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  1. Okay this is first time I'm doing any kind of tutorial on English so things might be a bit messy here, if I'm taking wrong terms and words in my trying out to explain stuff I apologize. That being said, let's talk about spriting for Doom and Idtech games overall. Let's say you got bored of the fact that you want some cool lookin' weapon, but as it turns out those fine guns on many sites are over-used, some you tried to rip off are not permitted to be use, and so you decided to make your own. You downloaded the software, you're exited, you're about to make revolution! Your own sprites to come! *AFTER FEW HOURS LATER" What the sh## is this?! I tell you what, that's what comes first when you try to make something without experience and at least something to paint over. It's a trash, and we're about to not let that happen. How? Eh, simple enough... I think. First of all we need to understand what do we want there. Probably a starting gun. What would it be? Well, a pistol, of course. And so we will do it. What we would need for are these ingredients of success: 1. Time. Coupled with compassion and willing to do a thing from start to finish. 2. Software. Yes, we're going to use 3D modeling software with paiting software. NO, we're NOT gonna use 3DS Max, Maya, Cinema 4D or any soft that would require money to spent on. Piss off, you greedy party ruiners. Instead of named soft above and Photoshop we will use Blender 3D and Krita. Both of these are free (actually you can spend some coin on Steam for Krita just to support the developers. I did, and I think it's right thing to do), easy to learn (doubtful, but we will see about that, aye). So okay, first things first: !MAKING MODEL DUMMY! We're not going to make whole model for today's lesson, it's too time consuming. It's just some poorly modeled thing that we need. Okay, first, Open Blender and make new document, when you do so you'll be welcomed to "torture 300 hundred buck dungeon:" empty space with only resident here. Yup, that's the one. Meet the cube. Your only target for humiliation today. Now, Blender does have few modes to work in, the one we require today is "Edit mode" (and it will be required for more than one use, trust me, I have an experience) Now to the interesting part, we're not going to create additional meshes (suck like cube, spheres, etc), but we need to expand our cube and, somehow, make it look like it have some poor pistol shapes so we're not going to feel bad when we will draw over rendered image of our base for future sprite. Blender have two functions we need for such operations, these are "extruding" (basically creating new polygons, faces, vertex point (those dots that you may move along with faces, edges, etc) and "Loop cut". There are hotkey combos for each of these: "E" for extruding something, "Crtl + R" for make loop cut on model. I don't know what shape you'll do here but I made this one for this tutorial: Gorgeous, isn't it? Okay, next. !MAKING MODEL RENDER! Isn't that hard and time consuming as it was before 2.8 popped out. We will use Eevee render engine for it, but first we will prepare some basic render settings for "camera" thing. 1. Open this tab below set Resolution X, Y and Aspect Y as depicted here: I know, since GZDoom can do some thing-a-magic to sprites aspect ratio it doesn't make much of sense to those who does mods for this source port, but keep in mind that if you make sprites for another port like, say, PrBoom, 3DGE, or... Christ, VaVoom, you'd better know that IdTech streches graphics a bit, therefore what you may see like normal in game might to look like a damn dwarf (yes I'm about you zombiemen), don't worry, a bit squished sprite will look fine in game, as if it was like that from the start. Okay, render resolution set. Now set your Camera behind the model, easy way to do so is just by pressing Num0 and fly behind, using traditional WASD movement. Yes like in your favorite FPS. Okay now, where we're goin next... ah yes, we're get this far to set some things in Eevee itself. Look, you may render your image already, as is, after manipulations above were done, but, insted of this transparent and crisp render you'll get this Doesn't seem to be right, and that's why we need to put do few more things. Get in upper tab (one depicted by photoapparat) where render engine options are and set these parameters as it shown there: it will prevent render from having any background and blurry edges of your sprite. and so after that, your rendered image would look like that: Much better, IMO. Okay now that we have dealt with render, let's start drawing. DRAWING It's pretty common to try different software in order to find our way to make sprites (or digital art overall), I know many people use GIMP, Paint.net, but I'm not that optimistic about these two, as I tried use them before and it was retty frustrating experience to me. That's why we're going to use Krita. It's pretty much Photoshop-like software, and if you're not a stranger to Adobe's product then you'll catch the stream pretty fast. If not - no worries, Krita have pretty good UI that you can customize for yourself. Now, standart canvas size for sprites is 320x200 (native Doom resolution tho). It doesn't mean you should feel whole space by your creation tho, na-ah. It's just native game resolution so it's obvious to be better if we will consider it while doing our sprite, and so, let's get started. I already have done some customisation to my own copy of Krita yet yours might be look similar to this. Relaxing... now, here's a question, "how will we do the painting?", and the question is "I have no clue, really, it mostly depends on you". I've done few examples on how you can achieve your first ever gun to look like, just as example. Left to right: 1.simple outlining, without futher bothering with details, colors, etc. 2. Doing one with pixel art tools (I suck at pixel art) 3. Using brushes instead of pixel tools. Here I recorded drawing process: Streamlabs OBS fucked up the video, I apologize.
  2. the hell is wrong with Infinite?
  3. For any damn move I'm doing, bruh
  4. Yeah, guess it's on my side, OBS is shit.
  5. Wereknight

    Perdition's Gate Resurgence (Midis needed)

    I wanted to try myself in serious midi doings some day too. Besides, I planned to use MIDI for my furure project I'm about to work after some rest.
  6. Wereknight

    Thoughts on Boomer Shooter YouTubers?

    Sigh... Each time I hear it something in me dies from unexplainable feel of cringe. Guess it's because of all thexe "boomer", "doomer" etc. labels are make no damn sense to me. Like, at all. To te topic: Icarus. Because mods. Because it's fine. And Civvie, occasionaly. Gman can go on walk to the Shrek' swamp for his "Shwacked" dead meme. Dumbest thing I ever saw\heard in last 5 years. I'm not implying he's not fine guy, but his humor about your mom does not help in sympathy.
  7. Wereknight

    Am I A Egotistical Piece Of Crap?

    Of course, somebody would mention it and here comes the asshole with Joker beside him asking "Hey, what's in a Colt, Bats?!" ... Obviously dumb joke but whatever. AHEM! Maybe. It's a matter of perspective, though. Just had to dive into topic, Just saw that whole thread breathes by politics mixed with SJW "ideas" (which are bullshit since this day SJWs are not justice warriors, about 70% are just braindead scum, and don't ask me why is that)... Fockhen pohliteczs... That's the exact topic I hate so much. Okay English is not my strongest side of a character but I'll try to say what I what to: Just distance yourself from this shit and don't bother with that as long as it even possible, I know that what's going on might be important, but letting (possibly) wrong (wannabe) ideologies sneak into your mind might cause irreversible damage to you. Just look at overall clash between my country and USA, it's always a conflict, on same field\level\whatever as SJW\anti-SJW shit. Whenever there is a reason to complain it often goes the exact same way: one start complaining, shitting at other side, and in reverse. That's what I'm neutral in terms of politics and related crap, as well as all this SJW\Anti-SJW shit. Not that I don't care, but really? It's all just have no meaning behind. and what are you telling there, I wonder...
  8. Wereknight

    Am I A Egotistical Piece Of Crap?

    Nope, you just becoming easily manipulative person without its own right to think for him-\herself at all. You know... like those NPCs in Blood2?
  9. Wereknight

    [UPDATED] -Kuro's Texture pack- (First pack)

    The hell is wrong with brightness level of your textures?
  10. Wereknight

    [Spriting Request] Need Weapon Sprites For TC

    Christ... your list contains 16 positions total and from that I might tell you, all of this stuff exists on both ZDoom and Doomwrold forum, aside from Realm667. However if you didn't find what you need you can always make a request. Keep in mind tho that sprite making isn't easy and therefore artist's work should have at least some benefit. And I'm not about just put their names in credits pal.
  11. Not only that, but to do new statusbar too.
  12. ... I'd better keep my mouth silent for not insult your status bar feelings
  13. Wereknight

    So where does your username come from?

    Am I really in need for explain why lycanthropy and knighthood have got unplanned baby there?
  14. I tearing up my heart, still..
  15. Because there must be a way to defend themselves in a front of others when you had to swear to God Almighty himself this game is perfect while it's clearly NOT.
  16. Wereknight

    Perdition's Gate Resurgence (Midis needed)

    Yeah thanks, I appretiate kind word :)
  17. Wereknight

    Tell Me Something About Yourself!

    I don't know you and get away from my right nipple you perv.
  18. Wereknight

    dosdoom-1 [DEAD]

    Dude you haven't finished one, but you have two now? Bad move. That's a big no-no here.
  19. Wereknight

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Captain Kurk is climbing a mountain, why is he climbing a mountain...
  20. Wereknight

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Spice... somewhere in space.
  21. Tomorrow's a big day to me. I used my old Wacom CTL-472 (that's one small of those "One" seriese, i.e. "starter" tablets... ffs) for 3 years... hooo boi, how time is passing by...

    ANYWAY! I'll do streaming session when everything gotta be set for some tests.

    What's my new tablet? You'll see. Up until then - I must prepare some testing field for it.

  22. Wereknight

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Ain't easy being monochrome either.