAD.
  15. Wereknight

    Share Your Sprites!

    Missed me? good. Because I brought to you this: Yes, new flashlight, for your spooky needs. Even FIREBLU edition included, WHAAAAAAAAAA~?!
  16. I'd sure like to join, since I need to get back to it at some point, heh.
  17. Wereknight

    Annual Kama Sutra 2 begging thread

    when revolution of pussy would happen I assume...
  18. Wereknight

    Are there any lithuanians here?

    By blood? yep, here's the one. Although I was born in Russia and was there at age of 3, but some part of me is Lith, thanks to my mom.
  19. Point is valid, although many people despise art of bad person on par with him just due the fact he have done this piece. It's a big deal for some, including me. I can't say that I'm horrible person (nor prove I'm good one but I stay on lawful evil side anyway), but I create from my soul for people, and some people still tend to threaten me as an asshole and shit over my drawing. That's not cool, man. And I'd add another example. One famous Adolph, that was a Devil in disguise but his paintings of architecture and city space were quite good for his time nothenless. Art leaves along with it's creator and, supposedly, should not be touched by his reputation alone but, as we can see through history, it never have been that way. For most of the people if anyone is a bad person that means his art (if he doing any) is bad too.
  20. My guess is no, too much of stuff to get rid of, it would be way easier to just shut the circus down. Actually, that's the only option I see to be revelant.
  21. Considering more than half on them were furries that's not that surprising and for such quality content written on acceptable level (if "morbid" level is what they were aimed for in first place). And that moment with one of their artists being pedo is sure a very spicy thing, BUT, I personally have logic in pulling off this mod from literally everywhere just because of this fact alone. The mod itself have way deeper problem than cheese pizza poly lovin' skunksona.
  22. Before you read this topic, I assure you that's not a shitpost, it's serious topic, and such disclaimer may be misleading in a way that you'd might think that if I wrote that than it's in reverse. Wrong. And yes I know D64 had very bizzare memory limits so my point might be invalid to some amount of people. Nothenless... Okay, so, apparently when I thought about some ideas about my mod development I encountered a little dilemma. If I'm about to make an arsenal based on 3 classic parts of Doom, how I'd handle one particular problem, and that be how I'll differ two same shotguns? I have no problem with make other weapons in same slots to be diverse (mainly because there are things like other gun iterations and bullet types irl along the way may help). And then I dig into it. And turned out that I don't need to reinvent anything, since Doom64 devs did that already for me, and, honestly, everyone who'd mignt be interested in porting Doom64 into Doom2, not even thought that they would. DID YOU KNOW... that Doom64 shotgun is actually a lever action one? Not pump action as his og Doom brother, nope. But exactly lever action. To prove my word, look at screenshot cap below. Pretty much nothing to say about this one at first look but here's the thing... Look closely at sprite itself, there's no empty space between what supposed to be the forend of the shotgun, while in D2 shotgun pickup sprite you can see one. It even seen that this part is directly attached to the gun itself, and trigger mechanism pretty much resemble lever action one. So, your thoughts on this topic? I'd listen everyone unless this thread goes into dumpster fire mode and be exiled to Post Hell Almighty.